Really enjoyed this bowl of ma la tang. The ma la pork bone broth may look unassumingly bland but was actually surprisingly flavourful! There’s no need to pick your level of spice during order as the customising comes after at their condiments table, where they have a whole range you can choose from (& unlimited). Since it was our first time there, we went with their recommended signature mix of sesame sauce, chilli oil and pepper oil. The broth was nicely drinkable and we liked how the sesame sauce didn’t overpower, unlike some others we’ve had. If it’s not spicy or numbing enough, you can always go back to add more 😂 Got to say though, that we slurped on the soup quite a lot and did get a little thirsty at the end.

Apart from ma la, they have the popular tomato and mushroom broths too. It was a little tricky to order as you don’t get to pick the ingredients on your own. So make sure to let the staff know if you want less or more of something to your preference!

📍张亮麻辣烫 Zhang Liang Ma La Tang
China Square Central #01-36/37
3 Pickering Street
Singapore 048660

This bowl was HUGE. Fish was the typical dory fillet, but no complaints as they came in tender huge chunks that soaked up all that flavour. Beneath all these was a mini mountain of beansprouts, enoki mushrooms, beancurd skin and vegetables. Was a little oily but expected, it was flavourful, a little numbing and had a good heat. It’s great for sharing!

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The green bean noodles were nicely chewy, and soaked up all the spicy chili oil sauce that had a nice tangy kick to it. It was strongly seasoned, very appetising and I really liked the contrasting crunch from the cucumbers and black fungus. If you want something less spicy, they also have the 东北拉皮 ($8), which uses the same green bean noodles.

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This was quite salty (good if you’re having it with rice), but the clams were plump and meaty! It came in a good portion too, with just 2-3 clams empty.

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Family has been coming back here for a long time. It’s not the most affordable bowl of noodles, but you get a good variety of ingredients like tau pok, chicken, fishcakes and potato chunks. While the chicken slices could be more tender, the highlight for us is their light and flavourful broth. It’s not oily, so it’s very drinkable and good to have soaked up with the strips of tau pok. For a stronger kick of heat, add their chilli!

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Tried another new spot for vegetarian mlxg that’s tucked in Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre! It was quite affordable - this big bowl was around $11. They had lots of ingredients to choose from and all were fresh. There’s 5 levels of spice and we went for the 3rd of medium spice. It was less salty and not as spicy than the usuals, so I’d definitely recommend to go higher if you’re usually a 中 or 大辣 person! The fragrance and numbing spice was present, but it wasn’t as thoroughly fried as it could have, especially for the sweet potato noodles. It was still a pretty tasty bowl, but my absolute favourite is still Green on Earth!

Other than mlxg, Nature Vegetarian Delights has a huge extensive menu with lots of dishes - even ramen and a steamboat buffet. Will definitely be back to try the other items.


Came telling myself to try a new soup base but still ended up with mala ops 😂 The outlet here is small, so it might be a little difficult to get seats especially during meal times. The variety was fresh but service could be a tad more attentive. Suntec’s outlet is still our preferred one thus far.

📍Gong Yuan Ma La Tang
Changi City Point
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
#B1-51/52 Singapore 486038


Came by to satisfy our cravings for tom yum and it was pretty good! Apart from the usual flat rice noodles, they added mushrooms, fish, prawns and chicken chunks - quite a good amount for the price tag. Would have liked the smoother type of rice noodles as this didn’t seem to soak up the broth as well, but the broth was flavourful. It’s not that spicy, so add on the chilli padi to your liking!


Feels a little pricey but was pretty good! We picked sweet potato noodles, glass noodles, lotus, Chinese lettuce stem and seaweed. It’s just one default level of spice and it came with good heat with an appetising touch of sourness. Would have liked it less oily so that we can enjoy more of its broth, but ingredients were fresh and soaked up the flavours quite nicely.


Tried another vegetarian ma la xiang guo recently! While it could be more fragrant with a stronger kick of heat, it was still a pretty nice bowl. Ingredients were fresh with a good variety of vegetarian ingredients like mock fishballs and prawns, apart from the usual vegetables and noodles. Though my all time fav is still Green on Earth’s mlxg, Shu’s is slightly more affordable. Also loved the very friendly and welcoming service here. Would be back to try their other dishes - I’m eyeing for the kway chap that’s only available on weekends!

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SOOOOO GOOD. Absolutely loved this appetising broth! It was very flavourful with a great balance of spiciness and sourness, along with hits of that familiar numbing mala feel. We went with their rice noodles and I enjoyed it a lot as the noodles were smooth and had a good bite. They didn’t soften over time too. Will surely be back for more!


Trying this mlxg again since the first time was a while back. This popular spot is usually crowded, so it was also a bit stressful picking ingredients cause only one can do it at a time due to their fridge’s sliding door. 🙊 There’s a minimum of $7, but prices here go by weight without a base charge and it’s slightly cheaper in comparison to others. Pretty decent bowl, price was good but it wasn’t as fragrant.

📍e 品红麻辣香锅 Mala Hot Pot

FOOD. 🍴🍫🍜🍱 Instagramming at @cweizhi [email protected]

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