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Something Light. Ish.

Something Light. Ish.

Featuring Strangers at 47, Tim Ho Wan (Bedok Mall), Ippudo (The Gardens Mall), Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong 锦选香港特极点心 (Kuchai Lama), SisterS Crispy Popiah (Setapak Central), Restoran One Sentral, Morganfield's (Empire Shopping Gallery), Luk Yu Tea House
Camille Ng
Camille Ng

"It's Pisang Goreng not Goreng Pisang"
Oh, UPSR days.
Jokes aside, this is seriously the best Pisang Goreng I've ever had. This Chinese uncle sells this at the front of the coffee shop and it's completely different from those you find on the road side. The banana is ripe and super sweet, and the outer coating is so damn crispy and flaky. Unlike the usual thick batter coating, this one is like the dim sum 'Wu Kok' coating. You have to try this I swear. And while you're there, get a cup of soy milk to go! 😉

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A regular crispy popiah here (RM3.80) comes with egg floss, some crispy fried flour bits, sengkuang and some sauce. We got the chicken ham and cheese crispy popiah for RM5.70 after tax. I don't think it's worth adding the chicken ham and cheese honestly. There's so little that you don't even notice the additional flavor and even if you could really taste it, I don't think it would go well with the rest of the ingredients. I've had better popiahs but if you have a sudden craving, just get the regular ones

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The Chrysanthemum Pu Erh Tea was RM18 including tax. The pot of tea was pretty pricey to me but a tiny bit smoother than the teas you get at regular restaurants. Not too bitter, no artificial sweetness, pretty pleasant to drink


Luk Yu Tea House is pretty much a fancier more atas dimsum place, a dimsum place inside Starhill Gallery.
We tried the Wok Fried Radish Cake with Egg and Bean Sprouts for RM14 (tax inclusive) and a pot of Chrysanthemum Pu Erh Tea for RM18 (tax inclusive).I'm just gonna be blunt and say that it wasn't worth the money. You could definitely get better ones elsewhere.
When the radish cake arrived, it wasn't steaming hot like a good dish should be. Even the middle of the pile wasn't hot and that was an instant put off. I guess everything else was fine, the texture and the seasonings were fine, the bean sprout could use a couple more minutes. I wouldn't come here again for their radish cakes.
Overall I wouldn't come back here again, I could get similar food at a much cheaper price from so many other places. So disappointed ): Well at least the ceramic wares were pretty 😐


Pretty decent har gao but I just thought the folds were especially pretty 😬 the shrimp was crisp and fresh too!

Omg this is probably the best dumpling I've ever had. The skin to filling ratio was perfect. And the skin. Oh the skin. So thin and silky and smooth you just have to go try it to understand how I feel. The sauce is a vinegar-oil sort of concoction, oil slightly spicy, vinegar not too pungent at all, topped with spring onion and ginger. Perfect. 👌🏼


I love love love sweet potato fries! Haven't really seen sweet potato fries in Malaysia and I finally found it! The fries served here was really crispy on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside. Definitely not oily at all! I have a feeling that they oven baked it, not too sure! We were asked what dipping sauces we wanted and they actually had Sriracha! It's a hot sauce from the U.S. and I am obviously addicted to it. We asked for 3 different sauces and they were not stingy at all. These fries must be a popular one here since almost every table had a platter of this goodness. Service was excellent!

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Saw this online somewhere and was hunting for it. Finally found it and I love it! It's basically onion rings but more hipster I guess? Haha. Not too pungent, dipping sauce wasn't bad either, considering I don't eat mayo

Taking my natural Malaysian foodie instincts to NYC ✌🏼️

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