Orchard / Somerset

Orchard / Somerset

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Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee

All of #LukesLobster outlets’ seafood is sustainably caught, flash frozen and shipped from their facility in Maine to ensure quality control. One bite from each delicious roll and you can taste the freshness.

If you’re somewhat indecisive like me, opt for the Luke’s Trio which offers half a roll for the lobster, crab, and shrimp. Though the platter may appear deceivingly small, it is surprisingly filling and extremely satisfying.

All the rolls are served in a hot toasted split-top bun lathered in lemon butter, with a swish of mayo, and topped with their secret signature herb seasoning. The lobster flesh is sweet, thick and definitely a treat. The fine strands of crabmeat tastes reminiscent of the ocean - sweet and fresh. The shrimp was good too but pales in comparison to its other crustacean counterparts.

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Jinjo is one of my favourite meals of 2020.

Jinjo has been offering pretty value-for-money lunch sets. They have three options for lunch sets: the gyu (beef) at $35++, the tori (poultry) at $25++ and the unagi (eel) at $32++. All sets come with salad, pickles and soup. I opted for the gyu and I was blown away.

The Kagoshima beef was tremendously delicious - it had a good ratio of lean meat to fat, well seasoned and cooked to perfection (medium rare)! However, what really separated Jinjo from other sumiyakis was their care and attention to detail. Most restaurants understandably wouldn’t put too much consideration towards the sides but not at Jinjo. It seemed like every element that was served had a gastronomic purpose. The miso soup was wonderfully rich, the salad was crisp and tasty and even the pickles were beautifully sweet.


Pasta cravings satisfied at LINO Pasta Bar!

I was pleasantly surprised at how value-for-money the “Mad About Pasta Tasting Menu” was at LINO Pasta Bar. For just S$32++, I got an appetiser, three pastas and a dessert. Take note that it’s only available for dinner service!

Though the appetisers and dessert were satisfying, the pastas - of course - were the main stars of the show. They’ve each been down scaled to a 50g portion so that one would be able to try different pastas without getting too full.

1. Cold angel hair pasta with yuzu, salted seaweed and ikura - simply delicious, nicely seasoned and those globules of salmon roe were fresh and magical.

2. Penne, spicy tomato sauce, pancetta, Italian sausage - a hearty and homely dish. The penne trapped the addictively spicy sauce that ensured a kick with each bite. The pancetta and sausage added a nice saltiness to the pasta.

3. Rigatoni oxtail in Tiger Beer and black pepper sauce, arugula - this was a winner. The oxtail was wonderfully tender and the black pepper sauce with a hint of alcohol was brilliantly luscious.

Overall, it was a simple, homely and good meal that didn’t break the bank. I’ll definitely come back again to satiate my pasta cravings.


A seasonal dish that they should consider making permanent!

The restaurant had introduced its latest “Shanghai Night” seasonal line-up, which includes this magnificent crispy original xiao long bao.

The restaurant’s signature soup dumplings have always been a fave of mine. The encased aspic or soup was so rich and flavourful that it can warm even the coldest of hearts.

However, what was most interesting was the dumpling’s crispy base. I’m unsure how it’s made but no doubt it’s really delicate work. The crispy base allows for a chewy crunch with a hint of fried flatbread (prata) taste. Dip it in vinegar and ginger and you’re all set up for good time.

The “Shanghai Night” menu items are only available till 31 Aug 2020!

I used to be crazy for Sushiro when they had just opened its doors on our shores. I would dine here once almost every week. They offer really good affordable sushi, even better at Genki. They’ve got plates at $2.80/3.80/4.80 and also a good variety of cooked and side dishes. I’m always going for their fatty tuna!

I had tried it recently again since Phase 2 started and the seafood didn’t seem as fresh. Maybe they were having an off day or weren’t operating optimally due to COVID-19 restrictions or possibly because I dined in two hours before closing time (8pm at Isetan Scotts). I’ll probably try it again soon, just to check.

Not your typical chirashi!

This kaisen unagi & anago chawanmushi was on Kazu Sumiyaki’s weekly special menu so I quickly ordered it in fear that it wouldn’t be available anymore. The rush was definitely rewarding. It had generous smokey and delicious chunks of both freshwater and saltwater eel. On the menu it stated that it comes with assorted seafood, which probably means one might get different seafood on different days. My chirashi included plump scallops and shrimps as well as scoops of umami uni and ikura. Overall, it was a seafood treasure bowl with a sweet and umami explosive overload.

There are two different portions: S$28+ for one and S$60+ for two (pictured). The restaurant only allows takeaways and orders can be made via WhatsApp.


Do not miss on the cookie and ice cream at Blue Label Pizza & Wine!

My second visit after two weeks and I HAD to try the famous LUKE’s Chocolate Chip Cookie (S$4). It’s warm, it’s chewy and not overly sweet. My favourite kind of cookie.

And of course you gotta add their Blue Label “Hoodsie” Ice Cream Cup (S$7) to go with the cookie. Might I recommend their hazelnut coffee flavour? It’s wonderful.

Disclaimer: this is not its original presentation. Beautiful plating by my friend, Yilin!


Love the burger but that’s about it.

Five Guys came to town recently and the hype is still going strong.

Had the Cheeseburger and opted for the All The Way combination which is great for indecisive people. The combi comes with mayo, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, ketchup and mustard. One may have additional toppings for free and they include relish, onions, jalapeño peppers, green peppers, A.1. steak sauce, BBQ sauce and hot sauce.

The burger is great. Juicy patties with a slight char. Ingredients were fresh. The burger is huge especially if you go heavy on the ingredients. However, the rest of the menu items live in its shadow. Also, they’re pretty costly with fries going for $7-11, milkshakes for $10 and refillable fountain sodas for $5. As a party of two, we spent $50 on a meal.

Would recommend a try, but don’t think it’s somewhere you’ll come often.


Opulent oyster omelette!

Well, it tastes opulent! The oysters were large and most importantly, fresh! The omelette ($10.80 pictured) was fried to perfection, crisp not burnt and fluffy inside though a tad starchy. Pair it with their chilli sauce and you’ve got yourself a great snack.

Also a side note, many customers can be seen waiting around because they’re ordering multiple omelettes to take away! That’s how popular it is.


It’s hard to get grilled octopus right and @focpimpam achieves that.

One of my favourite tapas at FOC is the Octopus Galician-Style ‘A feira’ (S$28++) which is a popular dish in Spain. The octopus has good bite without being too chewy. The octopus is doused in oil, sprinkled with pimentón and rests atop a fluffy bed of crushed potatoes. It’s too easy to wipe this dish clean.


I had heard great things about Blue Label and I was not disappointed with my visit!

The ambience was great and is ideal for dates or small groups. The food was spectacular! My favourite pizza of the night was the “Dr. Pepperoni”. It had the perfect ratio of ingredients to crust. Ingredients included a special red sauce, toasty sesame seeds, wonderfully melted mozzarella, savoury capers, singeing chilis with delicious pork and beef pepperoni slices. But what truly gets me was the crust. You gotta try it to believe how good it was.


Love the texture of these ramen noodles from Ajisai!

One of my favourite food courts in Singapore is Hokkaido Marche at the basement of Orchard Central because it houses everything Japanese. It’s always hard to choose what to eat and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I was drawn by the sheer vibrancy of these yellow noodles and how customers slurp them up with little resistance. I ordered the Hakodate Chashumen ($15) which comes with more slices of tender chashu. The star however, is still the noodle. Soaked in that tasty clear broth, the QQ noodles really are a treat.


I look at the number of posts, then I look at my stomach and I realise my body is a machine.

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