Booze Bonanza

Booze Bonanza

Do you ever just want to flip every table at work, waltz out of there while singing like a mad person and then be a merry drunk at some watering hole? Well, these are some watering hole suggestions for you to get your drunkard on at.
Russell Leong
Russell Leong

Let’s get to the REAL reason why we went to @izakayaniningashi in the first place. They have $40++ free flow booze for 90 minutes. While forty bucks is a little extortionate, you had me at free flow my guy.⠀

Protip: to maximise drunkenness as well as bang for your buck, stick with the pedestrian but inoffensive cold sake that’s provided in the freeflow fiesta. Sure, the Shochikubai Ten is pretty forgettable, but it gets you drunk in proper order, and it doesn’t give you a nasty hangover after. Get AT LEAST five of these carafes to break even on the free flow. Thank me later.

This halloween, we’re going dark with @paulaner_sg 1-for-1 beers. This tanned beauty is their freshly brewed Dunkel, which is probably the lightest dunkel I’ve ever had the pleasure of imbibing. It’s basically a slightly roastier Pilsner, but it’s every bit as refreshing. Prost, my friends.

Of course one of the first things I was getting after the lockdown is a cold craft beer. I’ve only been to the original @3rdculturebeer at Maxwell, and it was kind of a letdown as it only had a half dozen taps back then. However, their newer Old Airport outpost has 10 taps, and all of them are loaded and ready to go.⠀

I got a pint of @rockyridgebrewing Ace Pale Ale, which turned out to be shockingly bitter, even more so than a double IPA. The bitterness obfuscated the taste of everything else, and it wasn’t really that enjoyable even though it wasn’t overly carbonated. Still, post lockdown beers are always more than welcome.

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One advantage of getting locked down at home is definitely the ability to day drink freely. And if you’re looking for a perfect beer to day drink, look no further than @stoneandwood Cloud Catcher Pacific Ale.⠀

Stone & Wood were one of my favourite breweries while I was studying in ‘Straya, so I knew that this was gonna be good. The Cloud Catcher is considerably less hoppy than an IPA, but the Aussie grown Galaxy & Ella hops are definitely there for a bright, bitter finish. If you’ve had the Pacific Ale from the same brewery, this is pretty much just an upgraded version of that.⠀

The pleasant passionfruit & citrus aroma is quite tantalising, and it has a light, smooth and ravishingly refreshing body. The Cloud Catcher is perfectly balanced as all things should be. That, and it’s low alcohol content of 5.5%, makes this blonde Australian beauty a perfect day drink to put you on cloud nine.

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So as promised, I’m gonna tell y’all why Drunk Drunk Donki’s old fashioned-s are second only to La Maison’s. Gather round, grab a drink and get comfy lads.

As is expected of @donkisg being a Japanese supermarket, their bar is dominated by first rate single malt Japanese whiskys such as Hibiki, Hakushu and Chita. Of course the quality of the cocktails you get is entirely dependent upon the bartender, and I’ve found that Hafiz & an Indian dude (whose name I only remember starting with G) with the sharpest hairdo I ever did see are the best mixers at @donkisg bar.

Better yet, the old fashioned cocktails are all going at $14 NETT, and you can choose the whisky that goes into it! My personal favourite is the Chita Old Fashioned due to the extra burn & kick of Chita giving the Old Fashioned a little extra oomph. The Hibiki is a sensually smooth & dangerously drinkable one, and the Hakushu ain’t no slouch either. Bottoms up, if you ain’t on a stretcher you ain’t going nowhere!

I still can’t figure out why a stall that sells mildly carbonated teas on tap and moonlights as a bar at night would adopt a military term as its name. Well, maybe I’ll find the answer at the bottom of my next pint.

Their lightly carbonated, tremendously terrific teas that are freshly brewed and dispensed fresh from the tap are brilliant, but I like beer better. Danger Close taps up three beers that change regularly, and you could get anything from a locally brewed Rye & Pint Sunday’s Brew pilsner, to a big boozy stout.

Better yet, they’ve got a sick deal going on right now. Two pints will only set you back to the tune of $19.80! That’s right, slightly under $20 will net you two top quality brews. With great brews comes great responsibility, and it is your responsibility to pair brilliant beers with fantastic food, like the har jeong kai from the zi char stall next door, or some titillating Thai food from further down the row.

