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Bukit Timah

Bukit Timah

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Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee

Satisfy your craving.

Been craving some Penang Char Kway Teow ($9+) and I finally got my fix at Penang Kitchen at Coronation. The noodles come piping hot and there’s a good amount of ingredients like prawn, Chinese sausage, egg and bean sprouts. The Chinese sausage’s flavour was kind of lost amidst the cooking process but everything else is pretty bang on. If come as a group, there are definitely sides worth trying like the homemade loh bak and rojak.


An amazing lunch at one of the most popular private kitchens in Singapore.

I’ve been anticipating having a meal at The Ampang Kitchen for quite a while now. There’s a minimum required number of persons each session, 8 for lunch at $60 pp and 10 for dinner at $100 pp. (We had an additional dessert so we paid $65 pp.) Imagine my excitement when I finally had enough lunch kakis to go!

Uncle Raymond and his son, David have planned a curated 7-course menu for us and each course was great in its own way. My favourites include the best kuih pie tee I’ve had, primarily because of the exquisite crispy pastry tart shell. Also, the century egg rojak was so delicious and fresh, safe to assume that I had half the bowl which was meant for 5 persons. What I really loved was the combination of fragrant buah keluak fried rice and the unique banana flower kechai. It was a beautiful contrast between the savoury fried rice, the fresh vegetables and the heat of the house made sambal that made me fall in love.

If you have the numbers, I’d totally recommend a makan session here. If not, the father-son duo offers takeaway too!


Started 2019 on a good note with an impressive set meal by Fat Belly.

To the unacquainted, it may be hard to locate the restaurant but it actually shares the premises with its more visually prominent sister, Sugarhaus.

Fat Belly’s speciality is two different cuts of beef, the short rib and the flat iron. However, I wanted to start 2019 big so I opted for the “The Alternative Experience”, a 7-course SEY menu for $78++. Good news is that it’s on Burpple Beyond so imagine two set menus for $78++! Crazy value!

All the dishes were hits and my favourites include the savoury mind-bending foie gras creme brûlée with coral tuile, the beef rib char siew on roasted kale, the ground wagyu slider with Gouda cheese, wagyu streak with marble score of 7-8 tri-tip and a molten chocolate raspberry cake with cinnamon ice-cream.

Yeah, my favourites were essentially the whole set meal. That’s how much I enjoyed the meal. Will definitely be back especially with Burpple Beyond!


Had the privilege of trying out LINO on its opening day and I was left impressed.

LINO has established itself as a contemporary, modern Italian restaurant, serving atypical Italian dishes but of course with a twist such as hummus with peperonata, grilled octopus and a chopped iceberg lettuce with radicchio (all great by the way).

My favourite of the night was the pizza. Places that get pizza right always have a special place in my heart. The mixed mushroom pizza had a beautiful thin crust that was crispy at the edges but slightly chewy and doughy at the centre which I love. There were also three indulgent cheeses used: fior di latte, fontina and taleggio. Besides the generous portion of mushrooms, there were copious amounts of truffle cream which makes every bite one to savour.

Finally got to try The Bakery by Woodlands Sourdough.

I was so intrigued by the flavours that I had to try them all. Ranging from $3-5, these toasts are affordable options for brunch. With unique flavours like "hummus & za'atar", "peanut butter & Sriracha" and "vegemite & cheddar", it'll definitely be an interesting meal.

My favourite is the popular "sage cream cheese & berry compote". The tanginess of the cream cheese complements the sweet of the berry compote as well as the sourness from the sourdough toast. And of course, the sourdough is AWESOME. It's not hard and tough but fluffy with a beautiful crust. Will definitely come back. #burpproved


So glad there's a 24/7 dessert spot to satisfy hunger pangs any hour of any day.

Every bingsu that Nunsongyee serves is immaculately prepared. Each bowl has a hefty amount of ingredients yet it's not too filling, but more refreshing and satisfying. Choose from premium flavours such as my favourite Green Tea Bingsu to the light fluffy Snow White Bingsu.


The ultimate bomb.com is the black devil chocolate cake ($10.00). Especially when warm, the whiffs of dark chocolate permeate the air. Upon biting into the cake, it sent my synapses into a frenzy, discerning between moist, fluffy and light. It's so good. Best enjoyed with scoops of Alfrero gelato! #burpproved


The muffins are excellent here. They're both moist yet fluffy. There's a wonderful aroma when one breaks it apart. My favourites would include cream cheese, chocolate and blueberry (classics $1.80 ea, signatures $2.50 ea).


An explosion of flavours in a bowl 💥💥💥

For $3.50, one gets a large hearty bowl of Penang Assam laksa. First, you'll get hit by the fragrance of Assam which will make you wanna order it. The sweetish prawn paste mixes perfectly with the sour tamarind and complements all the strong flavours like lemongrass, pineapples and onions. Every bite is both refreshing and savoury! 😝 Ensure to mix well before eating!



I wish I was having this for breakfast right now!

The first bite left me in a state of wonder as I discovered the sheer amount of white radish and eggs. It is the same throughout the whole carrot cake. Even after a good duration of time, the dish still retains its texture because of the filling. The sweet chilli that comes with the carrot cake is ace. It would have been perfect if the cake was fried longer, leaving a crisper exterior.

This stall sells only white carrot cake but when it's this good, it's okay with me. 😘



Who said size doesn't matter?
The Big Size Burrata (S$38++) is one of the chef's specials at iO Italian Osteria. The sheer size of the burrata doesn't compromise on the pudgy texture and the flavour is robust. There were loads of stringy Parma ham and rocket leaves that the dish is more than enough for four!


One of the best Italian restaurants on my list.

Acqua e Farina (Italian for Water and Flour) recently opened its doors at Rail Mall in Bukit Timah. The restaurant is helmed by two chefs, natives of North and South Italy. That means you can get to experience the whole of Italian cuisine under one roof. Hahaha.

The reason why I enjoy this place so much is essentially the authenticity. You can experience the love put in the cooking just by tasting its food. Most of its ingredients are imported from Italy with the exception of some meats due to AVA restrictions.

One of my favourite dishes (it's hard to choose) is the Fettucine Nere alla Polpa di Granchio. It's homemade squid ink pasta with large Sri Lankan crab meat chunks tossed in tomato sauce and cream. The texture of the pasta has a nice bite to it and the crab is absolutely fresh. Licked the plate clean!!! #Burpproved

This amazing meal was hosted by Acqua e Farina. Thank you Burpple for the invite!


I look at the number of posts, then I look at my stomach and I realise my body is a machine.

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