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Featuring The Carving Board, Legendary Hong Kong, ENAQ Restaurant (Jurong East), Yuhua Village Market & Food Centre (Block 254)
Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee

If you’re ever in Jurong, do check out The Carving Board for restaurant quality food at affordable prices. I really love the atmosphere as it’s located at a coffee shop, non-pretentious, well-illuminated and bustling with fellow diners.

Whenever I’m there, I usually order the carbonara ($12). The pasta has a nice texture with bite and it’s loaded with many of the typical ingredients like a runny golden egg yolk, bacon and mushrooms.

I heard the steaks are great so that’ll be my next to-try dish there!

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Best prata in Singapore. Not kidding.

Nestled in a small coffee shop in Jurong East, it is common to see many people standing around waiting for seats to get themselves some prata. The plain prata was warm, fluffy yet crispy. It's all the things I look for in prata. It's so good you can even eat it on its own but it comes with a savoury chilli sauce and curry. #burpproved


Had some drool worthy dim sum at Legendary Hong Kong.
One bite of the Thick Rice Flour with Deep Fried Shrimp Spring Roll or 春风得意肠粉 made me literally go, "wow!" The shrimp spring roll's crust was so delicate that it just crumbles in your mouth. Its contrast with the film of silky rice flour gives your goosebumps.
Besides the food, when I'm sitting in the restaurant, I feel as if I've been transported to Hong Kong but the waitstaff are 10x more patient.


Beef hor fun is definitely one of our favourite dishes but it's nearly impossible to rate which one's the best.

Some prefer it with a thicker sauce or with more black beans but everyone would definitely agree there needs to be wok hei (breath of the wok)! The one we had at Yuhua Village Market ($4) in Jurong East was pretty darn good. And they also serve fish and seafood variations of the hor fun.


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