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Kieffer Tay
Kieffer Tay

Xmas Muffcake - Berries, mint ice cream, green soil and magic balls

It is definitely beginning to look, and taste like Christmas! First time trying the muffcake here so this dish was an eye-opener for me.

Red and green muffcake, topped with square dollops of mint ice cream and aesthetically decorated with berries and rainbow sprinkles. The mint ice cream is definitely the winner here, shining on its own and held the fort here. The mint element was sharp but not overpowering, and each bite brought me closer to Christmas.

The muffcakes - essentially hotcakes was fragrant and crisp at the edges. The batter gave life to the entire hotcake being sweetly fragrant.

This dish is part of Paddy Hills' December Christmas menu and will only last for the month so don't hesitate to drop by!


2 curious strangers made a choice that they did not regret today.

Curious Palette's rendition of the Bacon Ricotta hotcake, essentially a party of flavour in your mouth, blew our minds away.

Thick, fluffy hotcake, spiced pumpkin sauce, caramelized bacon strips, onion marmalade, pumpkin cubes. We were intrigued by the pumpkin sauce that we drizzled all over the hotcake; we couldn't figure out what sauce that was. It was sweet, sour and lastly a spiced aftertaste kicked in.

Your tastebuds will be entertained by the sweetness and saltiness of the bacon strips, and the onion marmalade really helped to cut away the heaviness of the hotcake after reaching the halfway point.

Take a leap of faith if you have already tried their Berry Ricotta Hotcake, you will be so happy you did.


First time trying the Scrambled Eggs Croissant and I was rather pleased with it.

The croissant was a little limp but that was because we spent 15 mins taking pictures. However, the buttery and fluffy interior was evident and the exterior still had a slight crisp to it.

The scrambled egg was fragrant with a slight cilantro aroma to it, while being silky smooth and not too runny.

Overall will return to try this dish and other dishes.


Not sure if its the fact that I am turning 21 this year, but a lot of my tastebuds are changing. I have NEVER liked anything salted egg, much less in a cake.

Imagined my surprise when I tasted this cake, it literally blew my mind away. It was levels better than the Earl Grey one. The texture of the cake was chiffon-like, a little dense but light enough for the palate. Salted egg flavour was strong and fragrant, with the middle portion of the cake oozing yellow goodness. I could also taste the black sesame so kudos to the 2 elements not overpowering each other.

Two words: Mind Blown

P.S. i was the 1st person to grab a slice. Hence the lack of a full cake for this picture. The very kind lady staff allowed me to snap pictures of the cake when she brought it out to the table to snap pics too (for their insta and FB page hehe)


Hands down, tables down, fork and spoon down, one of the BEST french toasts ever!!! Rocketing its way up to the top of my list and sitting nicely with Ronin's version is this lovely sweet savoury concoction.

Slightly crusty on the outside, this version is eggy and fragrantly done, soft and fluffy with a robust texture. Portions of bacon is pretty generous, crispy and nicely flavoured. The bananas were so smooth and moist. Even though the toasts were sitting in a pool of maple syrup, the toasts were not drenched in them.


Super fluffy brioche french toast topped with beautifully tart berry compote, premium maple syrup and Kapiti vanilla ice cream.

The toasts were also sprinkled with fragrant cinnamon powder, which gave the whole dish a spiced kick. I felt that the addition of the cinnamon brought the french toasts to a whole new level, cementing its position as one of the top french toasts in Singapore.

The only drawback will be the price of the dish: $18 excluding GST and Service Charge.


Always thought that Ya Kun served one of the best toasts until I tried this one at Dong Po.

The toast was toasted to almost perfection, crusty exterior with a buttery finish on the inside, pair that with soft fluffy bread with a delectable molten butter and sugar combination and you have yourself something to write home about.


NOM Bistro and Bakery has got to be one of the very few cafes opened at a community club. Its signature Rainbow Cake has been the star of many Instagram pictures which has definitely induced drool from any self loving person.

Painted in vibrant hues of 7 colours, NOM's rendition of the classic rainbow cake is nothing but a pretty picture. Throwing away the notion that rainbow cakes are nothing but food colouring, NOM steps in and adds flavour to their cakes, pairing it with Oreo, Salted Caramel and Cookie Batter to further induce drools.

I went with the Salted Caramel variant and was delightfully surprised because it met my expectations all right. Moist, fluffy, light and sweet, the cake was pure decadence and something you cannot say no to. I was half expecting the salted caramel to be cloying halfway through but i was proven wrong. It was so light that one person can definitely finish it. This is me speaking after wolfing down their Beer Battered Fish n Chips just 5 minutes before.

Do drop by Macpherson Community Club to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow 🌈🌈


My Earl Grey Tea Cake. Trust me when I say that this BIG slice of cake is the best tea cake I have ever eaten thus far. For $4.90, I received a really big slice so much so that I was satiated after finishing the whole chunk. The cake was warmed up before being served and it brought out the fragrant and full bodied taste of the Earl Grey. I am a huge fan of tea and have a penchant for anything Earl Grey. The cake contained tiny chunks of actual fruit such as apricot too. Moist, fragrant and fluffy, this cake is a winner for me.

I will definitely revisit Pies & Coffee and try their various savoury pies that they are known for.


I was eager to try this and see how it would fare compared to the one served at Lady M at Orchard Central. By comparison of prices, Doi Chaang's titular cake is fairly cheaper at $6.80 compared to Lady M of $9, while The one at Doi Chaang is slightly smaller in serving. Painted in a pretty green hue and dusted with Matcha powder all over, the cake was a pretty picture.

A mille crepe cake is basically constructed by combining over 20 layers of crepes , each layer full of matcha flavour and interspersed with creamy Azuki cream in between each layer for a hearty bite. The Matcha flavour was distinct and strong enough that it is slightly bitter and absolutely fragrant. The Azuki was rich and creamy, coupled with the crepe layer which was chewy yet melt in the mouth simultaneously, if that is even possible.


Mad love this cake. Earl grey essence was strong but not overwhelming. The lemon curd on top of the cake added a tart twist to an otherwise sweet and rich cake. Strawberries atop the curd was delightfully sweet and tart simultaneously. Must have at this cafe.


Tried out this quaint cafe under a block of HDB flats, known for their sandwiches, especially this ABC sandwich.

Two rather sizeable portions of bread. The bread was toasted to a crisp finish, buttered lightly with a touch of maple, making each bite a subtly sweet and crunchy one. The bacon was glazed with honey, contrasting well with the saltiness and the subtle sourness of the green apple slices. The apple slices were also sweet and crunchy. The cheddar cheese was melted till it was gooey and slightly chewy without being too runny. Awesome.

Overall a very delightful and delectable dish for brunch. Filling for one person. Great for sharing.


🍴Aspiring foodie 🍴Insta: @decipherkieffer

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