Trying It Once

Trying It Once

Food I'm trying once and never return ever.
Angie Yeo
Angie Yeo

Honestly this is one of the worst steamboat I’ve eaten. Even those at bugis liang seah street are way better. I’m not sure why there are so many positive review for them.
Firstly, the utensils and cutlery were basically dirty. You can still see the stain on the bowls. After we wiped, we could see the red water stain marks on the tissue. Freaking disgusting. The whole shop was manned by China Chinese (no offense but you can gauge the hygiene standard). But we already sat inside and ordered, so bo bian lor.
Food selection was very limited. XLB was not available unlike what they advertised. The quality of food was also bad, pig intestine tested weird (definitely didn’t clean properly), pork liver tasted weird (like not fresh). Tomato soup is simply thick ketchup soup, not worth the additional $3 paid.
The staff was not attentive either. Ice cream out of the 6 tubs placed, 3 tubs were empty. Will never return even if there is promotion.

I don't usually post just a lengthy post. But, yeah! I got to share this. This outlet is having a BBQ Buffet promo this week @ $39.90++. The bill adds up to $94 for 2 pax. I must share the food is good BUT the service is horrible. I'm atonished by the behavior of their staff, Sam serving at OneKM. We have been here queuing since 7.30pm. The other female Chinese staff took our pax count and explained that we will be served the 3rd round @ 8.50pm due to the seat limitation (entire restaurant has about 10 tables only) in the restaurant. The few customers behind a few of us were subsequently informed they may missed the last order and were turned away. Now at 8.50pm the staff Sam informed that we would not be able to be served with the buffet as we will only be served at 10pm (last order at 10.15pm). The fault of their staff has caused us to wait for closed to 2hrs for nothing. Due to the staff miscalculation and lack of proactiveness to chase customers to leave on time after the stipulated 90mins, we had to "suffer" the consequences of being turned away at such a late hour. If he was apologetic, we may empathetise with their difficult position. His words and manner in handling the situation could hardly be construed as an apology for the mistake. Customers have waited for more than 1 hour hungrily and be as patient as much as possible. Instead of understanding our position, he further argued that the promotion has ran for 1 month and everyone is tired from the great turnout from the promotion. Being the last 2 days of the promotion, the queue management in placed is still so lacking. All in all, we continued to wait and was let in at 9.50pm. We did not enjoy the full 90mins of the buffet. We did not eat much from the buffet as we had to rush our orders. This experience is a great disappointment and a major turn off to my previously positive impression of Gyu Kaku. I am a returning customer but this experience has let me and my friend down.


We waited over 1 hr (7.30pm to 8.45pm) for our main course to be served. Waiters checked several times but inavail. had Yuan Yang Risotto: Squid Ink Risotto and Truffle Mushroom Risotto, and Carbonara. The truffle mushroom risotto was sour but the enoki tempura and calamari are nice. Squid ink pasta was overpowered by the sour risotto. Carbonara was a little watery. Honestly, disappointing experience.

Tried the baby huey! Basic burger but the pickles which is their sauté onions in red wine vinegar was overly sour. Didn't really enjoyed my burger as it was too sour. Naughty fries was wonderful but too little toppings. Milkshake was great!

Nice ambience, but too many screaming kids around. Nothing could be controlled since it's alfresco. The Whisk Breakfast Plate was not available but was offered the promo breakfast set at $16.80 (which is much worthy as there were 2 meats and 2 veg). Came with standard items (means you can't choose) and could only choose the eggs. Note: Poached egg at additional cost of $2.50. Chose scrambled eggs but was rather dry, while my friends' ones were runny. Was a little disappointed with the inconsistency. Croissant and Ciabatta were over toast hence there were dry and hard. Overall, I would say don't choose the breakfast plate. Waffles will be better selection here as there were fluffy and freshly made. Took awhile to catch the attention of the servers and my breakfast plate took about 25mins to be served. This is upon reminding one of the servers to check with the kitchen. #tryingitonce

Loves to travel and eat!

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