Danger Close is but a short stroll away from my office, and it’s pouring up beautiful beers at irresistible prices. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call Danger Close.


The Mask is doing an ABSOLUTELY INSANE happy hour(s) promotion! $7 for a full pint of quality brews like Paulaner Weißier and Pilsner, as well as Asahi and Kronenbourg Blanc! You’d be a mad(wo)man not to get your drunkard on at the The Mask at the low, low price of just seven bucks a pint right now! Ok, that’s all.

P.S. No, The Mask didn’t pay me a single cent to post this, why do you ask?


Y’all know just how much bang for your buck #BurppleBeyond gives you when it comes to food, but at certain places, #BurppleBeyond becomes more powerful than any drunkard has ever dreamed of. That’s right, it now applies to booze as well!

TAP at Robertson Quay has a special offer that makes me an absolutely exuberant alcoholic. Half a dozen pints of some of the better beers in town are going for the price of three! Now, you can get suitably sloshed for half the price! And when you’ve got a really good stout (that I can’t remember the name of) and Ballast Point Brewing Company’s Sculpin IPA locked and loaded on tap amongst a selection of smashing beers, you know you’re in for a indulgently inebriated time.

Your wallet will definitely thank you, but your liver won’t. Oh well, can’t win ‘em all.


After realizing I had to wait more than half an hour for SweeT.Rex’s soufflé pancakes, I wisely decided to go with their instant gratification option instead. Their no bake cheesecake is $4.80 for a slice with ice cream, and while it does look a little on the small side, the price of admission is still reasonable enough.

The slightly gelatinous cheesecake component as surprisingly light in texture and not overbearingly rich as I would’ve expected from a cheesecake. Instead, it was slightly heavier than a Japanese cheesecake while retaining a measure of the creaminess of a traditional cheesecake.

The base is certainly the most addictive part of an already charming cheesecake. Oreos are always good, especially when it’s crushed and pressed and serves as the base of a decent cheesecake.

The ice cream, however, completely stole the show from the cheesecake. I don’t know who made the chocolate ice cream, but damn it was downright delicious. The dollop of sweet frozen dairy is fortified with bits of nuts and little chunks of chocolate, and the texture is akin to that of a rocky road ice cream sans marshmallows.

Grab one of these little slices of sugary bliss after pounding down some bak kut teh from Leon Kee and thank me later.


Smith Street Taps is back in action after a 3 month hiatus, and on their opening last Friday, all pints were going for a modest $12 per pop. Also to celebrate, Smith Street Taps had a threesome with Little Creatures Brewing & Freehouse and The Chinatown Hustle Double IPA was born.

At 8.3% abv, it’s a mild DIPA, but it’s shockingly bitter and the hops were absolutely running riot within. The obligatory citrus notes within the DIPA were actually overwhelmed by the hops, which certainly is no mean feat.

The Chinatown Hustle is probably better when paired with some real good zi char or that famous claypot rice, but when drinking solo, I’ll just have one for the road.


...but speaking from a chemist’s point of view, alcohol is also a solution. And Druggists are one of the premium solutions providers in Singapore. I don’t even remember what this beer was, but all I know is that I liked it.


While Singapore’s craft beer bars are definitely improving in terms of variety and number of beers on tap, there is one area where Singapore pubs just can’t compete with Aussie craft brew pubs.

Australian craft beer pubs are infinitely more adventurous & daring, as they constantly have a few rare, more polarizing brews on tap on rotation, whereas Singapore pubs are more risk averse and usually stick with the mundane IPA/pale ale lineups.

Case in point is The Grain Store tapping up BentSpoke Brewing Co’s Cluster 14 barleywine. To the best of my memory (which tends to get pretty hazy after half a dozen pints), I have never seen a bar in Singapore load a barleywine on tap.

At a whopping 14% ABV, barleywine really puts the wine in its name. The nose is pretty heady, and has a nice caramel scent wafting from it. It’s actually surprisingly sweet for such a boozy beer, and tastes like honey, caramel and peach syrup. The body is a bit viscous, and the alcohol lingers on the palate for a little while due to the massive alcohol content in the beer. It does get a little too sweet towards the end, but this beer is definitely a dangerous one.

Let’s hope the craft beer bars in Singapore gather their courage and take a risk with some unconventional brews every now and then, I’m getting sick of IPAs.


Alcohol may not be good for my body, but my body is good for alcohol.

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