Booze Bonanza

Booze Bonanza

Do you ever just want to flip every table at work, waltz out of there while singing like a mad person and then be a merry drunk at some watering hole? Well, these are some watering hole suggestions for you to get your drunkard on at.
Russell Leong
Russell Leong

Another curiosity inducing cocktail at @drunkenfarmer_sg is the Jalapeño Paloma ($18++). A Paloma (no, not the singer) is a rare-er cocktail in Singapore that’s a concoction of tequila, lime juice, and a grapefruit flavoured soda. As expected, Drunken Farmer does it a little different, with the addition of actual grapefruit juice, plain ol’ soda water for that fizzy component, and of course, jalapeños.⠀

Besides the sizeable slice of candied jalapeño garnishing the cocktail, the tequila itself has been infused with the spicy chili pepper, resulting in a scintillatingly spicy drink, punctuated by punches of sourness from the citrus juices.⠀

Unfortunately, the spiciness is the only element that really stands out from the cocktail, and spiciness alone cannot stand. Spiciness always needs to be backed up by salinity, or in some cases, an equal amount of sweetness. However, the Jalapeño Paloma was lacking in both salt & sugar, resulting in a hollow tasting drink that leaves your tastebuds hanging on fire.⠀

This Paloma has much promise, but Drunken Farmer needs to improve upon this by making salty soda water. And if they wanna go extra, well, extra, they could try adding a measure of pineapple rum or liqueur to the mix for that tantalising taste of tropical sweetness. Might be a little over the top, but it could be crazy enough to work.

Lots of people know about Common Man Coffee setting up shop in Joo Chiat, but what many don’t know is that a certain @drunkenfarmer_sg owns the place after dark. They’ve got sharing platters & pizza for food, but what you’re really here for are them drinks.⠀

I prefer my drinks like my work desk: neat. However, Drunken Farmer’s cocktails were intriguing enough to warrant an order, and I’m glad I did. The Coffee Negroni ($18++) ain’t nothing new, but it definitely is an intriguing concoction. Admittedly, it was the big man behind the bar, Alvin, who persuaded me to give this negroni a fair shake, and boy am I glad he did.⠀

The three usual suspects of gin, campari & vermouth are joined by an unexpected guest: Common Man’s very own house blend of coffee. I don’t remember what exactly they did with the coffee and what they infused it into (in my defence, I was already about a litre of wine into the night by the time I got to this drink), but my god it was a sensually smooth & ravishing drink.⠀

The coffee brings its roasted cocoa flavours, mild acidity, and slightly chocolatey richness to the smooth sweet & bitter tones expected of the standard negroni, and these coffee elements redefine the classic gin cocktail and elevate it into a deliciously complex & sublimely enjoyable drink. And if you hold a sip for long enough on your tongue, I swear you can taste just a fleeting yet unmistakable flash of sichuan peppercorn. Yep, a little mala flavour sans spice in a negroni? Sure, why not?⠀

Drunker Farmer is a decent, languidly laidback watering hole that I can foresee myself paying regular trips to for the ambience, the booze, the great service, the booze, the booze-and did I mention the booze? And of course, the world class service crew there.

@brassliondistillery Barrel Aged gin was so good, I had to have a proper drink of it all by its lonesome. Brass Lion strongly recommends that the barrel aged be enjoyed naked on the rocks, and I certainly can’t disagree.⠀

The ice causes the gin to thicken up, resulting in a delectably fuller body with hints of juniper & assorted florals, and the oaky, smoky aroma from the bourbon casks. The big boozy punch of 43% ABV certainly isn’t lessened, and the Barrel Aged is definitely a strong brew. It truly is a gorgeous gin, and it might just be the only gin I’ll be able to tolerate alone neat or on the rocks. Well played Brass Lion, well played.

