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Stressed over Desserts

Stressed over Desserts

Triffany Lim
Triffany Lim

Vanilla ice cream with broken pieces of chocolate and gold flakes.

The ratio of chocolate to ice cream is too much that I don't get to enjoy it unless you are a chocolate lover. It feels a little too heavy after having the confit.

\\ Part of Burpple Beyond 5 Course ($80 for 2 Pax) Set Menu (Sweet - U.P. $10)

One of the better seasonal flavours. This melon soft serve is creamy and refreshing sitted atop a crispy waffle cone to munch on 》1-for-1 on McDonald's app until 4 Oct 2020 (U.P. $2)

It is always good to end your meal with a good dessert to cleanse the palate. Rich and creamy custard topped with a layer of crispy and sweet caramelised sugar. Perfectly executed with sea coconut, sour cream ice cream and kaffir lime foam that adds citrus and icy creaminess to the original caramelised eggy goodness 😍

\\ Part of Beyond 3 Course Tasting Menu (U.P $14)


Chocolate lava cookie with maple walnut crunch ice cream》$8.90

A satisfying sweet treat especially with the hot and cold contrast from the ice cream and warm chocolate lava. Advisable to share as it’s a little too sweet and heavy for an individual. Just by looking at the sight of chocolate oozing as they place the ice cream on the cookie is pretty satisfying to the eyes too.

*Each cookie set comes with a scoop of ice cream of your choice.

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Sweet mangoes with mini rice balls and popping pearls 》$5

Located just opposite hotel indigo is a shop that sells Hong Kong style dessert. The mango with mini rice ball that I have ordered leans on the sweet and creamy side. As someone who loves chewy stuff and bbt, this is a perfect combination where I get to chew on the rice balls and pop the popping bobas at the same time. It suddenly reminds me of Fruce where they have mango sago as a dessert beverage.

Shunde Double Layered Milk Pudding
The texture is similar to beancurd, soft and silky. This is something worth a try if you like to have something milky for dessert 》$3.60


Apple stewed with cinnamon and brown sugar, topped with crumble and served with a scoop of ice cream》$7.90

A treat for the sweet tooth. The sweet apples are served warm and soft underneath a layer of crunchy crumble, topped with a scoop of cold ice cream. I like how it did not turn out overly sweet and works well as a not-so-heavy treat after a meal.

Thanks @burpple for the invite and @goodbitessg for hosting.

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Greek yogurt with homemade lemon curd. Served with blueberries, honey and oats》$8.90

A healthy, sweet, sour, crunchy and refreshing dessert. Layered yogurt and lemon curd with a bed of honey, oats and blueberries. The tangy lemon curd helps to keep me awake and refreshed with the sweet blueberries and honey while the oats gives a different crunch and texture. 

Thanks @burpple for the invite and @goodbitessg for hosting.

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The taste of bandung was mild but it was still sweet even with the twist cone》$1

These gelato are made from Hokkaido milk that gives a smooth and creamy texture. The queue was quite long at around 8:30pm. Everyone's probably getting their awesome gelato after dinner. We ordered the usual must-get matcha flavour with milk to balance the flavours for our after meal dessert. Their sesame gelato was another favourite of mine which has a more intense flavour 》$6.50/double scoop

The sea salt flavour was not bad with a well balanced milky, salty and sweet flavour while the bandung has a nice hint of sweet rose flavour that matches well with the sea salt flavour. I would prefer the twist/mixed flavour coz I started to get bored of the signature seat salt flavour halfway through the cup and decided to leave the remainder untouched. Although the size of cup looks ok for 1 pax, the portion is good enough for sharing》$5.40/regular cup


Managed to give this a try with their Monday promo. Sadly, it did not live up to my expectations of thick and fragrant sesame like those used in sesame rice balls.

The sesame here is slightly sweeten and the smell of sesame is very faint. I bought this for breakfast and liquid starts forming when I reached office, probably just barely 10mins upon purchase. Not sure if the liquid comes from the sesame paste or beancurd but it just got worse as time goes by. My beancurd with sesame paste turned into beancurd in sesame soupÂ đŸ˜„

Mr Bean is currently selling black sesame with black soya beancurd/milk till 12 July 2019.
Monday - $2 Black Sesame Black Soya Beancurd (U.P. $2.40)
Friday - 2x Black Soya Milk at $2.40 (U.P. $4.20)

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The soft serve comes with subtle hints of purple sweet potato with floral notes. Overall, not too sweet and decent enough for a cheap dessert treat. I personally prefer the cocoa waffle cone over the soft serve》$2

Eating is my workout

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