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For the love of sticky date pudding.

For the love of sticky date pudding.

Moist steamed cake, lashes of hot toffee sauce, and cold melting ice cream. Hungry yet?
Nobelle Liew
Nobelle Liew

Does any love sticky date pudding as much as I do? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Tried Don Ho’s recently cause my fave one at The Lokal was unavailable, and I may just have found an almost-as-good alternative!! They’ve got the uber moist, dense, yet fine-crumbed cake down pat, topped with a salted toffee sauce that, may I say, is a stroke of genius? My biggest and ONLY peeve with this is, why isn’t the cake hot?! I wouldn’t even call it lukewarm it was basically like room temperature, which of cause dropped the shiokness level by 50%.

While I’m on a sticky date pudding rampage, it’d seem wrong to not review Artichoke’s which is, in every way, an exemplary sticky date pudding. It ticks all the right boxes for the perfect SDP: the utterly moist, so soft, and still slightly warm cake, sitting in a luscious, creamy, and decadent sauce — smoked milk in this case and it’s pure genius. It’s got lovely bits of coffee jelly specked through the bowl as well which really helps cut through the richness of the dessert. The only component sitting me on the fence is the cashew caramel sprinkled over. It’s interesting, adds a lovely crunch to the dessert, and has a flavour exceedingly similar to the muah chee peanut topping. It tastes lovely and my friends adore its presence, but perhaps I’m too in love with the classic SDP so I didn’t quite enjoy the prominent nutty element. Still don’t get me wrong, it’s a novel take and a mighty delicious one at that.


This, was pretty luscious actually. Super moist, sticky, and absolutely delish dessert. My biggest and only peeve: there was barely any toffee sauce. Way too little to be the decadent sticky date pudding it should be. Give me more of that and this'll be my second love.


All I remember today, is sweet, sweet and sweet. My excitement faded into nought after the first bite, cause the extreme dose of sugar was blinding. The pudding had a lovely moist texture, with whole soft dates, which was lovely and commendable. Though it lacked the caramelized sticky touch, the texture was good enough to place it amongst the top of my list. Too bad it was just all too sweet. Suffice to say we ran out of ice cream to help balance out all that sugar.


Suffering withdrawal symptoms of not having this for too long.


For an English Ramsay royally screwed this one up.
Dry and dense banana cake, grainy caramel, tasteless cream - is this how sticky toffee pudding in Britain's like? Even the local cafés do better than that. Shame on you, Gordon.

For more on what we had at BSK, pop over to the blog! http://www.chocolat-et-basil.com/#!Bread-Street-Kitchen-Singapore/cmbz/559b7c2d0cf2d6b9cd15c8e0


Moist, light, sweet and oh-so-sinful, this has become my weekly pick-me-up. A must-have to anyone visiting The Lokal.


The steamed cake game is yay strong. Slightly crisp, sticky, and caramelised exterior, crumbling into the softest, moistest cake. A dab of the ice cold vanilla bean ice cream, a spoonful of the piping hot cake - decadence at it's ultimate. Only peeve is the toffee sauce is really inconsistent. But that aside, still my fave.


I like the added crunch from the candied nuts. The cake was really moist and packed with shreds of dates. Only glitch was the toffee sauce that tasted more like a sugar syrup than a buttery toffee/caramel.


Possibly the most value-for-money sticky date pudding, cause the portion's huge for S$14.90++. And I do mean that it's for two; it's too jelak eaten alone. I love that there were huge chunks of dates in the steamed cake. Would've been perfect if it'd been a wee hotter with a crisper exterior.

Doing up a guide on sticky date puddings to stay tuned! Meanwhile I'll continue gorging on these fattening babies.

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This is undoubtedly one of the best sticky date puddings I've had. Shockingly hot and moist pudding, perfectly caramelised on the outside, doused in a sticky toffee sauce. The earthy dates were very pronounced here, each forkful revealing clumps of the stringy fruit. Paired with the cold vanilla bean ice cream, this made the perfect ending to our Sunday brunch.

And psst I totally dig how the toffee and ice cream melted into that yin and yang shape!

Spending all my time eating (and eating) cause what else is there to do in small 🌞🌞 Singapore?

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