Thanks to a traumatic first experience with gin (looking right AT YOU BOMBAY SAPPHIRE) I had steadfastly refused to touch that cursed liquid. Well, that is, until @burpple hooked me up with a tremendous gin tasting flight at @brassliondistillery along with a couple of other Tastemakers.⠀

Brass Lion is one of the few true blue, made in Singapore distilleries. Having their own pots for gin distillation allows them to brew up extra strong stuff like the Navy Strength, which clocks in at a thoroughly impressive FIFTY SEVEN percent. However, the Navy Strength gave me mild PTSD flashbacks to my first & absolutely awful experience with gin, as the juniper taste & aroma is pretty damn strong. The standard Brass Lion gin fared better thanks to its more nuanced flavours & aromas, and it’s actually somewhat drinkable when mixed with tonic.⠀

They don’t just do super strong moonshi-sorry, I meant gin, they’ve got some experimental flavoured gins too. At the risk of sounding like a basic bitch, I really enjoyed the butterfly pea gin which possessed an enchanting violet hue & was infused with the fabulous floral scent of lavender. Not gonna lie, it was a sleeper hit for me. The Pahit Pink is a curiously complex gin fortified with cinnamon, spices and most interesting of all, bitters. It’s reminiscent of an Old Fashioned, albeit thinner in body & less rich. Great for cocktails to be paired with Indian cuisine I reckon.⠀

Now, it ain’t gonna be a surprise that I took a shine to the barrel aged gin. Maturation in American bourbon casks imparted a rich, oaky aroma & flavour to the gin and elevated it above all other gins out there. Easy shoo in for my runaway favourite for sure. ⠀

Also, thanks to Brass Lion encouraging us to pair each gin up with a different mixer, I gained an aloof appreciation for the classic gin & tonic. Y’know what, gin? Perhaps I judged you too harshly.

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It’s Friday, so it’s time for more fried food. Today’s exhibit is @ccthaifood Garlic Pork Rice ($5.50 nett), and we all know what we get when we order a portion of garlic pork, but Cool Cool Thai (CCT) throws everyone a curveball. Yep, instead of using pork strips, CCT balls out with a prodigious portion of pork belly.⠀

The pork belly is lightly breaded, deep fried and garnished with garlic bits, and mah GAWD it is so sinfully scintillating. The pork is very simply seasoned with salt, white pepper & garlic powder, but it holds its own well in terms of flavour. No gamey smells exist, and the fragrance of fried garlic would’ve obfuscated any gross gamey smells anyways.⠀

The odd thing is that certain slices of belly were proud owners of a commendably crispy rind, but in certain spots, the rind was chewy, gummy and almost completely devoid of any crunch. Another gripe I have with this dish is that it’s all pretty greasy. Fried pork belly is supported by a fried egg, and the only thing that isn’t fried is obviously the steamed rice. ⠀

They should’ve served some sour, zesty mango salad on the same plate to cut through the oil present on the plate, as the fattiness of the pork belly combined with the greasiness does get overbearing. If they were to do this, I wouldn’t mind paying an extra dollar for a complete, robust & decadent dinner.


@amagerbryghus has been on a crusade to conquer my money for years, and this half pint of tawny port barrel aged Livonian Crusade stout is their latest campaign on my already nearly dead wallet. They’ve allied with @soribrewing from Estonia for this assault, and yes, I can confirm that my wallet has been conquered, and my bank account is in ruins.⠀

It’s a delightfully smooth stout with pleasantly low carbonation, with all the prerequisite stout elements of roasted coffee & malts, dark chocolate, and caramel. However, due to this imperial stout sitting in tawny port wine barrels for an undisclosed amount of time, it has picked up a few tricks from the former occupant of the barrel.⠀

The Livonian Crusade is quite light and somewhat vinous for a stout, and there’s a deeply intriguing tart cherry flavour from the tawny port, as well as the expected oakiness from the barrel. It’s rounded out by the sweetness & fruit forwardness of the port wine, and the finish is long, languid and warming.⠀

With imperial stout this good, it’s no wonder that Amager’s crusade has conquered all in its path.

