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But trust me: it’s quite the bomb. Everyone’s (ok most of us) favourite boba pearls are first soaked in a warm brown sugar syrup for 3 hours, then topped off with fresh milk. That’s it. Nothing madly ingenious, but the resulting drink’s sooooo so good. Stick your straw in and take a mouthful of those soft, chewy, and honestly decadent bobas, then mix it all up and have another sip. The experience is entirely different as those bobas toughen up a wee bit into these qq bouncy little bits, sweetening the drink just right so there’s enough flavour without sending you straight into the land of diabetes. It’s like...gula melaka + milk + all things good 🤤 They’re launching on the 1 Feb, and will be running a 1-for-1 promo from Friday till Sunday so get your ass down quick!


But ooooh how (matcha) I love this. I've been itching to try Old Hen's Cold Matcha Milk since first hearing about it eons ago, and now that I have...my oh my what a lovely shade of green 💚💚 I especially love the powdery texture that's so telltale of matcha, and how that melds fantastically with the silky cold milk. Would've loved a more intense matcha flavour, but as it is it's a fantastically delicious drink and I'd not hesitate getting it again. The Valrhona Dark Cocoa was as good as ever, and I'm glad to have found yet another reason to revisit Old Hen soon!


Never been a huge fan of mojitos till I tried the ones at Alter Ego. Packed to the brim with lime and crushed mint, it's a mega refreshing drink in the heat — especially with that extra little something. And having shaken a few myself, I assure you it is quite a naughty drink 😉 What I enjoy most is the earthiness that comes from using really dark brown sugar (it reads "black sugar" on the packet I kid you not), that adds a kind of depth to a typically really sweet cocktail.


Hidden between two extending brick pillars, camouflaging into the handful of office units you'd think belonged to the only condo lounging in Club Street, Bicky & Brew ain't the sorta space you'd spot unless you were intentionally looking out for it. But walk in and you'd find the most lovable, unforgettable wallpaper ever. Bright pink flamingos set against a deep turquoise background: so pretty, so so instagrammable. Definitely helps that the java coming from this literal hole in the wall's good too. Its shots pulled with Dutch Colony's beans, you can be pretty sure that each cuppa's well-balanced and will please most palettes. For the early risers and breakfast lovers, they've got a selection of homebaked goodies (bagels, muffins, croissants, and monster 🍪s) too!

People who've asked often enough know that one of my all-time fave spots is this. Well not exactly here as in PUNCH, but in any among their group of establishment's actually. When I first walked into PUNCH, owner Vincent greeted me with an enthusiastic "I saw you at Ronin last week!", before proceeding to ask me what I was up to these days. Then he patiently went on with explaining their coffee, allowing me to take as many photos as I want. It's always the same at Ronin too, with the staff knowing that I always go for a long black (or a matcha latte on the occasional visit). So till now, though my to-brunch list is increasingly growing, I've always returned here when a touch of warmth and some familiarity is much needed. #FindComforHere


Aside from Craftsmen Specialty Coffee, this is the best chai latte we've ever tried. The combination of spices resulted in a bold, strong and intense flavour that was delicious and utterly heartwarming. Most chai lattes we've had are often too light or diluted; but this was rich and superbly fragrant. Expertly combined with the milk, this stellar spiced drink brought out a deep longing for Christmas.

Btw le bf asked if that was "an onion or a cherry?" Clearly he doesn't quite get latte art.


It doesn't show well here, but the pretty drink SHIMMERS. Didn't think it would taste any magical, but it's so pretty I couldn't resist it! It's basically a really diluted fruit punch; so order only cause of its aesthetics and don't expect much of taste.


Belvoir introduced 4 new flavours to its existing single-serving pressés in Singapore. One of these, the Elderflower & Rose, is already retailing at selected cafés and restaurants like Costa Coffee, Pacamara and Oriole to name a few. Carefully prepared by pressing fresh fruits and infusing flowers in a mix of Belvoir’s famous spring water, these Pressés (all their products in fact) are 100% natural, without artificial colours, flavouring, or preservatives - ie it's a sweet drink that's actually pretty clean!

I love how light tasting and refreshing this was! Fragrant and delicate with subtle undertones of rose, the drink wasn't too sweet and was shockingly addictive. It's also a sparkling - like bubbly - drink, making it all the more perfect as a fancy healthy party drink.


That's a key marker of a good Flat White. Contrary to popular belief, a Flat White isn't just a smaller Latte/a Latte with a higher coffee to milk ratio. The key difference is the milk: a Flat White has the smooth mix of velvet microfoam, stiff froth, and milk all expertly swirled into the espresso without destroying the sweet crema; a latte on the other hand is a milky coffee with a little foam.

Long story short, The Lokal nailed the Flat White.


Yes I know the latte art - if it's art at all - kinda sucks real bad; but this interesting drink, as odd as it sounds, didn't taste too bad. You don't really taste chili, just a strong spicy kick at the end of the drink. It does come off a little shocking at first, but the creamy dairy and mellow chocolate helps take the edge off after awhile. It's not something I'd have everyday, but I wouldn't mind the odd cuppa to celebrate a special occasion.

We tried the Roadster as a long black, which delivered a full-bodied chocolatey cuppa with hints of caramel and toffee. This latte we had with the Luminous blend, resulting in a light, balanced, and slightly fruitty drink. Absolutely lovely.


I rarely have coffee cravings at such late hours, but the endless gorgeous cuppas I enjoyed at FSC'15 earlier were so good I'm suffering coffee withdrawal right now. Absolutely stunning beans by Gentlemen's Coffee, executed perfectly by the baristas from Kafve Coffee. Another cuppa, pretty please?