Joo Chiat / Katong

Joo Chiat / Katong

Featuring Chin Mee Chin Confectionery, 328 Katong Laksa (East Coast Road), ENG's Wantan Noodle (Tanjong Katong), Braseiro, Fei Fei Wan Tan Mee (Joo Chiat), Rabbit Carrot Gun, Roxy Square Food Court, Seattle Pike Chowder (Parkway Centre)
Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee

Fei Fei Wanton Mee is strangely familiar to what I used to eat in primary school days. Small old-school dumplings that burst with that pork flavour. Thankfully, the noodles were great when I had them as they were springy and had a nice bite.

What I loved were the fried wantons that came with a sweet sauce. THOSE THINGS ARE ADDICTIVE.

Even though it's a served with a soup-spoonful of chilli, I found the gravy bland as well as the soup which was quite a pity and brought down the whole dish a notch.

With many Easties aggressively defending their indomitable food fare, I just had to try their raving wanton mee (S$4.50/5.50) from Eng's.

This was my first visit to Eng's Noodle House. I'm quite the laggard, I know and regrettably so. (I wish I had visited sooner!) In terms of char siew and boiled wantons, they're normal. What does it for me though is the springy and slightly thicker noodles, together with the zhap, are absolutely slurp-worthy and great to chomp on.

However, what separates this place from the rest is the reputable extra spicy chilli sauce. I had disregard all safety and regular bowel movements so that I could satisfy my tastebuds with its sheer spiciness. One should add lard and chopped green chilli for utter perfection.


Good steak with a fuss-free experience.

@braseiro_sg is a simple Brazilian-French influenced restaurant without the over-the-top, fancy decor. It's just a place that focuses on giving patrons a good meal.

I had a great medium-rare flame grilled ribeye steak (S$19.90/24.90/29.90 for 200/300/400g respectively). It's one of the few places that get the doneness spot on. The meat can get a bit chewy but overall very tender. However, for that price, I have zero complaints!

The restaurant also serves beef skewers and roasted chicken as its signature meats. With any order of its signature meats, it comes along with free flow lettuce and the oh-so-addictive handmade fries.

The hand cut fries had the skins still on and went so well with the various dips and sauces available. I could have stayed all night just munching down the fries.


Got to chow down on some amazing, award-winning New England Chowder ($12.90 w/ the bread bowl) from USA's infamous Pike Place Chowder (known as Seattle Pike Chowder in Singapore). Now you don't have to travel and join the massive queues at Pike Place Market in Seattle to have a taste.

The soup packs loads of flavour and texture from fresh ingredients. I had to control myself from eating the entire bread bowl.

It also has another outlet in Pinacothèque de Paris at Fort Canning Arts Centre.


Everybody knows about the infamous Katong laksa wars but we still stick by our favourite, 328 Katong Laksa ($5/7). The brand has won numerous awards and achievements including beating Gordon Ramsay at the Hawker Heroes showdown two years ago. If laksa wasn't packed with calories, we would be indulging bowl after bowl.

Their light curry broth made with coconut milk really makes the difference. Add a dollop of their signature chili and that seals the deal.

328 Katong Laksa has five outlets all over Singapore and one in Sarawak, Malaysia.


A tiny gem hidden in Roxy Square One is Andika's Nasi Padang.

Nestled in a small food court, you can locate the stall by spotting the long queue during lunch hours. Most of the food court patrons are having the very affordable nasi padang ($4-6). There is a wide variety of dishes and they are tasty as well.

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One of the most traditional places to have Singapore treats for breakfast, Chin Mee Chin Confectionery has been here for over 80 years.

When you enter, nostalgia hits you as well as the strong aromas of coffee and kaya. We recommend the must-have kaya toast with butter (they use traditional fluffy buns), cream cones, custard puffs, egg tarts and coffee.

Their sweet treats usually run out by noon so get them early in the mornings (closed on Mondays).


We asked for their specialty, omelette with sugar cured prawns and sweet sambal ($16.50+). The omelette was wonderfully runny, the prawns were solid and the sambal was a unique touch. Definitely a good hearty breakfast to start your day.

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I look at the number of posts, then I look at my stomach and I realise my body is a machine.

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