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Featuring Park Bench Deli, A Noodle Story (Amoy Street Food Centre), WANTON Seng's Noodle Bar, fȳr, Muchachos, Cheek by Jowl, Free The Robot Coffee, Aloha Poké (Amoy Street), Hyang Yeon Korean Restaurant, Kinki Restaurant + Bar
Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee
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Finally got to try Dumpling Darlings

It’s been on my wish list for sometime now and probably on many others’ as well considering I had to queue for half an hour to get a seat for two during lunch hour. They’re on Burpple Beyond which offers 1-for-1 set lunches and mains which makes this all the more worth trying.

The set lunches ($16++) offer a variation of egg noodle bowls and dumplings. I tried the miso mushroom noodles because I love braised mushrooms with my noodles as it adds a bit of sweet and salty. The chilled flavoured egg is also a nice complement.

Also included in the set is a serving of four dumplings. I opted for the unique fried pierogis which is a typical dumpling dish in Central Europe. Dumpling Darling’s rendition has a filling made of smoked bacon, smooth truffle potato, cheddar cheese, and caramelised onions. It’s served with a daring spicy sriracha sauce.

Lastly, the set includes a refreshing drink of pu-erh, tea or soda. Super value-for-money if you’re on Burpple Beyond*.

*The cashier informed us that they’ll appreciate it if customers could inform them if they’re using Burpple Beyond upon ordering to help them with the payment process!


Halal-certified udon joint in the heart of the CBD!

In the “The Basement”, a newly renovated F&B and shopping space in the Hong Leong Building, houses Chef Teppei Yamashita’s latest concept, Fu-Men.

Fu-Men prides itself in being a halal-certified establishment and also for Fukuoka cuisine as it serves Hakata udon. Hakata udon is thinner than sanuki udon (think Tamoya, Marugame) and less chewy.

I had the premium beef udon, $15 (or $8.50 for half a bowl) and what I loved about it was the clear broth that was light and less salty. The broth was made with light soy sauce, flying fish, dried anchovies, dried bonito and kelp.

It is indeed a tad pricey but for being right smack in the CBD, it’s pretty reasonable.

Can’t believe this is all for $4.50.

Located at the Market Street Interim Food Centre, the stall boasts a long queue during lunch hour. Fret not as the queue moves steadily quick.

The wanton mee comes in two sizes, $3.5 or $4.5. The $4.50 portion (as pictured) comes with a generous amount of glistening char siew as well as noodles. It also comes with fishcake, bakchoy and fried and boiled wantons. I’m still shocked by how huge the portion as I almost didn’t finish the bowl.


Perfect for the cold gloomy weather.

I went to Hup Lee Cafeteria towards its closing time (3pm) and there was not much of a queue thankfully. My favourite aspect of having my mixed fish bee hoon is definitely the infusion of the evaporated milk into the soup. There is really no point having it without evaporated milk. There are also loads of lettuce, mustard greens that help to enhance the broth. The fried fish was a bit soggy but that could have because I went rather late. Otherwise, a really comforting dish that I slurped my bowl dry.


At last, Muchachos has reopened at a new location at Frasers Tower at Cecil St. Here the interior is bolder and brighter but still offers the same awesome Mexican favourites.

One such favourite is the California burrito that has a hefty amount of carne asada or grilled sliced beef and, that’s right, FRENCH FRIES! Add the popular spicy Cholula hot sauce and you’ll have no qualms finishing this huge burrito.


Singapore style ramen noodles? To me, it’s upscaled HK wanton noodles which taste out of the ordinary!

I saw that the queue was shorter than usual so I took the chance to finally try this Michelin Bib Gourmand awarded establishment. Firstly, one can’t ignore the aesthetics of the dish which is what draws the crowd. More importantly, the taste is great too due to the homemade sambal and dried shrimp sauce. The dish also comes with extremely tender braised char siew, the usual wantons, the hot spring egg and the crispy potato wrapped prawn (which I’m not really a fan of, would rather more char siew).

