Korean Mania

Korean Mania

From the culture to the food and right down to beauty. We can never escape the phenomenal of Kpop. It's here to stay.
Denise Ong
Denise Ong

I think I'm ready for Korea!
This spicy jjamppong was highly recommended by the owner, when I couldn't decide. And I love it. Seriously spicy, like it creeps up on you and bam you nose get so runny. The broth is sweet, from the seafood they used. And the mussels are huge, I kid you not! Good amount of octopus, squid and prawn as well. Topped it off with loads of spring onions and onions this hearty bowl should be for sharing cause the portion is huge. The noodles, has a good bite and it's nice and springy.

Spicy soy wings. Crisp but moist, spicy and savoury, these babies are like ladies in killer stilettos, murdering you with a single bite. And yet you will return for more. In tears and runny nose, you crave that burning sensation, that touch of death and that love at first night. These wings, will bring you soaring high, before letting you go into abyss making you drink endlessly and burn painfully the next morning.
But after all that pain, you know that you will return for more.


A meal for 2 pax, from this highly acclaimed franchise hailed from Korea. And the outcome, would be this generic, banking on the Korean craze standard of food. The portion although told by the server that it was meant for two, I think they meant for two mouses (I bet mouses ate more). The sides, well I have to comment that they were on point, and rarely anyone serve acorn jelly! So that was a small hurray for me. The pork belly, were like bacon-thin, thus making me feel a tad cheated. The side main of kimchi jjigae, was little thinner, but using pork ribs gives the jjigae a good meaty flavour broth. Thankfully the lunch deal, was reasonable. But I am sure with this price tag, you can get better food anywhere else.


Lunchtime deals are always the best, you get what you crave for at a better price. And this bowl of beautiful red, is just so spot on. Spicy, with a hint of sour notes of the ripe kimchi goes just so well with plain rice and all their sides. The portion is generous with tofu, and pork (perfect for those who needs meat as well). This perfect bowl is great for a rainy day.


Not worth the hype. Personally think that this is best for children, where they can physically play with the food and roll the rice into rice balls. With that being said, the rice is well seasoned with very yummy, crispy, tiny anchovies, seaweed and beautiful and healthy brown/purple rice. It is truly a good bowl that goes well with their sides or stews, even delicious on its own. Just minus all that fuss of mixing and rolling them into balls and eat straight from the bowl.


With all the Korean craze, it's no surprise that Korean fried chicken joints such as this, are popping everywhere on our little red dot. Gave this a go, and the chicken pieces there are wonderfully fried that they still retain their crispy batter, even after left on the table for awhile. Juicy, big pieces and utterly a sight and smell pleaser. The garlic soy chicken pieces are sweet and have a good amount of garlicky flavour without being overpowering. And of course, with every fried chicken, you need a bottle to soju to make the night go better. Wash down each chicken, so that you can have another piece with a refreshed palette. Either that reason, or the fact that no one should say no to soju. 😏


Whenever my family (or rather my father) have that craving for BBQ meat, this would be the one place we will head down. Located at United Square, Novena, this really cheap family-run (Koreans) restaurant have all the checkbox ticked. Simple setting of wooden table and chairs, with all the marinated meat, vegetables, cooked food, drinks and sauces locates specifically at a corner. Waiters hustled and bustled, Korean family walking around to show hospitality, I felt like I have just returned to Seoul having a blast of a time. And I truly do. Noisy, cafeteria dinning, wafted with strong and serious BBQ action going on, family dinners are meant for this! Their food are very legit, and everyone's hot favourite would be the fried chicken wings. Personally found their kimchi stew very yummy! And their kimchi are one of the better ones in Singapore!


Home style cooking, ran by a Korean family for many years. The setting of simple, foodcourt style did not deter the ardent fans from coming. From all walks of life, this joint only serve what they do best and nothing more. Please do not expect fancy food, but expect wholesome cooking done right, and done quick. Just as I am done paying for my food. The lady came out with my dish. Cooked just right, with enough spices the soup is delicious with exploding flavours, flooded with kimchi cabbage and pork slices, the bowl is way too big for me to finish clean, which is such a pity! $7.50/set! || PS: always trust the locals, in this case: the Koreans.


WHAT SORCERY IS THIS? Omg the chicken is fried so well, that it's uber crispy on the outside and super moist on the inside. And even after this dancing babies are all cooled, the crisp is still hallelujah crispy. This joint do not toss their sauce with their chicken, which is good for those who likes them up saucy. The secret family concoction and honey mustard has so much win that I can't stop eating even after I am so stuff. Oh, talk about their baked til-so-dry sweet potatoes! Those bad ass are so well cooked that it tasted like French fries literally, only healthy. Damn I can't stop gushing. With all the Koreans coming in for their Korean fix, you know this place is as authentic as it can get, right down to the simplistic setting (of messy arrangement, homely kitchen decor). Missing Korea suddenly.


Dancer eats, Dancer dance.

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