Coffee, Tea And Desserts

Coffee, Tea And Desserts

Featuring Huckleberry Food & Fare, The Owls Cafe (Bukit Jalil), 103 Coffee Workshop (Sri Petaling), Tryst, Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe (Bangsar), OW:L Espresso, 123Gasing, Brewyard Coffee, Franco (The Curve)
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Brewyard's special - the B:Y waffle. Of crispy waffle, cookies & cream and chocolate ice cream, bananas, grapes and chocolate syrup drizzle.
It was an okay waffle. Try when you or your friend have crazy cravings for waffles. Share the waffles amongst yourself for good conversation and coffee!
Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 16)

Some loves it on a sunny day. But everyone would go for dessert everyday!
The Korean version of ice kacang. Though I'm a little spoilt from the amazing bingsu from Korea, I can give kudos to OW:L as it was really yummy and less diabetic. Not a surprise since they originated from Gangnam, Seoul.
Perhaps one of the better bingsu places in Malaysia.
Layers: Vanilla ice cream. Real pieces of cheesecake. Generous amount of mangoes. All on top of milk shaved ice.
Food: 7/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 23 for small size)

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We all went bananas. Though it was nothing bombastic, it definitely did not fail the basic satisfaction we get from these carb-loaded dessert. I prefer the crepe though. It was less sweet and much fluffier than the pancakes.
The famous banana pancake was however a little doughy on the day I visited. But definitely flooded with chocolate sauce and bananas.
Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (pancake - RM 8; crepe - RM 8 * I kind of forgot the exact price)

Try the red bean injeolmi (peanut powder) with some hot matcha latte. Real comfort food.
The shaved ice is as smooth as snow or maybe talcum powder (not edible FYI). Learn how to do it the Korean way! Stir everything up so the injeolmi melts together into a delicious peanut butter like mixture with red bean and mochi balls. Try not to make a mess like I did. 😅

Hanbing Cafe also serves hot food and snacks like tteokbokki and dumplings.
Food: 7/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 24. I am usually not keen with bingsu prices. But it is an average price for a Korean dessert)


I was attracted to their wide range of pastries selection and lucky enough that their pastries just arrived when I got there! Although I could've ordered the Danishes and other sweet things, my peculiar mind decided on the simple cheese and mushroom bread (Top right), the Panettone (Bottom right), with a cup of cappuccino.
The mushroom bread wasn't really special and quite bland. Kind of regretted for ordering that but I just wanted something savoury.
The panettone, is a sweet bread loaf, dessert cake, with candied fruits and raisins. There was a choice of either with cinnamon and without. I had the one without cinnamon and it was very fluffy! Actually liked the panettone but it was expensive for a small bread.
This cappuccino was mild tasting and not very acidic. I've lost my sense of profiling for coffee but what I was told about bubbling coffee surface is either the beans are too fresh, or the milk wasn't nicely stretched.
Lots of room for improvements for this cafe!
Food: 6/10 Price: 5/10 (RM 10 - cappuccino, RM 5 - mushroom & cheese bread, RM 6 panettone; the Danishes and cakes looked more appetising. To be honest I did regret my lame choice of bread here! 😅)

It was very busy when I visited and the crowd was definitely hustling and bustling into and out. Spoilt by many choices, we decided to try the people's favourite: Almond Croissant and based on a nice lady recommendation at the pastry counter, the Kouign Amann.
I remember not liking the Kouign Amann I tried at The Bread Shop. They were rather hard and thin. But at Huckleberry, they were fluffy, nicely coated in sweet, and a nice flaky texture.
The almond croissant definitely earned its name at Huckleberry because the delicate pastry, made with quality ingredients tasted so delicious! Flaky and fluffy, not too sweet almond jam inside. Would have loved to buy one home but my friends and I was able to grab the last piece on that Saturday!

Coffee wasn't too great in my opinion. Although I do appreciate the fine lines in the coffee art.
Love the baked products at Huckleberry and I definitely recommend them for tea time, lunch, and days when you'd love some simple chat with your friends over coffee.
Food: 9/10 Price: 8/10 (RM 7.90 for croissant; RM 4.90 for Kouign Amann; RM 8.90 for cappuccino. The prices for the pastry is quite reasonable for such quality product and deliciousness! Although coffee wasn't very satisfying, I'm quite surprised how cheap it is compared to the usual 10-11 ringgit price for cappuccinos.)


