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Triffany Lim
Triffany Lim

Springy and slightly thicker noodles with a soft and chewy bite. The char siew and wonton are decent but nothing to shout about. Soup was a little too salty for my taste buds so I don't recommend going for the soup version. Fried dumplings were prepared upon order, served piping hot without being oily as well.

Wanton Mee 》$3
Fried Dumplings 》$3

📍Hokkien Wanton Noodle


Sizzling hot claypot rice drizzled with dark soy sauce and comes with deboned chicken pieces, lup cheong, salted fish and vegetables. The claypot rice was cooked to a fragrant and smoky aroma with burnt bits of rice at the sides that added a good char and burnt and crispy texture to every bite. The chunks of chicken were very soft and tender. Dip it with their chilli sauce for the extra spicy kick 》$12/2pax

Find a table and make payment upon ordering. Be prepared to wait as each portion of claypot rice is cooked upon order. We waited for 45mins on a weekday dinner.

Each portion comes with a prawn, spare ribs, hard boiled egg, fish cake, tau pok, Chung Cheng’s signature chilli sauce that is also available for sale and a bowl of herbal soup. I was expecting some fresh prawns but they use frozen prawn that are crunchy. The pork ribs were tender and fell off the bone easily. The chilli was savoury and spicy with hints of prawn paste. The level of spiciness was alright at the start but as I was halfway through it, my tongue couldn't take it that I had to take a break and get some drink 》$4

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Few years ago, they were the talk of the town serving lobsters in hawker centers and the queue to get a bowl of noodles easily took more than 30mins. Fast forward... there wasn’t any queue on a weekend lunch hour.

A bowl of prawn noodle comes with 3 prawns and a handful of plump juicy clams. The prawns were fresh and the broth was sweet and flavourful but I felt that something was missing. The taste of prawn in the broth was not prominent enough and tasted more like a bowl of seafood soup. it’s probably due to the use of other types of crustacean 》$5

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A hidden gem that sells very cheap and good economical rice in Hougang. It’s near the industrial estate so do expect very long queues with construction workers packing their lunches during peak hour. Without them, the queues are still long with the local and old folks. Although the queue are always long during meal hours, it moves quite fast.

Each meat dishes is going at only $1 per serving and $0.50 for vegetables. One thing we must order when we are there is their piping hot and crispy chicken wings are fried in small batches and they gets snapped up fast.

Here’s a price list of the breakdown. It’s really cheap and good!

1 Veg 1 Meat / 3 Vegs - $2
1 Meat 2 Veg / 2 Meat / 4 Veg - $2.50
2 Meat 1 Veg / 1 Meat 3 Veg / 5 Veg - $3
1 Meat 4 Veg / 2 Meat 2 Veg / 3 Meat - $3.50
3 Meat 1 Veg - $4
3 Meat 2 Veg - $4.50
3 Meat 3 Veg - $5

Other than their chicken satay, they serve pretty good traditional Hainanese pork satay with a nice combination of lean pork meat and pork lard. If you order their pork satay, it comes with a sweet and savoury peanut sauce with an addition of pineapple puree. Be prepared for the long waiting time if you are planning to order satay from them as the waiting time easily ranges between 30-45mins 》$0.60 Each

Fragrant plate of fried Hokkien noodles with lots of thin white bee hoon and some yellow noodles infused in a unami broth. Their sambal belachan is super spicy and numb yet shiok at the same time 》$5

Freshly made and reasonably priced chee cheong fun with flavours such as the usual with chicken, mushroom, BBQ pork (char siew) and prawn. There were also other options like turnip, egg, century egg, otah, scallop and pig liver. Each flavour was affordably priced between $2.50 - $3.50 for 2 rolls.

We ordered the prawn chee cheong fun and it came doused in light and savoury sauce, topped with fried shallots and sambal chilli by the side. It was delicate, silky soft and smooth. I can't wait to go back and try other flavours such as their char siew and otah chee cheong fun 》$2.50

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Happened to be at Hong Lim market and noticed a long queue to this stall while waiting for muffins and tarts from SL II Muffins. The stall on the 2nd level is their retail shop and the one on the 1st level is where they prepare the dumplings.

They sell traditional pork/chicken dumpling, nonya dumpling, pork belly dumpling and plain / red bean kee chang.

We bought the pork dumpling with and without salted egg that comes filled with chunks of tender lean pork, mushroom and chestnut. Although the price is a little on the high side, the quality is what we are paying for. Unlike other rice dumplings that came with minimal fillings, the fillings in Hiong Kee dumplings are generously packed with meaty goodness 》$3.70 / $4.20 (with salted egg)

They serve pretty good al dente egg noodles tossed in homemade chilli and ketchup that comes with a good bite. I like how the noodles does not come with a strong alkaline taste. The char siew are thinly sliced and comes in a old school bright red colour. Other than wanton noodles, this stall also sell dumpling and shredded chicken noodles 》$3.50

This stall is usually open in the early evening till night but they are now open in the morning till early evening since the start of the circuit breaker. A good chance for me to get this for breakfast when i’m going to the office during this WFH period.

📍Guan Kee Wonton Noodle | #01-47

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This stall serve nasi lemak in sets or you can build and customise it with your choice of dishes. I chose to have mine with chicken wing, otah, sambal goreng and of course sambal chilli! The sweet and spicy sambal chilli is good and pairs well with everything. I don't mind eating just coconut rice with their sambal chilli.

There's always a snaking queue to this stall. Not the best nasi lemak but decent enough. The portion served is quite big and pretty worth the price paid.

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This place serves Hainanese curry rice with a wide variety of ingredients. The curry was mild spicy and watery... not that bad but I prefer to have a slightly thicker and spicy curry. Although the queues are usually long, I find that the food here is pretty average but it does provide a very homely and comforting feel.


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