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Coffeeshop / Hawker

Coffeeshop / Hawker

Featuring Old Airport Road Food Centre, 85 Fengshan Centre (Bedok 85), Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, New Lucky Claypot Rice (Holland Drive Market & Food Centre), Changi Village Hawker Centre, Beach Road Prawn Mee Eating House, Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak (Boon Lay Place Food Village), Hainanese Village Centre (Lorong Ah Soo Market), Whampoa Makan Place (Block 90), Ponggol Nasi Lemak (Upper Serangoon Road)
Triffany Lim
Triffany Lim

Happened to be at Hong Lim market and noticed a long queue to this stall while waiting for muffins and tarts from SL II Muffins. The stall on the 2nd level is their retail shop and the one on the 1st level is where they prepare the dumplings.

They sell traditional pork/chicken dumpling, nonya dumpling, pork belly dumpling and plain / red bean kee chang.

We bought the pork dumpling with and without salted egg that comes filled with chunks of tender lean pork, mushroom and chestnut. Although the price is a little on the high side, the quality is what we are paying for. Unlike other rice dumplings that came with minimal fillings, the fillings in Hiong Kee dumplings are generously packed with meaty goodness 》$3.70 / $4.20 (with salted egg)

They serve pretty good al dente egg noodles tossed in homemade chilli and ketchup that comes with a good bite. I like how the noodles does not come with a strong alkaline taste. The char siew are thinly sliced and comes in a old school bright red colour. Other than wanton noodles, this stall also sell dumpling and shredded chicken noodles 》$3.50

This stall is usually open in the early evening till night but they are now open in the morning till early evening since the start of the circuit breaker. A good chance for me to get this for breakfast when i’m going to the office during this WFH period.

📍Guan Kee Wonton Noodle | #01-47

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This stall serve nasi lemak in sets or you can build and customise it with your choice of dishes. I chose to have mine with chicken wing, otah, sambal goreng and of course sambal chilli! The sweet and spicy sambal chilli is good and pairs well with everything. I don't mind eating just coconut rice with their sambal chilli.

There's always a snaking queue to this stall. Not the best nasi lemak but decent enough and the portion served is quite big and pretty worth the price paid.

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This place serves Hainanese curry rice with a wide variety of ingredients. The curry was mild spicy and watery... not that bad but I prefer to have a slightly thicker and spicy curry. Although the queues are usually long, I find that the food here is pretty average but it does provide a very homely and comforting feel.


Comes with prawns, bean sprouts, kang kong, pork ribs and crispy pork lard. The ribs were tender soft which detach from the bone easily. Soup was more creamy rather than rich and it’s not refillable. A little pricy for the portion served too 》$8/regular

A savoury plate of hokkien prawn mee that comes with a mixture of yellow noodles, bee hoon, eggs braised in flavourful prawn broth and accompanied with prawns, squid, pork belly, pork lard, sambal chili and lime. Not the best but good enough to satisfy my cravings.

📍#01-26 | 美食炒粿条 炒虾面 • Fried Kway Taow  Fried Prawn Mee

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A BKT stall located in a very old school coffeeshop that serves BKT with a distinct peppery soup. They also offer a variety of dishes such as pig trotter, intestines, liver, steamed fish, salted vegetables and free soup refill. The pork ribs was not as tender but their pig trotter was nice and it helps to compensate a little. Salted vegs were quite crunchy too! 》$6.50 + $6 Pig Trotter + $4 Veg + $0.50 Rice

Fresh, thick and succulent slices of mackerel, tang o, thin slices of ginger and garnished with fried shallots in a soup full of sweetness and goodness. One of the few places I would think of should I crave for a bowl of sliced fish soup. There's always a queue so be prepared to brave the heat for this worthwhile bowl of fish soup. We added minced pork and we definitely made the right choice. Another thing I liked was their salted fermented soy bean (tau cheo) chili dip 》$10/large + $0.50 Minced Pork + $0.50 Rice

Sinful CKT with eggs, cockles, chinese sausages, fish cake, bean sprouts and vegs. It would be better if there's more wok hei to it 》$3

Fragrant carrot cake fried in sweet dark sauce to give caramelised taste to it. Their carrot cake are thicker compared to the usual ones elsewhere 》$3

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Noodles texture cooked just right, retaining it's springy texture for a good bite. Comes with a good portion of ingredients such as minced pork, liver, fishball, fish cake, meat ball and braised mushroom. Their sauce includes their fiery chili but carries a hint of sweetness and the amount of vinegar used is not too overpowering.

Ordered a set for 2 pax which comes with tau kwa, pork belly, tau pok, intestines, egg, braised peanut and salted vegs. The intestines were well cleaned and pork belly slices were tender. The kway was silky smooth with the right thickness and it goes well with the herbal broth.

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