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Featuring The Owls Cafe (Bukit Jalil)
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Waffles anyone? 😋 These famous and pretty looking waffles are the people's favorite. Definitely became mine since the first time I tried on Saturday!
Reviews up tomorrow, with close ups! 😝 In the mean time, guess where and guess what I had! Hope you're not too jealous and hate me for posting this during this ungodly weather.

Yes you heard me. The special and one of a kind Earl Grey Ice cream!
The Owls cafe has been very popular with their "Rebecca" waffles especially because of the earl grey ice cream. I don't deny that the ice cream is amazing. It matches very well with the waffle combination. I mean, why not. Waffles are meant to have with tea. We also love having waffles with ice cream. So a genius at The Owls Cafe decided to combine them all together and voila! The Rebecca is born and has satisfied us dessert lovers ever since.
Great for a hot weather if you want some comfort food but not too heavy of a ice cream.
Did I mention how cute their teapot and teacups are? They are owls! So unique and cute. Hopefully on my next trip I'll remember to order their tea and enjoy it with Rebecca.
Foo: 9/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 18 - rather affordable for such a unique waffle (not like your usual hash-shaped waffle) and ice cream, even compared to so many overpriced usual shaped and heavy waffles.)

It was quite surprising when I first took a bit because I didn't expect the lemon. Maybe it's not a strawberry shortcake because shortcakes are pure strawberry and vanilla tasting sweet indulgence. This was rather a twist.
Not too bad but I really do not know what cake is this. Lol!
If I were to judge on texture, the cake was very dry for me. It was one of the best sellers for that day though. On a bright side, it was definitely a homemade cake with no extra chemicals or preservatives as you can see on the rough texture and maybe "fluffiness" captured in my picture. But they were definitely too dry.
Food: 5/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 13 - normal range of price to expect for homemade cakes at cafes)

I mean come on! Bukit Jalil is so far from all of us that went so why not. We're already here. Otherwise we will take ages to come again.
A perfect choice to sample the assorted ice creams offered at Owls Cafe. Earl Grey, Chocolate, and Vanilla ice cream, on top of their prettily made "flower" waffles, and last but not least, a piece of macaron sitting on top of everyone.
I honestly couldn't taste the macaron. It was definitely a burst of sweetness 😅. Most possibly caramel flavor.
There was also almond and coconut flakes crumbled on top. This is simpler than The Rebecca due to just being ice cream and waffle. The macaron was rather insignificant to me 😅. I prefer the Rebecca as the fruits counter every sweetness from the waffles with sourness and freshness.
This cafe is quite packed everyday but it is quite a nice place for tea. Maybe I'll tryout their macarons with tea as well as their savory waffles one day!

Food: 7/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 23 - definitely higher price with more ice cream. Btw, an extra scoop of ice cream costs RM 5.50, but the queen already comes with 3 assorted scoops.)

Breakfast brunch lover and coffee art lover! Instagram: @foodroll_

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