One last drink for the road before Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo kicks in at midnight, and was a damn good place to have the Last Sipper. The interior decor is decidedly brutalist (fun architect fact: the name brutalism is derived from the French ‘béton brut’, which roughly translates to ‘raw concrete’. Nothing to do with its usually oppressive scale or the stiff straight planes), but the delightfully dulcet tones of the smoothest jazz tunes slithering through the speakers make for an incredibly relaxed & comfy beer binging experience.⠀

Almost Famous has fourteen taps of brilliant beer to match the music, and this beautiful blonde is @brewlander Resurgence Saison. It costs quite a pretty penny at sixteen bucks per pint before an additional ten percent service charge is slapped on, but it’s a rare brew that you can’t find on tap anywhere else.⠀

Saison is beer brewing’s yesterday man, as everyone and their dog is busy brewing up even more IPAs. However, the Resurgence Saison is definitely capable of going toe to toe with any IPA, with its controlled hoppiness and bright floral overtones. It’s delectably refreshing, a little astringent, and crisp on the finish. Truly a delightful beer for a sweltering Singapore summer day, and I’d gladly take another pint of it.


Let’s get to the REAL reason why we went to @izakayaniningashi in the first place. They have $40++ free flow booze for 90 minutes. While forty bucks is a little extortionate, you had me at free flow my guy.⠀

Protip: to maximise drunkenness as well as bang for your buck, stick with the pedestrian but inoffensive cold sake that’s provided in the freeflow fiesta. Sure, the Shochikubai Ten is pretty forgettable, but it gets you drunk in proper order, and it doesn’t give you a nasty hangover after. Get AT LEAST five of these carafes to break even on the free flow. Thank me later.

This halloween, we’re going dark with @paulaner_sg 1-for-1 beers. This tanned beauty is their freshly brewed Dunkel, which is probably the lightest dunkel I’ve ever had the pleasure of imbibing. It’s basically a slightly roastier Pilsner, but it’s every bit as refreshing. Prost, my friends.

Of course one of the first things I was getting after the lockdown is a cold craft beer. I’ve only been to the original @3rdculturebeer at Maxwell, and it was kind of a letdown as it only had a half dozen taps back then. However, their newer Old Airport outpost has 10 taps, and all of them are loaded and ready to go.⠀

I got a pint of @rockyridgebrewing Ace Pale Ale, which turned out to be shockingly bitter, even more so than a double IPA. The bitterness obfuscated the taste of everything else, and it wasn’t really that enjoyable even though it wasn’t overly carbonated. Still, post lockdown beers are always more than welcome.

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One advantage of getting locked down at home is definitely the ability to day drink freely. And if you’re looking for a perfect beer to day drink, look no further than @stoneandwood Cloud Catcher Pacific Ale.⠀

Stone & Wood were one of my favourite breweries while I was studying in ‘Straya, so I knew that this was gonna be good. The Cloud Catcher is considerably less hoppy than an IPA, but the Aussie grown Galaxy & Ella hops are definitely there for a bright, bitter finish. If you’ve had the Pacific Ale from the same brewery, this is pretty much just an upgraded version of that.⠀

The pleasant passionfruit & citrus aroma is quite tantalising, and it has a light, smooth and ravishingly refreshing body. The Cloud Catcher is perfectly balanced as all things should be. That, and it’s low alcohol content of 5.5%, makes this blonde Australian beauty a perfect day drink to put you on cloud nine.

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So as promised, I’m gonna tell y’all why Drunk Drunk Donki’s old fashioned-s are second only to La Maison’s. Gather round, grab a drink and get comfy lads.

As is expected of @donkisg being a Japanese supermarket, their bar is dominated by first rate single malt Japanese whiskys such as Hibiki, Hakushu and Chita. Of course the quality of the cocktails you get is entirely dependent upon the bartender, and I’ve found that Hafiz & an Indian dude (whose name I only remember starting with G) with the sharpest hairdo I ever did see are the best mixers at @donkisg bar.

Better yet, the old fashioned cocktails are all going at $14 NETT, and you can choose the whisky that goes into it! My personal favourite is the Chita Old Fashioned due to the extra burn & kick of Chita giving the Old Fashioned a little extra oomph. The Hibiki is a sensually smooth & dangerously drinkable one, and the Hakushu ain’t no slouch either. Bottoms up, if you ain’t on a stretcher you ain’t going nowhere!

Alcohol may not be good for my body, but my body is good for alcohol.

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