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Crispy and fluffy waffle with earl grey ice cream and chocolate sauce》$10

A nice venue to chill out over ice cream and waffles. Visited this place after dinner on a weekday night and they had a nice cosy setting for a great chill out session over ice cream and waffles.

The boss here claims to serve the most expensive tau suan in Singapore. Unlike those hawkers where tau suan are prepared and left there for hours to keep warm, the tau suan here are made to order.

The boss shares that the split mung beans are first steamed, left to cool, packed in small bags before keeping it in the refrigerator. They would only start cooking the ’soup’ upon order and they uses gula melaka instead of sugar. The you tiao is super crispy too!

We also got to learn the proper way of eating tau suan so as to prevent the soup from turning less starchy/watery. The reason why tau suan turns watery it’s because it came in contact with our saliva and not from stirring. The recommended way was to eat tau suan with 2 spoons - 1 for scooping from the bowl and transferring to the next spoon and 1 for eating where it comes in contact with our saliva. We tried and it works》$3.20/portion

We tried almost 3/4 of their available flavours and shortlisted Guava Sorbet (Premium), Horlicks Panda, Grape Yakult Yoghurt and Roasted Pistachio (Premium)

Look at those generous scoops of ice cream 😍 Their sorbet is very refreshing and goes well with the other 2 slightly strong and creamy flavours.

Redeem with Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 double scoop and top up for 2 premium flavour. Paid a total of $7.40 ($6 double scoop + $0.70/premium flavour) for 4 scoops. Definitely an absolute steal! ✌

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Little White Rabbit & Thai Milk Tea
Roasted Pistachio & Earl Grey Lavender

Little White Rabbit was the most recent flavour to be up on the menu. It tasted like milk and replicates the white rabbit candy with a piece of rice paper.

Roasted Pistachio and Earl Grey Lavender are my all time favourite 😍

Redeemed my Burrple Beyond deal to get 2 waffles set for the price of 1 ✌

Earl grey tea & lavender ice cream topped with toasted almond thins & fresh strawberries》$12

1-for-1 Waffle + Ice Cream with Burpple Beyond ✌

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Buttered toast that’s crispy on the outside and fluffy soft inside. Paired perfectly with sweet sliced of mango and ice cream 》$10.90

Yam Paste 》$4.60
Tang Yuan in Ginger Soup 》$3.60

Not sure if it's meant to be healthier but this bowl of yam paste taste bland. I would prefer my orh nee to be sweet and savoury, like what we usually get from Teochew chinese restaurants.


Fresh Mint with Cacao Nibs
Mint infused milk base with raw cacao bits

Green Tea Toasted Rice (Premium)
Toasty umami rice flavor with Japanese green tea

Home Tasted Iranian Pistachio (Premium)
Dopa Dopa’s signature flavor made using Iranian Pistachio to give a nuttier toasty profile

Thanks to Burpple Beyond that we get to enjoy 4 scoops for the price of two ✌》$7.60 +  ($0.70 x 2) Premium

Blue Milk (Blue pea flower, milk, salt) and Hojicha Ice Cream on Earl Grey Waffle 》$14.50

Loving the blue milk flavor that taste like sea salt milk. Waffles were fragrant, crispy outside, fluffy inside and complemented well with the chocolate maple sauce.

Earl Grey Waffle - $6.50
Double Scoop - $7.30 + $0.70 Hojicha Premium

Thick and creamy milk tea soft serve with chewy (mini) pearls. The flavor is just right, not too bitter/sweet. Probably an alternative if one would prefer to eat rather than to drink milk tea. Price wise it’s about $0.30 more to get a cup of pearl milk tea 》$3.60

Eating is my workout 🚨 20% OFF BURPPLE BEYOND 🚨

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