City Hall / Esplanade

City Hall / Esplanade

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Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee

Been intrigued with this place and white curry and finally gave it a try.

And I’m impressed! Can’t believe I didn’t try it sooner. Their best seller, crunchy chicken katsu set was a delight. With a juicy and uniformly cooked chicken breast, it has an amazing crispy exterior that is achieved by frying at 160°C for 3.8 minutes. How scientific can they get. Despite how light the curry appears, it’s still packed with flavour.

Another great part about ordering the set is that it comes with truffle chawanmushi and refillable soup, rice and CURRY! Will definitely be back if I’m ever at Millenia Walk.


Still my favourite tendon haunt.

Tendon Kohaku in my opinion serves the best tendon. For $15++, one gets a large variety of tempura that are thick, juicy and crisp. The queue and Suntec is still long! Will try to satisfy cravings at their Chinatown Point outlet!


[NEW MENU] Looks can be deceiving.

The salmon tiradito ($25++) may look simple but don’t let looks fool you. The complexity of flavours in this dish is astounding.

Tiradito is similar to its more popular Peruvian counterpart, the ceviche, in which both are raw fish served with a sauce. The difference is that for tiradito, fish is sliced rather than cubed and the sauce is served upon service rather than used as marinade.

The freshness of the salmon is accentuated with the addition of the yuzu lemon sauce. Under the salmon lies finely chopped peaches which adds a tad of tanginess. The dish which could be potentially sour was balanced out by rounded it up with a drizzle of coriander oil. It’s really a taste extravaganza.

The salmon tiradito is a new addition to Akira Back’s menu that was relaunched in early November 2018.


[NEW MENU] I think I’ve found my soul mate.

Aptly named “Soul Mate” ($36), I fell in love with this dish at first bite. The amaebi or spot prawn was plump and firm in texture and tasted ever so sweet. Perched atop the prawn was the perfect complement, a smooth, sweet yet salty dollop of uni. It’s pieced together with a petite brioche that goes well with the accompanied fruity tosa jelly. My advice would be to first have a bite without the jelly spread and then a second bite with it.

The Soul Mate is a new addition to Akira Back’s menu that was relaunched in early November 2018.


One of my favourites at - the pulled pork fettuccine (S$23++). As it pulls up on the table, one can immediately distinctly smell the spicy chorizo sausages. The pasta holds firm even though it’s been doused in a watery tomato sauce. The think chunks of pulled pork and bits of bacon make this for a hearty meal.


Perfect tonkatsu 👌

I used to switch between Saboten and Tonkichi but over the years, the standard at Tonkichi has dropped which makes Saboten the clear winner here.

I had the Kurobuta Special Set (S$30++) which is part of its US Kurobuta menu available till 30th April. The set comprised of prawn, a half-sized loin katsu, a mini hire katsu and a crab croquette as well as cabbage, chawanmushi, miso soup, pickles, rice and ice-cream. Pretty worth it!

Each of the fried elements really stood out. Inside its crispy exterior was uniform juiciness throughout the pork. I was just utterly impressed with my meal.


There was plenty to eat at Shio & Pepe (within Emporium Shokuhin). From the vast menu of Japanese and Italian fusion dishes, we had a tasting menu and my favourite was the Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Rice.

I like my omelette soft and runny with a bit of bite so this was perfect. Under the fluffy blanket of egg was a generous portion of tomato fried rice. The cream sauce went well with the egg and rice but nothing beats a savoury demi-glace that we're all familiar with.


Irresistible bar bites at Alter Ego.

This establishment has a number of crazy, ingenious dishes not for the faint of heart.

The Loaded Taters ($13) is a mountain of crispy potato chunks bathing in a generous onslaught of spicy jalapeño cheese sauce and topped off with maple-glazed bacon and sour cream. Do I need to say more but that dish is both heavenly and sinful at the same time?!


Of course, I'd still prefer its original outlet at Pek Kio.

There are a few perks of visiting the restaurant at Esplanade instead of the hawker stall. Those include not having to queue, not having to deal with the sweltering heat (and some say Mdm Tham's wrath!) [Haha she's actually really nice lah!]

The price tag and taste are similar but the portions are not. I noticed that the amount of noodles given is less. Also, the bowl of soup doesn't arrive at your table steaming - something that won't happen at the hawker stall where the food is prepared in front of your eyes.

The food still does the trick though! The prawn mee (medium sized prawns for S$12) left me satisfied while I left with the soup bowl completely empty. I also love the spicy sauce that goes with the big prawns.

I guess you've gotta compromise for convenience!


A new Poké place is in town.

Poke Doke serves out fresh hefty bowls of poké of three sizes. One starts out with choosing the base carb: white rice, brown rice, mixed rice or soba (extra $1.50).
There are also different pokés to choose from! Select Norwegian salmon or ahi tuna cuts coated in the original shoyu dressing, the robust spicy mayo, punchy wasabi or a sesame sauce that goes well with salad greens and tofu.

There are many toppings available including fried shallots, edamame, wakame to premium ones like onsen eggs and avocado.

The medium sized one ($14.90 for 2 scoops of poké + 4 toppings) is definitely filling enough!

Currently, they have an opening promo: 25% for the first 50 customers and 15% for the everyone else. Promo ends on 12th Feb! So chiong everybody!


Let's taco 'bout awesome tacos! 🌮🌮🌮

One of my favourite dishes at Vatos Urban Tacos is its signature Baja Fish (S$11++ for 2 and S$15++ for 3) urban tacos.

Despite all the flavoursome toppings such as spicy chipotle mayo, pico de gallo salsa and apple coleslaw, the beer battered coat of the fish retains its structural integrity giving you that awesome mouthfeel hoppy grit with each bite. #Burpproved! #BurppleMessyEats


Don't think I've ever had sticky date pancakes! And why haven't I done so earlier?

The Olivia Sticky Date Pancakes (S$12++) is just another amazing interpretation of how to cook with dates. The stack of four pancakes was fluffy and sweet (but not too sweet)! The vegetarian-friendly dish was doused in a generous amount of warm caramel peanut butter sauce and topped with a huge scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and banana slices!

This was a hosted meal by Olivia & Co. and the good folks of Food News PR! Thanks to @burpple for the invite!


I look at the number of posts, then I look at my stomach and I realise my body is a machine.

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