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Foodie Experiences

Foodie Experiences

Just some experiences as a foodie customer. Viewer discretion advised.
ZC Ong
ZC Ong
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$8++. I recall the best crab cakes I had was from Roosevelt in Outram which since had closed down. This version mixed with some tangy mango/pineapple purée isn’t that bad! Cake’s crispy, and crab filling is wholesome. Not too shabby!

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Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. Flavourful yet not too salty! Highly recommended to eat with the sambal!

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Walking into this non-air-conditioned place (but cooled by a “big ass fan”) during lunch, I see 3 stalls - western, thai and Indian - that resembles a mini canteen. Food prices are quite ex considering the food really tastes like canteen food; I prefer Al-Azhar’s food! Perhaps this is really just a place for beer...

$18. Fish is thick and juicy, unlike this usual heavily-battered dory fillets. The menu doesn’t specify what fish did they use, but this is really hearty and wholesome. Love the sweet potato fries! All I can say is Fuego serves up really large portions at value prices! Worth it!

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$29 for a double portion. The stew is sweet and really can taste the pork - somehow reminds me of very thick Bak Kut Teh. I would have preferred something nice to cleanse the palate, but the service here in this Westgate branch is a little too slow...

Saw this on Burpple Beyond and decided to come here, but only realise this is a social enterprise when we arrive! A decent meal, soft shell crab only, tasty garlicky ketchup as chili sauce. Please skip the vongole as it’s quite bland. Just that perhaps it’s all in the mind; a little more patience is required here ◡̈ and probably I shouldn’t have scheduled another appointment after this...


$7 for Double Fish (fried + boiled), Fish Roe and extra bitter gourd! I usually dislike bitter gourd and it’s usually either bitter gourd omelette or this, fish soup, that makes better gourd more palatable! Soup is slightly salty, I wish they could cut down on the mirin and add more caramelised fried egg shreds. Overall still a very good dish and fresh fish roe adds brownie points!

Our favourite nasi lemak in Changi Village Hawker Centre; Set 4 costs $4.50 with one crispy fried chicken wing and otak-otak! Rice is definitely soft, fluffy and coconutty; and I like they added the batter crisps for the chicken wings! No wonder this is more popular than Mizzy Nasi Lemak!

$22. Below that thick layer of mozzarella cheese is... lots of seafood (clams, mussels, prawns, shrimps, squid), al dente teoppokki and instant ramen! So satisfying!

Part of the Lunch Set meal, at $14+ with complimentary salad and soup, the clams were al dente and succulent, fresh and cooked to the right texture! Tagliatelle was slightly over soaked in the boiling water but the plating and taste of spicy crab sauce saves it all! If you are looking for quality lunch at affordable price, go for Viio Gastropub!


Pump up your protein with this scrumptious plate. $13 only, get to choose 4 different types of sauces to go with. I love the tenderness of the chicken breast, cooked to perfection!


$28; and on a one-for-one lunch time special, get another for free! I like the spinach cream that isn’t as creamy (though the pict in the menu looks much like its aglio-olio). Unfortunately the spaghetti is a little over-boiled, and the king prawn a little over-grilled. Otherwise taste-wise is good!


ZC Ong

Level 6 Burppler · 117 Reviews

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