Orchard / Somerset

Orchard / Somerset

Featuring The Sushi Bar (Far East Plaza), Kim Dae Mun (Concorde Hotel), Sun with Moon, Salt Grill & Sky Bar, Les Amis, Tatsuya, Aoki, Real Food (Orchard Central), Gusto by Alfresco Gusto, Imperial Treasure Noodle & Congee House (ION Orchard)
Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee

Love the texture of these ramen noodles from Ajisai!

One of my favourite food courts in Singapore is Hokkaido Marche at the basement of Orchard Central because it houses everything Japanese. It’s always hard to choose what to eat and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I was drawn by the sheer vibrancy of these yellow noodles and how customers slurp them up with little resistance. I ordered the Hakodate Chashumen ($15) which comes with more slices of tender chashu. The star however, is still the noodle. Soaked in that tasty clear broth, the QQ noodles really are a treat.


[ONE WEEK ONLY] An unforgettable dinner only made possible with a sick collaboration between NAMI and Osaka Cocina Nikkei from Peru.

Since my visit to South America, I’ve been wondering when will I ever get to try Nikkei cuisine again. Nikkei is now synonymous with a fusion between Peruvian ingredients and Japanese cuisine. So when I found out that NAMI was having a Nikkei pop-up, I just had to be there.

“The Nikkei Experience” is a 7-course dinner tasting menu going at $188++. The price may seem a bit steep but trust me, it’s worth it. I’ve never had a dinner that was so experiential and so ridiculously good. My favourites included;
▪️the Inka Nigiri Duo, a tuna tataki topped with a unique but absolutely delicious tiger’s milk chili sauce and a soy & pisco braised pork jowl;
▪️tako anticucho, charcoal grilled octopus with Nikkei chimichurri and limo chili pepper;
▪️nitsuke criollo, a 40-hour, 70-degree braised boneless short ribs doused in “lomo saltado” bbq sauce, kabocha yuzukosho and crispy quinoa; and
▪️suspiro Perú, an amazing textured soursop sorbet with a tantalising lemongrass dulce de leche, a wonderful matcha meringue on a bed of Amazonian chocolate crumbs. This dessert is really of the next level!

All in all, I think this is the dinner to beat for the year 2019. But be fast! This pop-up will only available for dinners till 27 January!


Another burger craving satisfied!

Visited Glasshouse by DHM which is a consortium of restaurants, L’Entrecôte, &MADE, Sabio and Ange Cafe, all housed in one terrace.

The burgers on the Burpple Beyond’s 1-for-1 menu caught my eye and particularly, Blue Moon ($22++) because I loooove blue cheese! The medium rare dry aged patty was tender and juicy while the bacon was crisp yet easy to chew. The golden shoe string fries were a treat to have especially with the restaurant’s gourmet house ketchup. My only gripe with this burger was the lack of French blue cheese as I could barely taste it. Still, it’s really value for money even with or without a 1-for-1 deal!


One of the best tiramisu I’ve had in Singapore.

The tiramisu ($16++) at the waterfall strikes a balance between classic and modern refinement. The decadent cube of layered Savoiardi ladyfingers, creamy mascarpone and cocoa powder makes for an indulgent dessert without being too rich or overpowering. The dessert pulled out all the stops with the premium coffee ice cream that complemented the tiramisu perfectly, resulting in a dessert that you’ll never forget.


Delicious soup at a tiny shop.

Wanted something to feed my sick soul today but was surprised at how tasty the fish soup ($4) was at Isle Cafe at Tanglin Shopping Centre.

For $4, it’s value for money as it also includes rice or bee hoon. Granted the fish slices aren’t exactly huge, thick or bountiful but there are also other ingredients such as egg tofu and crab stick!


[LIMITED TIME ONLY TILL 2ND DEC] Handcrafted pastas that were made right in front of our eyes!

It’s a special occasion at Waterfall Ristorante Italiano of the @shangrilasg. The hotel flew Mamma Ria, the mother of restaurant manager, Andreano Carbotti, into Singapore from all the way in Italy!

I was fortunate enough to try all three pasta dishes that were exclusively made by Mamma Ria in true South Italian flair!

1. Homemade orecchiette pasta with braised stockyard Australian wagyu rayu. ($38++)
2. Homemade trottole pasta, grilled eggplant ricotta rolls and basil. ($32++)
3. Homemade cavatelli pasta with fresh seafood. ($35++)

Each of the three pasta dishes held a special place in my heart as they were amazing and had their own merits. The pasta integrated well with each of the sauces and had a bit of grit that reflected how raw and natural the pastas were crafted by hand. My favourite was definitely the wagyu ragu because the meat was so tender and hearty. Transported me back to my days in Italy.



