Featuring iO Italian Osteria (HillV2), Caffe Fernet, Ristorante Da Valentino (The Grandstand), Trattoria La Vita, Limoncello Pizza & Grill, Ciao Italian Risto Bar, Marco Marco (Millenia Walk), Milano Pizza & Wine
Yeung Kai Ho
Yeung Kai Ho

The mortadella and burrata pizza from @milanopizzasg was the highlight of the meal! The exterior was very crisp while the inside remained really moist and soft. The burrata cheese was creamy and mellowed out the dish so it wasn’t too jelat.

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Caffe Fernet is such a great place to go for chill vibes to hangout with friends/family over good food! @caffefernetsg Their grilled octopus was pretty yummy and great for sharing over a glass of aperol spritz!


The Whipped Ricotta from @caffefernetsg is great for sharing. The ricotta was very creamy, and matched super well with the sweet honey and roasted grapes. Simple dish but full of flavour - a highlight of the meal!

There are many great items from @ioosteriasg but their truffle bread remains a favourite. Crispy schiacciata stuffed with creamy truffle sauce makes for an excellent starter — assuming you don’t stuff yourself full before the rest of the food comes because it’s so good

Scallop, squid and herb pizza ($24.90) from was so good and worth it at its price! Generously topped with fresh seafood which went really well with the herb flavours. Get even more bang for your buck with 1 for 1 using @burpple Beyond!

Al dents linguine with a generous portion of fresh crab meat and bisque sauce. The sauce wasn’t too overpowering which was pleasantly surprisingly since bisques tend to be. It was also of the right consistency which, together with the crab meat, coated the pasta evenly. Highlight of the meal here at Limoncello!


Glorious, glorious T-bone steak from Valentino's - cooked to a perfect medium rare. Each piece is incredibly tender with a nice amount of fat that just melts in your mouth.


In case you can't see, below that huge pile of truffle (!!) is white asparagus with a sunny-side-up. Very simple, no-frills appetizer - no sauce or anything like that. The aroma of the truffle combined with the runny egg and sweetness of the asparagus made for a delicious combination.


This is one dish to remember. Everything tastes good with truffle, but this just takes it to the next level. Making a pizza with the winning combination of truffle paste and mozarella cheese is just amazing. This is definitely a must have. While it is relatively simple, being made up of two main toppings of truffle and cheese, the flavour is more than enough to whet your appetite. The explosion of truffle flavour is just incredible. If you like truffle, this is a must-have. Priced at $24. This was a meal hosted by Ciao@ and many thanks to Burpple for the invite!


Pan-fried calamari with pine nuts, cherry tomato, and olive taggiasche. This is a nice change from the usual fried squid that we are all probably bored of. It isn't overly seasoned which allows for the natural flavours of the ingredients to come through.The calamari is so fresh, and incredibly soft. It is cooked perfectly, and there isn't any hint of chewiness here. The other ingredients actually do not play second fiddle and still manage to hold their ground - especially the tomatoes. Italian tomatoes are simply the best: so sweet, ripe, and fresh. Fantastic appetiser that isn't too heavy so as to ruin your meal. Priced at $18. This was a meal hosted by Ciao@ and many thanks to Burpple for the invite!

Who knew bread could taste this good? Focaccia topped with fresh rosemary and garlic, this is an excellent starter that could fill you up before the mains arrive because it's just so addictive. The bread is lightly salted and infused with olive oil, so it's super fragrant. It is served hot and fresh, so it is crunchy and crispy when you bite into it. You will not be able to just stop at one. While it is very simple, good bread is not easy to make - but this place does it right. Priced at $15. This was a meal hosted by Ciao@ and many thanks to Burpple for the invite!


Ciao@ is a new Italian restaurant-bar at Haji Lane that serves up delicious and affordable Italian food made from the chef's own home recipes. One of the best of the night was the pork knuckle cooked in beer sauce, served with mash potato and white cabbage. Usually more reminiscent of German cuisine, Chef Domenico has given this an interesting Italian twist and it certainly pays off! The meat is fall-off-the-bone tender, while the skin is crispy and essentially the best part of the pork. Each bite just crackles in your mouth and it's so satisfying. The meat is marinated for days before being cooked, which explains why it is chock-full of flavour. The cabbage is cooked in balsamic vinegar, and has just the right amount of acid to cut through this heavy dish. If you do pay this place a visit, this is highly recommended as a dish to share as it's quite a big portion. Priced at $38. This was a meal hosted by Ciao@, and many thanks to Burpple for the invite!

I like to eat.

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