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Newton / Novena

Newton / Novena

Featuring Kyushu Pancake Café, La Ristrettos, The Marmalade Pantry (Novena), Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice (United Square), The Gyu Bar, Nickeldime (Novena), WaffleTown, Cedele Bakery Cafe (Velocity), Nara Japanese Restaurant (Goldhill Centre), Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh (Chui Huay Lim Club)
Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee

I order this 90% of the time at The Marmalade Pantry.

My favourite dish here is the truffle beef burger. It has perhaps something to do with the thick 200gm-medium-done-beef-patty engulfed in a beautiful oozing layer of smoked cheddar cheese topped with sautéed mushrooms. If you think that’s the punch, the addition of caramelised onions and truffle aioli brings the knock out. The patty was so tender and juicy that I finished the whole burger within a few minutes.


Probably the best seafood hor fun I’ve had and naturally so as the dish was priced at a steep $18.

Don’t be too alarmed as the dish was meant to be shared among 2-3 persons. What I loved was the “wok hei” infusion in the rice noodles that not only enhanced the taste but the texture as well, one that has a good mix of starchy softness with burnt grit. The seafood used was incredibly fresh which was also evident in the superb dim sum. If I had $18 to drop like that, I’ll get this wok-fried hor fun with seafood and egg gravy in a jiffy.


One of my new favourite places!

I spent Valentine’s Day dinner at The Gyu Bar and I was amazed at the food and the service offered! I opted for the chef’s omakase ($138++) which was described in the menu as a 10-course gastronomical journey. Well, the meal really lived up to its description as each course was a marvel of its own, and a story to tell as the chefs meticulously tell us about each dish and its origins. There were ooh’s and ahh’s aplenty as we tried the various cuts of beef that melted in the mouth.

$138++ for 10 courses at this level of quality, culinary expertise and service is hard to come by! Can’t wait to come back!


Been living the healthy lifestyle after spending a whole day out playing Pokémon Go!

I ordered in a few hearty sandwiches for my hunting party from Cedele using Deliveroo. The slow cooked pulled pork (S$8.50) was tender and had a hefty chunk of avocado. The Three-some (S$9.50) had my protein favourites: turkey, ham and bacon. Though they were just light sandwiches, they were satisfying and nutritious. I'm glad to have such healthy options available for delivery!

This upcoming week (8-14th Aug) is Deliveroo's Café Week! Enjoy set meals for 2 at only $25 and for 4 at only $45 and participating cafés. Reward yourself by ordering in because you deserve the best!

#BurppleRoo #BYDTB


I opted for a good ol' burger and my favourite kind, beef chilli! The Beef Chilli Burger (S$18.73) from Nickeldime Drafthouse was fantastic. The restaurant specialises in beef infused food items - the beef chilli, the cheese and candied bacon in my burger were infused with beer. YUM. It also had iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and jalapeños between the homemade buns, which ensured that every bite was utmost satisfaction. (Oh and garlic fries not included, was just being greedy as usual.)



YAAAS! The week that I've been waiting for, Deliveroo's Japan week (25- 31 Jul)! During this week, enjoy set meals for two @ $25 and four @ $45!

I had the lovely unadon (S$23.54) from Nara Japanese Restaurant at Goldhill Centre! Just unboxing my delivery made me so excited. To see those two thick slices of grilled eel and sweet tamago resting on a bed of Japanese rice doused in an aromatic teriyaki sauce. There was not a single morsel in sight after my meal. The dish also comes with a bowl of miso soup to complement.

#BurppleRoo #BYDTB #DeliverooSG


Wee Nam Kee's chicken rice was a childhood favourite of mine. I was devastated when I found out that Novena Ville was being vacated and torn down. Where would it go? 😢

Luckily, they opened a fancier outlet across the road at United Square since then. I'm happy to report that the quality has not gone down one bit. My steamed chicken drumstick rice ($5.30) was still as good as I remembered it to be. The chicken rice was piping hot and fragrant. The chicken meat and skin were tender and silky respectively while the sauce just enhances the flavour by multifold. Also, I'm surprised the price hasn't gone up much making it still very affordable for an air-conditioned, full-serviced restaurant.


A different kind of pancakes for a different audience.

Finally got to try the pancakes at the popular Kyushu Pancake Cafe. At about noon, every table was utilised and by Japanese women! So I got really excited because I thought this place must be legit!

The cafe boasts of their pancake mix which is made from seven specially selected Kyushu-grown grains. The informative section of the menu was in Japanese but I could deduce from the graphics that there's wheat, barley, glutinous rice and Okinawa sugar among other things.

One of the signatures, the Matcha Montblanc (S$18++), looked so good that I had to try it. Upon chomping on a chunk from the stack of pancakes, I knew this was one of those healthier alternative food choices...

The taste of the pancakes were muted as it's not as sweet as we would expect it to be. The fresh cream and Mont Blanc (puréed chestnuts) on top were delightful. The matcha sauce was good but it was simply too little for three pancakes.

I can understand why it's popular with the Japanese adults as they prefer their desserts not too sweet but this place isn't for me. I prefer my pancakes doused in syrup and all things sinful.


Maru-Ten Udon' signature Sanuki udon (characterised by its square cross-section and flat edges) is produced from flour that meet high stringent standards and its dashi soup is prepared fresh daily using its own recipe.

Its curry udon is served with bits of chicken meat. The Japanese curry was not spicy but fragrant with carrot slices, potato chunks and Japanese red pickles added in the mix. The beef slices do not come with the curry udon but may be added at an additional charge, of course.


La Ristrettos is a specialty coffee boutique tucked away on the 8th floor of Novena Medical Centre. You would not stumble upon this place unless you've heard about this place from friends and family or if you had to visit a surgeon. (I hope it's the former!) It's a pretty quaint cafe with a decent food, dessert and beverage menu for its size.

I tried its Seafood Linguini Salsa for lunch. The sauce had a good tomato peppery flavour. The clams, prawns and scallops were fresh and tasty but not well presented. My clam shells were broken (I had bit onto a small shard) and my scallops weren't sliced properly. The green peppers should have been chopped into small pieces. Lastly, the linguini was plainly undercooked.

It was a decent but forgettable meal. I would stick to their coffee and breakfast menu which seem much more popular.


Nestled among all the condominiums in Newton is a gem known as Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh. Though it is located in is Chui Huay Lim Club (a Teochew cultural club), it is open to the public.

The place has served many celebrities and famous people alike who can attest to how tasty the bak kut teh. The soup has a pleasant peppery taste and the ribs are very tender yet firm that you can just chew off a chunk without any hassle.

The restaurant also offers other local dishes such as laksa, mee rebus, mee siam, kaya toast, curry chicken rice and Hainanese chicken rice.


One of our greatest comfort foods, Soup Restaurant's Samsui Ginger Chicken.

It's a dish traditionally eaten by Samsui women and only had once a year during Chinese New Year due to their low income. The silky juicy chicken is beautifully complimented by the fragrant ginger sauce.

It's the kind of dish that you can't stop eating.

I look at the number of posts, then I look at my stomach and I realise my body is a machine.

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