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Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay

Featuring Porta, Tamoya Udon (Liang Court), Ramen Keisuke Lobster King, Spagtacular, Ramen Santouka (Clarke Quay Central), Kushikatsu Tanaka, Ô Comptoir, PYXIEMOSS, Brewerkz (Riverside Point), Tendon Kohaku (Boat Quay)
Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee

A mountain of beef offals on top a mountain of sliced meat on top a mountain of vegetables!

This crazy gigantic mountain in a pan is what the Japanese call “chirotori” which translates to dustpan because it looks like it’s served in one.

For the sliced meat, one can choose between beef ($18 small, $34 large) or pork ($16 small, $30 large). After the stove is switched on, the mountain slowly crumbles into the brown sweet sauce where everything simmers to a beautiful stew.

The beef wagyu offals stew to become these plump, slightly translucent nuggets of love. With each offal tasting like fat of a great steak with that melt-in-the-mouth texture. I’d really recommend this dish and also to add on the cheese curry risotto which transforms this dish and gives it new life!


[NEW WINTER MENU] Where has this been all my life?

I’m gonna be honest, I’ve never had kushikatsu in my life before until my visit to Kushikatsu Tanaka this week. Well, what can I say but I wish I had tried it sooner!

Kushikatsu is deep-fried skewered meat, fish or veggies. Why Kushikatsu Tanaka’s kushis tasted so good was most probably because of its secret preparation method as well as its secret formulae for the batter and dipping sauce. The skewers were covered with the restaurant’s own brand finely-ground panko crumbs that’s imported from Japan, where the brand has about 170 shops! The skewers were then fried in a unique blend of oil that contains beef fats. (WHAT?!) This resulted in the fried skewers having a distinctive crisp and light taste that most importantly, wasn’t too oily and kept me wanting to have more!

Recently, Kushikatsu Tanaka introduced its winter menu which includes snow crab leg, spicy flounder and leek kushis which all I would highly recommend. Each kushi cost between $1-2.50 except the winter exclusive snow crab leg which was $4


Going bananas over this dessert.

“Banana” is a new addition to Porta‘s offerings and is available for a limited time only on both its festive menu or a la carte menu. The caramelised banana is reminiscent of the insides of a goreng pisang (fried battered banana), gooey yet firm. A rum infused vanilla ice cream sits on top which balances the bitterness of the dark chocolate shard with sweetness. On the side is a Victoria sponge which adds texture to a rather velvety dish.


My favourite go-to place for Udon!

Casual and uncomplicated, this place serves great sanuki udon whether it’s just chilled or with a hot dashi broth. For me, a large sanuki egg beef udon hits the spot for me. Help yourself with unlimited wakame, chili, spring onion or tempura bits to flavour the broth to your own liking.


Always love a good pasta place!

Spaghetti bolognese is my all-time comfort foods (especially if they meatballs)! Sadly, no meatballs but Spagtacular’s take on the traditional bolognese but it has a lovely sous vide egg which when stirred in, gives much more bite to the pasta. I enjoyed the al dente texture of the spaghetti which is hard to come by for places at this affordable price point. Overall, a wonderful dish as I cleaned out the plate of every drop red wine infused beef bolognese sauce.

Also, #BurppleBeyond is available here so imagine getting a main for less than $10?! Definitely coming with a friend next time!

One off the wish list!

Tendon Kohaku boasts queues with long waiting times. However, I managed to sneak in at the last hour at the Circular Road outlet without queueing.

I can totally understand the hype. For S$19.50++, the Kohaku Tendon Set is totally worth it. There's a generous portion of tempura - big prawns, squid, chicken filet, baby corn, long beans, mushrooms and pumpkin - all on top of premium steamed rice from Hokkaido. It also comes with udon soup which makes a great complement to the intense flavours of the tendon.


HOMG. In celebration of Tamoya's 4th year anniversary of opening its Liang Court outlet, it is offering FREE size upgrades for udon! That means I had this XL portion of Beef Udon for only $10.80 (regular size goes for $10.80)! The difference is that XL is 3 times larger than the regular size. 😱 This promo is only available at its Liang Court outlet and between 17-28th Feb.

This was definitely a treat for me, an udon lover!


An adventure for the tastebuds.

Wander into PYXIEMOSS, a lively and upbeat restaurant that still exudes sophistication. It serves what I would call Modern European cuisine as the menu offers many unique dishes that utilises new flavours and combinations that will leave you curious as you eat.

Out of the many small and affordable plates, one of my favourites is The Tribbiani. Within the dome of solidified brown butter is a rich yet sweet duck liver mousse, like a fine pâté that can be consumed on its own or together with beautifully crisp focaccia topped with chicken schmaltz (rendered fat). Accompanying the intriguing structure are puffed grains of duck heart and date jam with streaks of Pedro Ximénez (a Spanish white grape sherry).

The dish's heavy hitting elements sound intimidating but trust me, they're good. #Burpproved #BurppleXChope


A jolly good creperie along Circular Road!

For all things crepe, ranging from the typical sweet to unusual savoury, @ocomptoir79 serves them all.

I had their duck crepe, "Duck It!". Encased in the folded buckwheat galette is a mixture of shredded duck confit, caramelised onions and potato chunks.

The duck bursts with flavour but the dish is definitely best enjoyed with company as it can get pretty monotonous for your palate to finish the dish by yourself.

One should also try the "Mustard Day" which is lighter as well as anything with Nutella. 😋 There's also 1-for-1 on The Entertainer app!


The ingredients are the star at Ramen Keisuke Lobster King!

The restaurant is known for operating through the night to the wee hours of the morning, 6pm to 5am. It is more popularly known for the rich lobster broth for the noodles, which is made by boiling lobster meat and select vegetable and herbs. I had the Special Spicy Miso Lobster Broth Ramen but I would recommend the normal broth ramen without the miso or spices so you can enjoy the incorrupt taste of lobster.

What was especially great weren't the noodles but the chicken and pork char siew, the flavoured egg and the prawn dumplings. They boasted rich flavours and an assortment of textures to make this bowl, a wonderful wholesome dish.

HAPPENING NOW: In light of @superbowlsg opening its doors for business, they're having a promotion you can't miss.

From 10th May till 12th May, enjoy their fresh Fish Bowls at only $5 each. Yes, no typo there - FIVE! Only applicable when you order together with the set meal for another $5. You get a generous portion of salted edamame and a beverage. Still, the usual price for a bowl is a crazy affordable $10.

Indulge in fresh slabs of salmon, tuna and swordfish sashimi on a bed of Japanese short-grain rice.

Also, don't forget to check out their other rice bowls including beef and aburi sashimi.

It's what we need right now in the CBD with the sheer lack of affordable, fast, fresh and healthier foods. The setting may seem no frills but the food is definitely of quality.

Superbowl | 8 Circular Road 3rd Floor, Singapore 049364

#superbowlsg #chirashi #ricebowl #burpple #burpplesg #thesocialnoms


A comforting and heartwarming meal.

Ma Maison's take on its Beef Stroganoff (S$16.80++) was more savoury than the original Russian version due to the use of Worcester sauce. The omelette was wonderfully runny and fluffy though I wished the rice was piping hot instead of it being just lukewarm.

Overall, it was a value-for-money meal.


I look at the number of posts, then I look at my stomach and I realise my body is a machine.

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