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Duxton / Everton Park

Duxton / Everton Park

Featuring Strangers' Reunion, The Lokal, Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant (Keong Saik), Xiao Ya Tou, Roosevelt's Diner & Bar, Clan Cafe, Garçons (Essen at The Pinnacle), Seriously Ice Cream, Two Wings (Essen At The Pinnacle), El Jefe Corner
Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee

Wasn’t a fan of kueh salat until now.

Clan Cafe is known, among many other things, for their kueh salat cake. I love the thick consistency of the pandan custard which is packed with flavour! It sits heavily atop the layer of glutinous rice, streaked with a beautiful blue butterfly pea extract. Pair it with a cup of hot tea, and you’d have the perfect afternoon teatime snack.

Beautiful brunch in a beautiful cafe.

One of the many merits of Clan Cafe is definitely the ambience. The decor, the waitstaff uniforms, the music exude sophistication and also quality.

One such quality dish is the scrambled egg brioche. The fluffy scrambled eggs is heaven sent and the melted cheddar cheese elevates the dish to divine status. The caramelised onions were light, sweet and balanced out the savoury sriracha mayo spread on the beautiful brioche bun. The bacon was perfect and the protein made this an all round hearty dish for anyone craving for a good breakfast.


Call it magic

The White Magic (S$6.90) is a refreshing brew perfect for Singapore's blazing heat. It's made of 50% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Red Cherry and 50% El Salvador San Carlos (as described on the bottle). For a white brew, it has a nice kick of caffeine to get you about your day which I love.


Finally got some time to go out for a proper meal and a great one it was!

Man Man Unagi Restaurant has been on my wish list for the longest time and I'm so glad to have tried this place. I understand now why this restaurant garners such long queues.

The large hitsumabushi (S$39.80+) comes with three different styles of eating - by its own, with condiments such as wasabi and with broth. The unagi is so fresh, evident from all the live eels in the tank.

It was such a satisfying meal. I will definitely be back for more.

Might not look like much but it's definitely the star of the meal.

The humble spicy Brussels sprouts was a surprising dish at the first bite. It had a very robust flavour of sweet yet tangy. The chilli jam added a bit of oomph while the minced chicken and chye poh (Chinese dried radish) provided an earthy dimension to this contemporary version of the dish.

It's a perfect bar snack to go along with the many cocktails available at Xiao Ya Tou! #burpproved


One of the must-tries at Xiao Ya Tou!

The twice-cooked Angus short ribs (S$36++) is deliciously good on its own or with the accompanying smashing sesame butter (ermagerd, sesame butter tastes as amazing as it sounds). You can see from each slice that the short rib was evenly cooked and that's because of the lengthy sous vide process. This results the meat having that wonderful bite to it while still being tender.


One of my favourite dishes of the night - the Beef Cheek Pappardelle (S$28++).

The beef cheeks have been braised in Chianti wine for approximately six hours which resulted in huge but tender chunks of melt-in-your-mouth goodness. This dish can get a bit heavy due to the intensity of the sauce, meat and pasta so it would be good to pair it with a nice red, a cocktail or two?

Thank you to Roosevelt's Diner & Bar for the scrumptious dinner and @burpple for the invite!


So complex yet so simple.

The Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallops had so many elements that I was afraid the taste of scallop would be overshadowed but no, the scallop was a beautiful work of art.

The scallops were seared on one side to ensure they would not be overdone. They were rested on a bed of tangy yuzu mustard ricotta (so good that the cheese could be eaten on its own). On the bottom was a moat of melted savoury brown butter with seaweed and topped with sweet chopped roasted hazelnuts.

The mind behind the dish definitely knew what it was doing as everything went together swimmingly well.

Thank you to Roosevelt's Diner & Bar and @burpple for the invite and the lovely meal. Also major props to Ying for warmly hosting us and taking us through every dish and drink in painstaking detail. I really learned a lot about taste profiles and wines from her!


Some cafes/restaurants don't realise how important the quality of ice-cream can make or break a dessert. At The Lokal, I'm happy that their vanilla ice-cream is on point. You can tell if vanilla ice-cream is the legit when you see specks of vanilla bean throughout the scoop. Together with the copious amount of caramel sauce, they make the sticky date pudding ($10++) a euphoric treat for anyone.


El Jefe Corner serves affordable chic Western food from lamb racks to spare ribs and even pork bellies. Pictured is their wagyu steak burger with bacon, cheese, onion compote and waffle fries. The wagyu beef was tender and juicy but the burger though decent, lacked a signature sauce to make it their own.



One of my new favourite food places is Garçons. It offers extremely affordable French cuisine at an upscale food court. It probably directly rivals with Saveur. Garçons comparatively lacks in presentation but it triumphs in taste and portions.

It's signature 12-hour Belly of Pork is definitely an eye opener. The pork was immensely tender but that crackling of the top brought me utter joy. The pork is served on a bed of fluffy creamy mash with a mesclun salad dressed with honey balsamic reduction. Délicieuse!


Excellent chicken wings from Two Wings!

When you first walk into the food court, you can observe people having these attractive golden coated wings and your stomach automatically reserves some space for those.

Once my order is up, I easily noticed that the wings are larger than the usual because of the size of birds they import. The size allows you to have that big firm juicy crunch as you sink your teeth into that wing.

What seals the deal is the chili. It's the chili one usually gets at those BBQ chicken wing stalls at the hawker centre. It goes soooo well with the fried batter. These babies go for 4 for $8.50, 6 for $12.50 and 12 for $24.

Maybe they should rename themselves as Four Wings? Because that's how many I would want to eat.

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