It was quite surprising when I first took a bit because I didn't expect the lemon. Maybe it's not a strawberry shortcake because shortcakes are pure strawberry and vanilla tasting sweet indulgence. This was rather a twist.
Not too bad but I really do not know what cake is this. Lol!
If I were to judge on texture, the cake was very dry for me. It was one of the best sellers for that day though. On a bright side, it was definitely a homemade cake with no extra chemicals or preservatives as you can see on the rough texture and maybe "fluffiness" captured in my picture. But they were definitely too dry.
Food: 5/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 13 - normal range of price to expect for homemade cakes at cafes)

How cute! Definitely one of the prettiest affogato I've seen by far, and also the most effort taken because there was not JUST vanilla ice cream on its own but also topped with coconut and almond flakes and a piece of pretzel.
This was a friend's order but I tried a little and I must post this little creative espresso cup! Double shot Ristretto instead of the usual single shot espresso for a sweeter and stronger flavour. Difference between a ristretto to an espresso shot is that it is a shorter pull from espresso, which gives a slower, more flavorful and stronger taste because it's sort of like the bud/first pull of a fresh espresso. Short espresso in short, if I make sense.
This shot is definitely one of my favourite because it's less of a punch in your face compared to espressos. Correct me if I'm wrong on my facts coffee experts!
Also, not pictured if what I had myself, the Americano. Something butter for all the sweets were having. But I don't really like the Americano. Quite acidic and also it was a wrong choice for drinking hot coffee on such a hot day in a stuffy cafe.
Coffee: 6/10, but for the affogato, I'll give it a 7.
Price: Can't really say because I forgot how much they were!

Oh well. I can always something else and the soufflé some other time.
The "orijinaru" aka original pancake is a simple thick fluffy pancake served with a small dollop of whipped cream and maple syrup. The vanilla ice cream is a chargeable add on. All on your choice.
The soufflé pancake didn't taste as good as the ones that was more gourmet like matcha & azuki toppings or the berry toppings. Because I get to try purely the pancake, it tasted more floury. I thought it was uncooked but I guess that's what you get for having such a thick pancake.
So little cream on top! That's weird because they were really generous with it to be able to fool us to be ice cream on the French toast. But anyway, the pancake wasn't my favourite on its own. Luckily I decided to add on the vanilla soft serve aka softee which made the whole dessert better.

Wait was 15 minutes as I called it to be served after my main dishes.
I suggest asking them to serve the desserts when you're about to finish the mains so that you don't have to wait. Or serve it together with the main. But if you don't mind, let the food digest a little to enjoy your desserts ay? ☺️ Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 13.02+RM 2.64 ;GST included)

But I sure would love to come back. If only it wasn't so far away!
Although a little too sweet for my taste, but it was a good blend of coffee and chocolate. Pure indulgence! Definitely for someone's sweet chocolate cravings.
Was told it was a little like coffee bean's mocha frappuccino. I agree! But that's not a bad comment. Coffee bean's mocha trap is delicious!
Had a little taste of their flat white too. Gotta admit their coffee is good!
Coffee: 7/10 Price: 7/10 (forgot the price! But it was reasonable for huge tasty mocha in a mason jar)

Was not really a fan of matcha/green tea lattes but the one at Franco is delicious! Of course it's sweet and a dessert in a drink, but I love how their matcha is fragrant and delicious really! Would love to try their pure latte (without the Softee/match ice cream) or hot matcha. Perfect for a hot day and to satisfy some sweet tooth cravings. You can opt for just iced matcha latte if you do not want the Matcha soft serve or softee as they call it.
Even my mother who's not a fan of green tea loved this. And the green tea was not camouflaged by the sweet milk. The green tea softserve was delicious as well! I remember having it on its own in a cute tea cup. They're delicious! Franco is why I fell in love with matcha soft serves. Their main competitor is the soft serve from Nana's green tea. 😋 Drink: 8/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 13.96 -Including GST. Prices at Franco are always very expensive and worth going once in a while or if you're feeling peckish for desserts and a place for group dessert hunting trips 😜)

Breakfast brunch lover and coffee art lover! Instagram: @foodroll_

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