My late night kind of supper especially after my night run in town. Firm, smooth and silky beancurd with the right amount of syrup. I still prefer this kind of traditional beancurd over those modern type of pudding beancurd 》$1.50

The ideal snack/dessert to go after a meal at Bedok 85. This stall sells glutinous rice balls in 5 different flavours (peanut, sesame, red bean, yam paste and green tea) with a choice of peanut, ginger or almond milk soup.

The skin of glutinous balls are chewy with a springy mochi texture and the fillings just ooze once they are broken.

They ran out of peanut soup hence we settled with the ginger soup. It reminds me of ginger tea that is mildly spicy, soothing to the throat and keeping the tummies warm.

My personal favourite is the peanut and sesame rice ball. The peanut rice ball is fragrant with a creamy nutty flavour. It also has the right amount of sweetness that is not overpowering. The sesame rice ball was equally good with a warm, smooth and fragrant filling.

The green tea paste in the rice ball is a little sweet and reminds me of those fillings in mooncakes while the yam paste was smooth and lightly sweetened, just like those fillings in pau.

3pcs + Soup - $2.00
4pcs + Soup - $2.20
5pcs + Soup - $2.60
6pcs + Soup - $3.00
Just Soup - $1.50
Takeaway - $0.10

Beer ice cream can never go wrong from a craft brewery restaurant. The beer ice cream is light and refreshing with sweet and flavorful beer undertones.

This was the dessert from their 3 Course Executive Lunch Set which comprises a raw bar plated buffet appetizer selection, choice of main course and dessert 》$55

A very light and refreshing dessert to cleanse the palate. As it was served not too cold, I went back to request shaved ice where the owners accede with a friendly smile. It is always warm and nice to receive such a gesture. This is located in the same coffeeshop with San Low Restaurant and we can now have some dessert treat after a tze char meal 》$3.80

The gelatos over at Creme & Cone are freshly churned daily with no preservatives. They even have handmade and hand-rolled flavored cones infused with bandung or milo at an additional $1 each.

The ice cream here melts faster than usual even when we were having it in the shop itself. We got their signature flavors such as lychee raspberry and milo & cookies and pair them with bandung and milo cone respectively. The lychee raspberry comes with luscious tropical goodness infused with floral notes of premium quality Japanese rose powder while the milo & cookies has malty, chocolatey goodness that is smooth, creamy, and filled with fresh-baked chocolate cookies. I prefer the former as it was more light, floral and refreshing.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we get to enjoy 2 Single Scoop Gelato for the price of 1 ✌ (U.P $4.80 + $1 Cone)

Each dessert hotpot comes with a choice of base (milk tea / coconut milk) with 5 toppings and includes condensed milk, gula melaka and oreo 》$9.90 (U.P. $17.80)

We get to choose from a range of toppings such as fruits (mango/kiwi/watermelon), grass jelly, red bean, nata de coco, black tea jelly, sago, yogurt granules, taro ball, raisin, black pearls, chendol, aiyu jelly, ginkgo nut, mini dumpling ball and beancurd (original/mango/strawberry).

We chose to have milk tea as our base with mango, mini dumplings, black Pearls, aiyu jelly and taro ball as toppings. They are quite generous with the portion of toppings served. Water was given to activate the dry ice for a cool smokey photo-worthy effect.

The milk tea was served chilled. It was not too sweet and I wish the ratio of tea to milk could be stronger. The mini dumplings were colourful but tasteless and black pearls lack the soft and chewy texture. Thankfully the fresh mango and taro balls did help to compensate a little. It was a fun experience but if you are looking for a quality bbt then it is a wiser choice to order your favourite cup of bbt elsewhere.


A premium blend of French cream and the ripest, juiciest strawberries to craft an all-natural strawberry milk that's bursting with flavour and creaminess. Served with freshly piped sweet meringue made by hand & macerated strawberries with orange zest and mint. If you are looking at something lighter in flavour then probably give this a try. The flavour is smooth and light yet not overly creamy 》$8.50

Came to try their new and seasonal flavours this CNY. Gotten a cone with their signature flavour – Home Roasted Pistachio (premium) that has a toasty & robust flavour made using homemade nut paste and Pineapple HUAT Tart (premium) which has a pineapple sherbet base with homemade pineapple filling and cookie crust. Both flavours complemented one other with pistachio creamier and stronger in flavour while the pineapple HUAT tart is light and refreshing with bits of cookie crust as added texture.

Home Roasted Pistachio (Single Scoop Cup)
》$4 + $0.70 Premium Flavour

Pineapple HUAT Tart (Single Scoop Cone)
》$4 + $0.70 Premium Flavour + $1 Cone

'Valrhona' chocolate mousse, espresso variations, hazelnut

Rich and smooth chocolate mousse hidden underneath the chocolate shell with some espresso lava/fluid and hazelnut. 

\\ Part of Beyond Special Set Menu
Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we get to enjoy 2 Special Set for the price of 1 ✌

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Peanut Soup with 2 Sesame, 2 Peanut, Matcha and Yam Glutinous Rice Ball 》$2.70

Since I missed getting their signature peanut soup previously, I just had to get it when I saw it was available that day. The peanuts in their chunky peanut soup were very soft and dissolved easily when you bite down on them.

I got back the flavours I tried the other time with the peanut and sesame ones still being my favourites. Shall try the red bean rice ball the next time I visit them again.

I just love the chewy and springy mochi texture of rice ball skin filled with fillings of goodness. The price here seems to be a little lower than the other branch at Bedok 85.

4pcs + Soup - $2.00
5pcs + Soup - $2.30
6pcs + Soup - $2.60
Just Soup - $1.40
Takeaway - $0.10


Eating is my workout

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