It might seem a lil pricy coming in at $8/11/15 a pop but I think you’re paying for premium ingredients and TLC. I mean look how the bowl is painstakingly plated!


A great place to satisfy your cravings for Ipoh hor fun. The sauce here has a tinge of a herbal taste which makes one feel less bloated after eating. One must opt for the fried fish nuggets if he had to choose between that or shredded chicken. But of course, I had to have both 😋


Why have I not tried this earlier?!

I’ve known for a long time of WANTON Seng’s Noodle Bar existence but I could never convince myself to fork out $7 onwards for wanton mee when Amoy Street Food Centre is just a stone throw away. But thankfully, because of Burpple Beyond’s 1-for-1 mains, I thought it was now worth it to try.

I had the twosome noodles which consists of boiled wanton dumplings, charred char siew and slices of fatty roast pork belly. After slurping the bowl clean, all I can say is that I’m ashamed that I didn’t come earlier!

Regardless with a 1-for-1 promotion, I think these noodles are worth the spend. There’s free flow broth and crispy pork lard which elevates the already flavourful dish to another level. The chili isn’t as spicy as the likes of Eng’s but it gets the job done.

In short, I’ll definitely come here more often for my noodle fix.


The fried egg power sandwich is a lazy man’s breakfast.

All the good stuff condensed and concentrated to fit in your hand: double fried egg, crispy crackling bacon, chunky tater tots, all smothered in melted cheddar and their signature PBD sauce between ciabatta bread.

Only available on their breakfast menu! 0730-1030 on weekdays and all-day on Saturdays.

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Saw the opportunity and I seized it.

I was at Amoy Food Centre and I noticed Han Kee had a relatively short queue so I literally jumped right at it. If you walk around the vicinity, you would notice this iconic green bowl on many tables - shows their popularity!

I ordered the $5 sliced fish bee hoon (also available in $7/9 sizes) and I can tell why it’s so enjoyed by many. The soup is clear yet fragrant especially from the fried onions. The sliced batang fish taste fresh and come in thick slabs. The noodles are cooked precisely to give a nice “bite” texture which elevates the whole dish. It’s definitely one of my favourite sliced fish soups now!


Super affordable Korean stew in the heart of the CBD!

What's great to have especially with all the rain nowadays is a hot piping Korean stew. @jjigaejjigae offers different jjigae sets such as pork, beef, beef & pork, seafood (pictured, $16.90 for 1 pax and $28.90 for 2 pax).

Each set is packed with different ingredients. For example, for seafood, there are mullet fish slices, octopus, prawns, black mussels, white clams, cheddar cheese, cheese cocktail sausages, cheese tofu, napa cabbage, enoki mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, white onion, leek, tau kwa, baked beans, rice cakes, kimchi, dangmyeon and the beauty collagen stock. What a mouthful, literally.

They have a signature house-made beauty collagen stock and claims that it provides youthful radiance, energy and metabolic boost. One can choose from three collagen base flavours: yuzu salt, doenjang and kimchi gochujang!


A late night Japanese option.

We were wandering the Bay Area for late night eats. We stumbled upon Japanese Restaurant & Bar Yamakazi. It opened till 11pm and we were in luck. I ordered a chirashi and when they served it, it was terrible. It looked like a cheap garden salad with only five thin pieces of sashimi. I refuse to pay $32++ for that. Naturally, I complained. Found out that it was a kitchen hand that made my chirashi and not the Japanese chef. The wait staff apologised and got the chef to prepare one for me.

After a lengthy wait, I got my bara chirashi sushi (S$32.80++) 2.0. It came with sashimi cubes of salmon, tuna and kanpachi yellowtail together with actual crabmeat sticks, tamago and ikura roe! Pretty good for a chirashi served at 10:30pm! (Swipe right for before.)

It was quite an ordeal but had a good meal at the end of the day. Here's hoping to win an 18-course omakase meal at Ryo Sushi for my friends and I for #BurppleSushiMonth!


I look at the number of posts, then I look at my stomach and I realise my body is a machine.

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