One can’t go wrong dining at Treasures Yi Dian Xin by Imperial Treasure. Some dishes are great while others are excellent. For example, I had the stir fried Hong Kong kai lan with ginger & red wine ($18++) and it was the best version of kai lan I’ve ever had.

Another dish I particularly enjoyed is the braised hor fun with prawn & egg gravy ($18++). The hor fun noodles had a beautiful wok hei char. They were relentless with the amount of egg in the gravy added. Lastly, the prawns were fresh, huge, plump and crunchy.

The hor fun dish is good for sharing between 2-3 persons but of course, I can finish a plate all by myself 😉.


[NEW] Meat-less but don’t eat less!

4Fingers, together with Quorn, have come up with this delicious “chickless” wings and nuggets. Basically, and surprisingly, they taste like chicken but are 100% meat-free!

It is achieved by using mycoprotein which is protein derived from fungi! In essence, it’s zero-cholesterol, low-saturated fat, high in fibre and of course, high in protein. Despite sounding like a superfood, it actually tastes like legit chicken. My colleagues and I were fooled into thinking the nuggets were made from real chicken meat instead of mycoprotein.

You can get the chickless nuggets from $6.50 and the chickless wings from $8.45. It goes well with an addictive sriracha or plum sauce.


[NEW] HEYTEA introduces legit local flavours of soft serve!

It’s been a week since @heyteaofficial opened its doors on our shores and introduced us to its awesome beverages and now they’re finally selling its soft serve treats ($2.4/4.8)!

Its offering of frozen treats come in classic flavours like Tea King (Oolong) and Mango but it also offers exclusive Singapore favourites such as durian and salted egg yolk.

The local exclusives taste legit. The salted egg yolk ice cream is exactly what you’d find in your dishes but in frozen form. One can expect the same richness and savouriness. It even has that grainy texture which derived from yolk sediments.

For the durian, I’m unsure which type they use but I think it’s D24. The flavour is so authentic, you’d expect to find bits of durian flesh inside but to no avail. (It’s soft serve!)

My personal preference would be durian. It definitely comes off more as a dessert whereas for salted egg yolk, as true as it is to its taste, feels like it belongs on a savoury dish.


Perfect for the colder, rainy weather we’re currently having.

It was colder than usual and I wanted something to warm the body and the soul. So I dived right into Ramen Keisuke Kani King which specialises in ramen with crab broth. I opted for the rich soup with the flavoured egg ($15.90++) and the broth was love at first slurp. The pork was tender and the ramen had a good texture as what you can normally expect from all Keisuke concepts. Which is better, crab broth or lobster broth? It’s subjective. Some can only take lobster broth for so long before the richness overwhelms them while crab is easier to manage but lobster does still taste lavish and hearty which I do love once in a while.

HEYTEA 喜茶, China’s most popular tea brand with over 110 outlets, is finally opening its first overseas outlet right here on our shores TODAY! It’s reported that people queue for hours just to have a sip of its beverages. What’s so special about them I wonder?

HEYTEA is actually the original inventor of cheese tea. Now it does sound like a mismatch. Cheese and tea? Cheese and fruit juice? Little did I know that these seemingly unconventional pairs actually work like a dream.

There were so many options available that many customers (myself included) might stumble at the counter contemplating their choice. I had the Ever Spring ($5.50) from the cheese tea category. Upon first taste, my friends and I simultaneously let out an “ooooh” sound, a physical tell that we were concordant that it was awesome. The tad saltiness from the cheese foam complimented the classic earthiness of oolong while the matcha dust and floral fragrance of the tea elevated the drink. It was like nothing I’ve ever had before.

I’d also recommend the matcha cheese tea for similar enjoyment.


Big black beauties.

And of course I’m talking about Yan Ting’s rendition of har gow priced at $10 for 3 pcs. It’s steamed crystal shrimp dumplings with Chinese olives and encased in a squid ink skin. Though the squid ink is too subtle to notice by taste, it definitely turns a lot of heads with its bold appearance with gold flakes. The har gow besides its showy antics, is fundamentally great as the dim sum is plump, fresh and crunchy.


I look at the number of posts, then I look at my stomach and I realise my body is a machine.

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