Looking for somewhere to have a nice afternoon tea to catch up with your girlfriends? Check out these beautiful yet calming places! P.S. Don't worry. Guys are invited for the tea party too
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Brewyard's special - the B:Y waffle. Of crispy waffle, cookies & cream and chocolate ice cream, bananas, grapes and chocolate syrup drizzle.
It was an okay waffle. Try when you or your friend have crazy cravings for waffles. Share the waffles amongst yourself for good conversation and coffee!
Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 16)

We all went bananas. Though it was nothing bombastic, it definitely did not fail the basic satisfaction we get from these carb-loaded dessert. I prefer the crepe though. It was less sweet and much fluffier than the pancakes.
The famous banana pancake was however a little doughy on the day I visited. But definitely flooded with chocolate sauce and bananas.
Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (pancake - RM 8; crepe - RM 8 * I kind of forgot the exact price)

I'm also dissatisfied with the pictures I took 😭. Anyway, this was the English afternoon tea set and festive tea set (seasonal) at Mandarin Oriental. RM 98++ per person with refillable coffee (white or black of choice) or tea, and their own tea set.
It's definitely more than the one I tried in Majestic Hotel but more "English". Tbh I would recommend to opt for the English tea set as the festive set because it's a waste with only some gingerbread cookies and what not.
A plus point is the refillable coffee. Not just black but also for white coffee like latte, mocha, cappuccino, etc.
A great cozy place for you to bring your wife, daughter, girlfriends for some quality time!
Generally there's sweet, savoury, and dessert. All of them are of good quality food and fairly delicious!

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Prices for "artisanal" coffees were much cheaper (below RM 10) with various desserts at the counter. Simple location for a coffee fix and a little date perhaps? 😜

My fellow lava-cake fans, you can get your cravings fixed here at a reasonably cheap price!
Also had to try the new Mcflurry Peanut Reeses. Not as nice as I expected 😞. Just some peanut butter chips and chocolate syrup on top of churned softserve.

It was very busy when I visited and the crowd was definitely hustling and bustling into and out. Spoilt by many choices, we decided to try the people's favourite: Almond Croissant and based on a nice lady recommendation at the pastry counter, the Kouign Amann.
I remember not liking the Kouign Amann I tried at The Bread Shop. They were rather hard and thin. But at Huckleberry, they were fluffy, nicely coated in sweet, and a nice flaky texture.
The almond croissant definitely earned its name at Huckleberry because the delicate pastry, made with quality ingredients tasted so delicious! Flaky and fluffy, not too sweet almond jam inside. Would have loved to buy one home but my friends and I was able to grab the last piece on that Saturday!

Coffee wasn't too great in my opinion. Although I do appreciate the fine lines in the coffee art.
Love the baked products at Huckleberry and I definitely recommend them for tea time, lunch, and days when you'd love some simple chat with your friends over coffee.
Food: 9/10 Price: 8/10 (RM 7.90 for croissant; RM 4.90 for Kouign Amann; RM 8.90 for cappuccino. The prices for the pastry is quite reasonable for such quality product and deliciousness! Although coffee wasn't very satisfying, I'm quite surprised how cheap it is compared to the usual 10-11 ringgit price for cappuccinos.)

Yes you heard me. The special and one of a kind Earl Grey Ice cream!
The Owls cafe has been very popular with their "Rebecca" waffles especially because of the earl grey ice cream. I don't deny that the ice cream is amazing. It matches very well with the waffle combination. I mean, why not. Waffles are meant to have with tea. We also love having waffles with ice cream. So a genius at The Owls Cafe decided to combine them all together and voila! The Rebecca is born and has satisfied us dessert lovers ever since.
Great for a hot weather if you want some comfort food but not too heavy of a ice cream.
Did I mention how cute their teapot and teacups are? They are owls! So unique and cute. Hopefully on my next trip I'll remember to order their tea and enjoy it with Rebecca.
Foo: 9/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 18 - rather affordable for such a unique waffle (not like your usual hash-shaped waffle) and ice cream, even compared to so many overpriced usual shaped and heavy waffles.)

It was quite surprising when I first took a bit because I didn't expect the lemon. Maybe it's not a strawberry shortcake because shortcakes are pure strawberry and vanilla tasting sweet indulgence. This was rather a twist.
Not too bad but I really do not know what cake is this. Lol!
If I were to judge on texture, the cake was very dry for me. It was one of the best sellers for that day though. On a bright side, it was definitely a homemade cake with no extra chemicals or preservatives as you can see on the rough texture and maybe "fluffiness" captured in my picture. But they were definitely too dry.
Food: 5/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 13 - normal range of price to expect for homemade cakes at cafes)

