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Irene Arieputri
Irene Arieputri

It may not seem like a lot but this is pretty substantial considering how miniscule the portion of lechon set meal at other places! Each piece is thick yet tender and most importantly, the skin is crispy. Meat is a tad salty but that’s what the rice is for. Nice option if you want something simple with good quality.

Lambshank was undoubtedly tender and moist without any gamey taste. However, I found the tomato sauce too jelak for my liking. Lucky the roasted vegetables helped to cut through the tangy and sweetness from the tomato sauce. It’s still worth it using the #burpplebeyond though.

The Mildura lamb does make a difference here— tender with barely any gamey taste. And the wood-fire just makes it even better, giving the smokey and charred edges that are addictive. This is easily my favourite dish of the day with the refreshing couscous salad, housemate feta and crispy kale. The balanced contrast of texture and flavours are perfect here.

Back here for the 2nd time and happy to report that their fried chicken was still as good as ever. Ordered the Insane Hot level to satiate my craving for spicy food. The meat was tender and juicy, but the best part was of course the skin seasoned with various spices and peppers.

Lemon chicken wasn't exactly my thing but this turned out alright for me. The skin was crispy and the lemon sauce was more refreshing than it was overwhelmingly sweet. I found it a bit hard to enjoy the quinoa with the chicken because I can only imagine rice or fries (or mashed potato) to go with it. Another gripe will be the chicken meat that turned out pretty dry.

Three jumbo tenders fried till golden brown. The skin was noticeably crunchier than the quarters'. We managed to get different spiciness levels for each tender — extra, insane, off-the-menu. I'm glad I didn't order the insane hotness for my quarters because it was really spicy. Not something that I would be able to fully enjoy on its own UNLESS it's for a prank or shared among friends. The off-the-menu was way way spicier than the insane hotness. It literally burnt my tongue, gum and mouth ceiling, but glad to report I still came out alive. Insane hotness is my highest limit as of now :) but spiciness aside, the tenders were really good and worth ordering!


Really enjoyed the lousiana style fried chicken served here! The chicken is seasoned according to your choice of spiciness level, so pick your heat wisely. I ordered "extra hotness" for the thigh & leg meat and was pleasantly surprised with the juicy, tender chicken beneath the thin golden skin. Don't be too quick to judge the chicken skin! Although the "extra hotness" pepper looks brighter in comparison to the "medium hotness", it slowly burnt your tongue as you ate more of the hot, juicy meat. Only order this if your tastebuds are ready to handle the heat!


The MUnster platter is a feast for meat lovers who are looking satisfy their carnivorous appetite. Grilled steak, herb cheese sausages, roasted chicken topped with cheese, medium rare lamb chops plus some roasted vegetables and potatoes. The rosemary was blowtorched upon serving, letting the whiff of rosemary fill your nostrils and soak into the meat before the feast began. The chicken remained tender and juicy and I love the burst of flavours from the roasted vegetables. The blackpepper sauce was more savoury than peppery but I enjoyed dipping the meat into it!

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Tender pork neck tagliata with super addictive roasted grape reduction. Take the chunks of grapes with the pork neck slices to get sweet bursts in your mouth along with the smoky meat. So in love with the sauce!


Seasoned with only salt and pepper, the quality of the pork really stood out amidst the simple seasoning. The gorgeous pink hue was a definite proof to its tenderness. I wish I did not have to share this with the rest but then again, I was glad that I managed to save some space for their desserts.


It uses kampong chicken that is smaller in size, with significantly less fats. The chicken was generously stuffed with angelica root, ginseng, wolfberries and Solomon's Seal root and the result was a super comforting chicken dish. I love chewing the tender and moist meat and slurping its sweet herbal broth — a perfect remedy for a rainy day. #BurppleBestChinese


Possibly the only place that can make me a convert for their chickens. Soft and tender, the chicken sat gloriously on top of spring vegetables, and these vegetables were just another reason to fall in love deeper with this dish. Charred leek flowers, carrots and cherry tomatoes with bits of bacon and potatoes -- that sounds like a heap of spring indeed! The light broth was sweet and savoury, thanks to the vegetables and chicken broth. What a meal and it's even more complete with a few glasses of red wine. Definitely the best choice of meal after a long day of school and tuition 🙈


In a never-ending quest of culinary delight || @riinns

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