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Featuring 136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat (Clementi), Tan Yu ([email protected]), Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup (Kembangan), Jiu Gong Ge Hotpot, Tian Wai Tian Fishhead Steamboat (Serangoon), BBQ Box (Bugis), Bao Today (Marina Square), Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh (Jalan Kayu), Boon Tong Kee (Bukit Timah), Din Tai Fung (The Seletar Mall)
Triffany Lim
Triffany Lim

This is a award winning signature dish at Gu Ma Jia. Fresh and succulent fish head complemented with Gu Ma Jia’s exclusive spicy and sour assam blend gravy. We all agrees that this is good but it’s on the spicy side and we could not fully enjoy this dish without gulping mouthfuls of water to overcome the spice and heat on our tongues 》$30

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Tender chicken with fragrant ginger and sesame oil. This feels like a very homely and nutritious dish. Not to mention this has a nice fragrant sesame aroma that the diners from the next table came to check what we had ordered 》$15/small

Sweet and savoury tender pork ribs served in aluminium foil. They uses wine and set it on fire while serving it to our table. The ribs were soft and tender, retaining it’s juiciness and natural flavours 》$20

This dish features kai lan cooked in two styles, blanched and fried. Crispy kai lan leaves are deep fried to perfection, coupled with thick and crunchy kan lan stems 》$11/small

Stri-fried potatoes with celery, carrots, green chilli, onions with a similar seasoning used in their skewers (not sure if it’s cumin or something esle). Potato lovers would love this but it gets a little oily towards the base 》$10

They serves a variety of dumplings from beef, chicken, fish, pork, seafood and vegetables. I tried the pork dumplings with chinese cabbage and celery dumplings which turned out decent and i’m glad the pork were nicely marinated too. My only concern would be the thickness of dumpling skin being a little thicker than what we usually get locally.

Pork Dumplings with Chinese Cabbage
白菜猪肉水饺 》$6/10pcs

Celery Dumplings 芹菜水饺 》$7/10pcs

Taiwan sausage grilled and seasoned with chilli powder, cumin powder and seame sprinkles. I found some comfort with taiwan sausages… it reminds me of my childhood days where my parents would get me a sausage from the pasar malam. Love this if you like the seasoning, hate it if you don’t.

A restaurant that serves pretty authentic Chinese food. It’s my 3rd time here and the restaurant are usually filled. The clams were clean and fresh, stir-fried with chili, garlic, salt and pepper. Although the name says that it’s spicy, it’s not spicy at all. This plate of stir fried lala is so good that we ended up ordering another portion 》$12

The large claypot serves one whole chicken, enough to feed 3-4 pax. We ordered the less spicy 微辣 version that came with capsicum, dried chilli, leeks, onions and whole chicken in thick dark soya sauce. Drinks and side dishes are self service from the refrigerator. I tried instant noodles and sweet potato (starch) noodles which turned out a little salty but tasty. It is recommended to get a bowl of rice too.

It was crowded even on a mid-week evening. We made a reservation and almost landed at the wrong shop as there was another similar shop by the name Qi Xiang 奇香 along the same street, located right beside ponggol nasi lemak that serves similar chicken pot with side dishes. Luckily the staff at Qi Wei gave us a chaser call as they are unable to hold any reserved table for more than 15mins. Qi Wei is nearer to Kovan MRT station, slightly after Simon road and domino's pizza. No GST & service charge, cash payment only.

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Fragrant and crispy popcorn chicken with potatoes, dried chilli and peppercorn》$7.85

My tongue couldn't take the numb and heat even when I have already ordered less spicy. While this was quite good during the first few bites, I would not want to torture my tongue and stomach again with the unbearable numbing and spicy sensation 😭 I noticed delibowl uses quite a lot oil to cook their dishes so do opt for less oil if you do not want to end ur meal with a pool of oil at the base of your bowl. Brown rice is also available with a top up of $0.50 / $1.90 ala-carte

📍 Delibowl 壹碗 (Paya Lebar Square)
60 Paya Lebar Rd, #01-77/80, Singapore 409051

Fragrant, tender and spicy popcorn chicken. The spicy level is just nice and perfect for sharing》$8.80

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Consist of 15 items that includes Yunnan rice noodles, quail eggs, chives, beancurd thread, dried shrimp, fried meat, spring onion, fish, dou miao, mushrooms, Sze Chuan vegetable, seaweed, prawn, luncheon meat, fried peanuts and squid》$10.50

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