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Bras Basah / Bugis

Bras Basah / Bugis

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Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee

Beautiful fluffy eggs!

Don’t you get irrational cravings for omurice? I do and so I braved the queue at Omurice Keisuke at Bugis+.

Keisuke’s concepts pride themselves for being known as value-for-money without compromising the quality of food. It is evident here in this recently opened establishment.

I had the omurice combo (S$12.90++) which comes with tomato rice wrapped with a blanket of fluffy egg, a Neapolitan or mentaiko spaghetti, a sauce of your choice (demi glace for me), and a salad/miso soup. Value! I can guarantee that you’d not just be satisfied but full as well after finishing this meal.

A little warning though, the establishment is tiny! Probably fewer than 20 persons at a time so prepare to queue for 30 mins during peak hours.


Finally got to try Scaled and I’m impressed.

Tried a couple of dishes at Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong and all of them were hits in my book. This pan seared sea bass was beautifully cooked with a crisp skin and while the flesh is delicate. It comes with a side of pickled mussels that I consider adventurous but has a great payoff in terms of flavour and texture. Mix it all with the roasted pepper purée and you’ll be left with an empty plate licked clean.

Also, Burpple Beyond is available here, offering 1-for-1 for their pastas and big plates. Amazing value considering it’s all quality seafood!


Good and halal-certified burgers!

I was browsing Golden Mile Food Centre and I noticed the long queue snaking from Burgs, a Muslim-owned stall selling burgers. The kiasuness in me told me to join the queue not knowing what I was getting into.

I had ordered the double version Burgs’ bacon & cheese burger. I was set back by 30 minutes from the queueing and waiting for collection. My friends had all finished their respective meals by the time I got my food. So was it worth the wait?

Now both the beef patties were perfect and extremely juicy. Almost impossible not to make a mess. The large strips of beef bacon were a blessing atop the melted American cheese and BBQ sauce. It was a really beautiful burger. But was it worth 30 minutes? Not really. You’re better off trying many other great options around the food centre but I must say that Burgs is still a must-try.

Taking okonomiyaki to the next level.

Sumo Bar Happy lobster okonomiyaki is what dreams are made of. Oozing out of those thick chunks of Boston lobster tail with every bite is the koji butter which brings out a delicate sweetness of the crustacean.

The cabbage and pickled onion pancake is also very much of the star of the dish as the texture remains even with all that okonomiyaki and butter sauce drizzled on it.


A super sick combo uni and negitoro!

A good friend recommended me this place for the uni bowls so obviously I had to try it. I decided to have have a full portion of uni and half a portion of negitoro is S$45.80++ while a regular bowl of uni is S$37.80++ so yeah! Worth it!

The sweetness of the uni matches the light savouriness of the tuna and it’s perfect when the marinated egg is well mixed in. The uni isn’t top grade as you would expect from high-tier omakase restaurants but this would definitely settle any cravings.

If you wanna have the uni bowls, it’s highly important to reserve a table AND the uni as well to avoid disappointment.

Another favourite of mine, a signature from Artistry, is its Chilli Crab Burger (S$25++).

This crabby patty is solid in the metaphorical sense. Though it's wonderfully fried, one can still taste the freshness of the handpicked blue swimmer crabmeat.

The chilli crab sauce has been tweaked from the previous menu - less spicier to accommodate for more persons to enjoy. However, it's still addictive. I wiped the bowl of sauce clean with anything I could find: the crab cake, the toasted sundried tomato bread buns and the crispy shoestring fries. Love, love, love!

This was a hosted meal by Artistry! Thank you Artistry for the hospitality and Burpple for the invite! 🙌🏻


The Artistry Cafe has introduced a new menu today and it's great.

It still serves fantastic brunch dishes that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Take this modern approach to a classic "Steak & Eggs" (S$28++). It's a 300g of sliced 150-days grain fed pure Angus beef striploin that comes in the default medium doneness that's just full of flavour from the herbs and seasoning. It come with two 62 deg onsen eggs and my favourite element on the plate, the smashed Japanese pumpkin. They should really make this a side dish!

This was a hosted meal by Artistry! Thank you Artistry for the hospitality and Burpple for the invite! 🙌🏻


Be still my heart.

The Artichoke Fried Chicken is some pretty darn good fried chicken. The sweet honey-lemon glazed chicken skin is mighty crispy yet the meat remains incredibly juicy. It's accompanied by a few sides of tahini (toasted ground hulled sesame seeds) coleslaw, Lebanese pickles, paprika fries. There's also a toum garlic dip that goes with everything. Just make sure to bring mints along!


Sometimes you just need to treat yourself.

A succulent Twin Combo which you can choose between soya sauce chicken, roasted duck and roasted pork. I absolutely loved the crackling skin of the roasted pork which was a great contrast to the squishy and soft layers of fat and meat.

The chicken was packing flavour right to the bone. The meat was plump and juicy giving it a great bite to each slice. I'll definitely be back to try the char siew and duck! 😋


A molten lava cake with a scoop of ice-cream of your choice for S$9.90 is a definite steal.

Even more so because it's goooood. The warm chocolate liquid just oozed out as I sliced the cake open. The chocolate isn't bitter which would be great for those who don't really like dark chocolate. My only gripe would be that the cookies & cream ice cream tasted like neither cookie nor cream but more like a Straciatella. I wanna go back to Twenty Grammes to try out their waffles too!


For a rollin' good time, get some sushi rolls at 50% at Standing Sushi Bar on Wednesdays.

Originally priced at S$16.90++, the All Salmon, All the Time is a steal at half price. Each roll is loaded with double the salmon - seared salmon tucked in a pocket of rice, enveloped with another layer of seared salmon and topped off with tobiko and Yuzu mayo. You get the fresh goodness of salmon with a tiny tad of bitterness from the searing, a creamy tangy taste from the Yuzu mayo and that popping crunch of the tobiko.


Great place for Korean food and cocktails!

I loved everything at Joo Bar. From the contemporary feel of the restaurant to the updated look of Korean food.

I especially loved the L.A. Style Black Angus Kalbi (S$28++). The fatty and tender short rib was well marinated in soy sauce. It was topped with shiitake and garnished with scallions for maximum flavour. Have this with a bowl of fluffy white rice and you're done for the day. But of course, don't stop there, pair it with a makgeolli cocktail and you'll understand why I've fallen in love with this place.


I look at the number of posts, then I look at my stomach and I realise my body is a machine.

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