The beautiful and pretty high tea stand and petite desserts at the Majestic Hotel.
I'd love to mention how hard it was to get to majestic hotel once you make a wrong turning. But it was all worth the drive because Majestic Hotel is so beautiful! Definitely a great place for a photo shoot with a colonial back ground.
I chose to have the afternoon tea at the colonial cafe/tea lounge because I thought the orchid room wasn't worth paying RM 50 extra for, and I'm not really a fan of flowers. The tea lounge or the drawing room was equally as beautiful nevertheless!
From top to bottom, sweet miniature cakes (red velvet, lemon mouse, basic cheesecake, carrot cake, and some berry white chocolate mousse), scones (2 plain, one raisin) with cream and berry compote on the side, savoury sandwiches (egg mayo, salmon, cucumber, chicken and mushroom(?), and tuna) and hot dishes (pan fried dumplings, pan fried spring rolls, and some acar/pickled vegetables cupcakes.) My favourite of everything is the cheesecake, scones, and the pan fried dishes. AND TEACUPS! The last place I went to that has this sort of "proper" teacups was at Jaslyn Cakes. My least favourite was the cucumber sandwich bites and lemon mouse cake.
I was a little disappointed at how simple and low cost the savoury sandwich bites were. Although the breads were delicious, the fillings other than salmon was rather disappointing. I guess the cakes were more pricey!
It was a good experience though! I'll definitely comeback to enjoy some tea and desserts. Paying for the ambience and splurging once in a while to rewind from all the hustle and bustle of studies and deadlines? I did come here a day after my finals. It was a satisfying stress reliever.
Food: 8/10 Price: 8/10 (RM 55++ per person. I thought it was more expensive. About 100+ maybe? But nope! The price is almost on par with TWG Afternoon tea sets.) Tip: They're mostly fully booked and crowded on weekends. Go on a weekday when it's almost empty so that you don't have to crowd with people.

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Oh well. I can always something else and the soufflé some other time.
The "orijinaru" aka original pancake is a simple thick fluffy pancake served with a small dollop of whipped cream and maple syrup. The vanilla ice cream is a chargeable add on. All on your choice.
The soufflé pancake didn't taste as good as the ones that was more gourmet like matcha & azuki toppings or the berry toppings. Because I get to try purely the pancake, it tasted more floury. I thought it was uncooked but I guess that's what you get for having such a thick pancake.
So little cream on top! That's weird because they were really generous with it to be able to fool us to be ice cream on the French toast. But anyway, the pancake wasn't my favourite on its own. Luckily I decided to add on the vanilla soft serve aka softee which made the whole dessert better.

Wait was 15 minutes as I called it to be served after my main dishes.
I suggest asking them to serve the desserts when you're about to finish the mains so that you don't have to wait. Or serve it together with the main. But if you don't mind, let the food digest a little to enjoy your desserts ay? ☺️ Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 13.02+RM 2.64 ;GST included)

Had coffee and pastries at YEAST! I have a soft spot for this divine place. I like the environment and food here. Who doesn't like pastries/bread aka dessert and coffee!
Clockwise: Hazelnut latte, Valhorna Chocolate Mocha, Pain Au chocolat, two Hazelnut Cappuccino and Tutti Fruity tart.
I had a taste of everything. But my coffee was the hazelnut cappuccino. It's amazing! So tasty. Fell in love with the taste. Definitely my must have drink everytime I visit yeast now! Mocha didn't taste so good. The chocolate was too thick and you'll get sick of it after half a glass. No art too :( Their coffee is just win! Latte and cappuccino. Both amazing. Great balance. I love how less acidic the coffee is. 😊

Tutti fruity tart. GET IT. MUST HAVE. OMG the fruit is amazing, not too sweet. Tart is great! Ah I can have it all by myself. A great high tea option.
Chocolate croissant/Pain Au Chocolat. So good! Very light puff pastry. Chocolate is chocolate. Which is delicious. Lol. But I would prefer if the pastry was more flaky.
Food: 8/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 65++ overall. Yes a very expensive place. Good place for nice treat for brunch and high tea though).

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This is definitely my favourite place for ice cream now. Had three scoops of ice cream with waffles. Flavours from left to right: Peanut butter, Valhorna chocolate and XO cranberry. Such a great combination. Sweet, bitter and alcoholic. Combined with a light and crispy waffle. It's just a perfect dessert for a hot day or ANY day. Plus, who does not like ice cream?! I like this better than Haagen Dazs. Inside scoop's ice creams taste so smooth and satisfying. I just love it. But it's just in my opinion. 😊 Valhorna chocolate is my favourite.
Food: 9/10 Price: 9/10 (RM 26 - waffle with triple scoop and all the flavours I chose were premium flavours, so an add on of RM 1.50 each. Definitely still cheaper than haagen dazs)

Light, fluffy, creamy and hits every part of your sweet cravings! It's not too cheesy or filling as well. I usually give up halfway through a slice of normal cheesecake but this was light enough!
If you're having a heavy meal with your friends but you still have a second stomach for a light dessert, I suggest go for this cake!
I love cheesecakes and the lemon tang just adds perfection to this slice. It's not a very huge slice but it's very worth the price. Cheesecakes are not meant to be so big anyway! Home backed cakes are so delish!
My first visit to After Black was amazing. So was my subsequent ones. Love this place a lot! Sadly I always miss the day when After Black offers this cake. 😭 Food: 8/10 Price: 9/10 (RM 9.90)

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