In High Spirits

In High Spirits

A spirited approach to all things liquor
Michelle Kayla Tey
Michelle Kayla Tey

High west rye whiskey, averna coffee, smoked maple, black walnut – smooth and oaky with a spicy finish. A spirit-forward drink, for times when we need a drink and we need it strong.


A twist on the classic Negroni, Crackerjack's riff replaces gin with Mina Real mezcal, and pairs it with mancino chinato (vermouth) and cacao bitters. The end result is a smooth, smoky, and well balanced drink that's good for anytime of the night. I think I like this even more than the classic, which I happen to like a lot 🙊

Pro-tip: If you're looking for something bespoke, you can ask the lovely bartender, Lucinda (aka Luc) to customise one according to your preferred flavour profile and/or base spirit. She fixed us a Mezcal (yes, can't get enough of it) Old Fashioned with grapefruit bitters as well, and it has since captured my heart. I need to go back, pronto.


Though a new player in the cocktail scene, its sheer dedication towards championing regionally sourced produce, liquor, and crafts already sets it apart from stiff competition. Hailing from bars the likes of Operation Dagger and Nutmeg & Clove, Vijay & team have brought both that finesse and experimental streak to Native's compact-but-solid cocktail list.

With much anticipation, I started the night with the most-talked about cocktail here: Antz ($23). It's not just a quirky moniker; you do get to enjoy the insect in your drink. Crunchy Thai weaver ants are served with basil meringue with a dash of bitters on a nitrogen-frozen basil leaf, while blended, locally foraged ants add a sour tang to the mix of Chalong Bay agricole rhum, aged sugarcane, coconut yoghurt, salt baked tapioca, and soursop, served in an ant hill-shaped ceramic cup made by a local potter. The result is a delicious, coconut-y drink that I would positively crawl back for.

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While watching your food being fired up in the open-concept kitchen, take a swig of sake (or other Japanese liquor) from the well-curated selection, or zoom in straight for the daily cocktails promo at just $10 for a highball/sour. They bring in seasonal sakes too, so you get to try something new each time.


What's Indian food without lassi? At Flying Monkey, the creamy milk and yoghurt-based beverage passes into adulthood with the introduction of Aylesbury Vodka and Plantation Dark Rum, which together with mango and passionfruit, tasted like a less coconut-y version of Piña Colada. Yummers, and perfect for neutralising all that spiciness 🔥

P.S. Could have done with a nicer straw tho.. #nitpicking


Indian-inspired cocktails? Now you've got my attention.

Started off the (very long) night with this refreshing concoction of coconut water, Plantation 3 Stars White Rum, Yellow Chartreuse, fresh lemon juice, and cardamom. Disclaimer: Order this only if you're a fan of spices, which I am, because the feisty presence of cardamom can certainly be felt here. Delicious and very well-balanced, methinks.


My initial reservations about this turning out to be too sweet/artificial were put to bed at the very first sip. Highly aromatic with just the right amount of saccharine, this shaken concoction of salted caramel vodka, passionfruit, mint, and apple juice was depleted in no time. Perfect for getting the night started.

Doesn't hurt that it's going at only $12 during happy hour.

Note that not all cocktails are available at HH prices. Only this one, and a tart cocktail which didn't leave much of an impression.


Like this Koskue gin by Kyrö, aged by mistake when it should have been the whiskey cask instead. But the result is a medley of spicy, floral, orangey, and toasty flavours—cross between a gin and a whiskey. Perfect for an Old Fashioned or Negroni (pic shows before vermouth and bitters were added), or straight up if you're so inclined. #CinCinSG #burpple


Their cocktails all sounded really delicious, but I was in the mood for a Bees' Knees that night. Their riff is shaken up with Bankes gin, sake, luxardo marashino, ginger chamomile honey syrup, and lemon juice. It was smooth and easy to drink, soothing even, which may or may not be the right descriptive term for cocktails.


Catching up with @cyndianah over drinks after tastings. But why not, since we're practically barraged by the hottest cocktail places in town 😉

Was feeling "unconventional" tonight and went for the Little Nyonya ($23), a feisty concoction of rum, laksa leaves, chilli bitters, lemongrass gomme, and lemon juice that grows on you after each sip. Great if you gravitate towards tart flavours or are feeling a lil adventurous.

But Mr Bean ($23), as usual, hogs all the spotlight. Fell so hard for this vodka-based libation inspired by Lao Ban Beancurd, which really tastes like liquid tao huay with delicious nuances of butterscotch liqueur, kaya, and frangelico. Note that this drink is not on the menu; you'll have to request for it.
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Great decision, because we had sucha swell night with Big Ash, who chats about anything under the sun, cracks us up with his inexhaustible jokes, all while shaking up some really good drinks.

We got to try their new menu that's just launched today. Try the refreshing Irish Goodbye ($22), which stirs in the very delicious housemade horchata; citrusy and well-balanced Instant Star ($22), and Coppertone ($21) for a sexier version of Pina Colada. Happy & blessed birthday @atelier_de_ben! Mondays be like 💁🍸
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You just goat to seek out the meaning behind a name like that. Read on to find out.

Even the cocktails stay true to their Scottish roots. The Arbikie Highland Estate 'Kirsty's' Gin is imported from the North East of Scotland, and on its own, carries floral notes with berry & black pepper nuances, finished smooth & creamy. Stirred with citrusy Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water, this was really easy to drink. Not exactly the Gin.Of.All.Time for me, but it is a mighty fine G&T. And the sweeping waterfront views of Marina Bay certainly do not hurt either.

Was told that the bar opens till midnight. You know where to nurse that midweek tipple now 😉 #cheerstotheflippinweekend


He satisfies my mouth with good things ❤️

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