Wish it were spicier to suit my taste buds, but overall it's a well-thought dish especially with the runny onsen egg to mix every component well. I guess mod-sin is a type of cuisine that I can't really appreciate yet.


Another must-order here imo! They're definitely generous with the filling and it was nicely deep-fried into golden perfection! As I chewed the ngo hiang, I could hear crunchy chopped water chestnut in mouth - tons of them. How not to love this?


Apparently this was a popular dish here, but it probably had sat there for too long - the noodle was soggy and the dish was too dry ☹️ but okay, I shall give this another chance next time.


My personal favourite! The black seaweed sauce and tomato quarters might have hidden the fried fish fillet, making the dish look unappealing. But boy, that umami sauce was so addictive! The best way to enjoy this would be to wipe the sauce clean with plain rice.

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Was so excited about this dish, but it turned out to be a disappointment. The peculiar tangy sauce was rather out of place and didn't gel together with the other elements. Would have loved it if it kept its focus on being savoury.


This is my first time having curry meesua and it's pretty good I must say. I bet this can be a comfort food for many people especially with the chilly weather nowadays. Slurp it down fast before the meesua soak up all the curry and becomes soggy!

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@chefshentan's rendition of pannacotta is truly exceptional. The creamy silky coconut panna cotta was topped with chendol and drizzled with gula melaka syrup. All these components were gelled together with a scoop of their home-made red bean ice cream. Although it may sound jelat, you will likely to find yourself scooping for more bites of everything, which I did!


The rice had a good bite and flavour thanks to the two-time steaming process. My favourite of the two I tried was the beef rendang — essentially beef shin that has been braised until tender in coconut milk, spices and herbs. The dish maintains its basic ingredients of ikan billis, cucumber slices, omelette and (housemade) sambal belachan while it also explores an interesting take on coffee sambal that might pair better with the 5 spice pork confit instead of the rendang. I really admire the tremendous effort put into making every single element of the dish and that effort certainly paid off.


Possibly the most popular durian stall because you can call/whatsapp/fb/instagram them to place your reservation. At last something to be proud of in the west side of Singapore 🙈
P/S: the prices change daily. do check out their instagram!


The warmth of home-made traditional delicacies here is greatly evident in every single sweet and cake you buy. My personal favourite will be their ondeh-ondeh, a chewy ball with gula melaka filling, covered in shredded coconut. Pop the ball into your mouth and feel the explosion of sweetness from gula melaka right away, without being too jelat. I somehow love the ratio of gula melaka to the dough here as compared to many places that offer an overwhelming amount of gula melaka which irritates my throat in the end. Their items range from traditional coconut candies, kueh kosui to slightly-more-modern carrot cake. So this is another hidden gem that I've been introduced to recently: a lovely old-school confectionery.


This is the most genius dish that brings Western and Singapore's taste in one plate. Coconut gelato hiding the sautéed prawns, sitting on top of the laksa risotto. My risotto looks wet because I took soo long to get a nice angle that my gelato melts. Nevertheless, it's still a lovely dish.


In a never-ending quest of culinary delight || @riinns

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