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Sheryl Lyx
Sheryl Lyx

Finally, after it disappeared from Toa Payoh & Clementi, I get to have this saucy goodness again. The beauty of this Claypot Mee Tai Mak ($8 for medium) is the aromatic wok hei. I also enjoyed the crunchy vegetable they included inside. A must order every time I am here.


Maybe it’s just me. I understand this is a Michelin Star standard Ba Chor Mee, but it did not seem great. Maybe it’s my own taste preferences, I know of other BCMs which I feel taste pretty good too, Sans the crazy long queue and big price tag.


This Grilled Pork with Spring Roll bun ($11) is just so good. Unlike some other viet places who may serve the grilled meat without its accompanying juice, the one here is so generous, you get meaty flavours all over the noodles. The fresh vegetables were aplenty too, which gave a refreshing touch to the dish. LOVEDDDD it!


Compared to the famous mapo tofu, Julius and I surprisingly preferred this Dan Dan Mian instead. It’s noodles are SO CHEWY AND SPRINGY, I’ve honestly not have had anything like it before. The texture is unparalleled. And also, that lovely peanut sauce that accompanies the noodles was really yummy without getting too ‘gelat’.

The half and half signature set costs $11.90.

$5.50 for this plate of Hainanese Bee Hoon that is filled with Wok Hei. The noodles are slightly too oily, however the flavours are amazing. Best paired with green chopped chili if you ask me!

Dinner at Golden Mile Food Centre is never a bad choice. The claypot rice we came for was closed so we settled with this Kolo Mee ($4.50). Interestingly, they have a few colour options for you to choose from, red, black or white. Pictured here are the black and white bowls, difference lies in the sauce. Black = black sauce. White = no sauce. The noodles were generous but what was even more generous was the charsiew portion, I had so much leftover towards the end!

And of course, ah balling ($2+?) is ah balling. No further reviews required.


This Drunkard Noodle Pork is one of the more unique Thai food I've had! Kway teow soaked in what seems like basil pork sauce, this simple dish is kickass spicy, tasty but can come across as a little too salty (for me). But have no fear, Thai milk tea is here! Extinguish the flames with the ice cold Cha Yen. A major plus point is that it is not too sweet!


I like eating pretty food. But I LOVE eating messy, sloppy food even more. You know those that are so saucy to the point it leaves a thin layer of oil on your lips and possibly a stain on your shirt 😂

Ah Ter Teochew Fishball Noodles is one of those irresistibly messy and yummy foods. This Fishball noodles ($5) comes with a cloudy meaty soup, 2 bouncy fishballs and chewy fish cakes. I absolutely love their pork liver, which I always made an effort to eat first before it hardens further. The mee Kia here is worth raving about too! The noddles are QQ and served with a small portion of sinful pork lard. This store definitely got the proportion of ketchup and vinegar right, leaving the noodles with just the right amount of sweetness and sourness.

No wonder this place hails a long queue during lunch everyday.


This Spinach Soup at Amoy rakes in a long, winding, never ending queue and it's not surprise why. Aside from the heaps of spinach, the soup tastes light and clear with a small amount of seafood and meat. At $4/bowl, I guess it works for those who craving for healthy Chinese food!


Some foods can be found everywhere, such as chicken rice, roasted meat, others can only be found at one place, such as this rickshaw noodles that was touted to be very authentic. I have never tried any other rickshaw noodles but I really like the one here. You get to pick you own ingredients (think economy bee hoon style) and your own carbs. Choose from Fried bee hoon, fried mee, mee Sua and yellow noodles. All of which goes super well with their crispy side dishes. All these for only $3, what a great deal!

A pretty decent meal at Ah Ter Teochew Fishball Noodles. We loved the tomato sauce added into the dry noodles and the rich soup on the side that came with a generous serving of ingredients (and pig liver!!!!). Pro tip: get the $5 portion. Don't even consider the $3.50 one, as it comes with a lot less ingredients.


Uh oh. Had this super guilty chicken cutlet spicy noddles at Wisma Atria food court. $5.50 for a plate of chicken cutlet noodles is more than worth it for a meal in town. What's more, it comes with the crispiest chicken cutlet that was marinated for 12 hours before cooking 😍. The chicken itself is also easy to break and not oily, almost sufficient to make the guilt go away! This is so damn good, I suggest you add $1 for an extra portion of chicken cutlet for double the happiness. One thing though, the noodles were overcooked.


They say "Live life to the fullest". So I stuff my chubby cheeks 😋 Follow me on IG at @ryllyx

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