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Zi Char

Zi Char

Featuring 136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat (Clementi), Penang Seafood Restaurant, 21 Seafood, Two Chefs Eating Place (Commonwealth), Chuan Kee Seafood (Lower Delta), Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hun Restaurant (Dover), White Restaurant (Suntec City), Wah Chee, Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant (Horne Road), Nan Zhen Seafood (ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre)
Irene Arieputri
Irene Arieputri

Was quite skeptical over all the ma la gimmicks that have been popping up recently, but glad we gave this a try. Though it's not THAT spicy, it's numbing, which is something I prefer. Ingredients could have been more generous, but flavour wise it's addictive!

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The whole dish just screams of comfort food! The dash of lime juice is so refreshing to cut through the richness of the stock. Ingredients were fresh though I found the squid was a tad overcooked. Will definitely be back for more especially during the chilly-rainy season.

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Unlike the ordinary hokkien mee, you'll get loads of lala here. But the key element was the bold wok hei on every strand of the noodle. The generous amount of pork lard and addictive chilli also made this dish even better. And I could sigh in relief as it got a stamp of approval from le bf.


Thought it was a pretty ordinary plate of CKT and was rather oily. But I still enjoyed every mouth of the kway teow with the crispy pieces of lard and thinly sliced Chinese sausages. Not a Penang-style kway teow like what many would have expected.

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Deep fried with golden crunchy skin, the slices of pork belly had a nice amount of fat for you to chew. The small portion came rather big for the two of us, but we finished it nonetheless. The chilli sauce served on the table went really well with this sinful treats!


Although it didn't satisfy my craving for spicy food, the fragrant and rich curry was addictive, thanks to the generous amount of coconut milk. The fish was surprisingly huge and that's why it just sank to the bottom of the claypot every time we pulled it up for photos!


Always have a weak spot for yam and of course this got me going hyped up. Definitely not cheap but I can't complain for its generous topping of cashew nuts and yams covered with thin crispy skin. Would have this again anytime!


I thought it was quite a good deal of $25 for 3 crabs and I personally enjoyed soaking the fried mantous in the salted egg yolk sauce. And of course the meal was made better with this bunch of people!


This is my favourite place for har cheong gai, san lao hor fun and yu pian mee fen (my Chinese is really limited to food 🙈). While the XO tastes rather mild, the fish soup itself is already rich in flavour as they boil the bones for hours and thus, the milky colour. I still remember how I gobbled down 7 pcs of har cheong gai alone because I was too stressed for exam (please don't follow my monstrous appetite); that's how much I love the har cheong gai here!

Cereal, milk powder and dip-fried battered prawn. The golden batter is light without overpowering the sweet succulent prawns. At first I suspected that the batter would be so thick that the prawns were almost nothing, but I was proven wrong. The cereal and milk powder suit each other so well that you can eat them with plain rice alone. Too addictive!


Nope, the pork is not from Mongolia and neither is the sauce. Unlike the typical sweet and sour sauce (which they also have!), the mongolian sauce offers less tangy and more peppery kick to the dish. Something worth to try besides their overrated butter chicken and the ever-popular salted egg fried calamari!


Pig liver stir-fried with scallions and ginger. Definitely fall for the smoky taste of the pig liver. The sweetness of scallions blend smoothly with the slightly bitter pig livers and this is best consumed with their chilli sauce or some lard & chilli padi tossed in light soy sauce. Be prepared to wait for 15-20 minutes even during dinner time.


In a never-ending quest of culinary delight || @riinns

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