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In case you're wondering while looking at the menu, this is Huckleberry's big breakfast platter. Not the best nor the tastiest. I had my eggs poached and THANK GOD it was not served on top of the toast. Otherwise the bread will turn soggy. They were also poached perfectly.
There's nothing much on the platter. Kind of felt cheated. Just one or two miserable thin slices of bacon (beef or turkey I'm not sure), chicken sausage, two eggs any style of your choice, sautéed potatoes, homemade baked beans, and really juicy slightly grilled tomatoes. Lastly, two slices of sourdough toast.
So there was a lot of beans and potatoes so that made up the majority of the plate. Brand were very hard. Not really boiled down to a texture I like. Seasonings were a little under too. The beans could've been better.

Best was the tomatoes. I really loved how sweet and juicy it was. The eggs with toast and chicken sausage.
However, sourdough crust was incredibly hard. Like rock hard. Quite a challenge to my knife and fork to cut through and some jaw exercises.
Food: 6/10 Price: 5/10 (RM 28.90 - not a choice I would recommend. Unless they improve on it and have more satisfying portions of meat)

Arrived early at Huckleberry just for their breakfast menu. A very impromptu visit on a Friday but croissant cravings brought me here. Decided to give huckleberry another chance but this time with their breakfast menu.

I had their homemade granola parfait served with assorted fresh fruits like apples, bananas, watermelon,assorted nuts and seed, and some raw organic honey. They use fresh fruits that are in season and convenient. The mason jar makes everything look beautiful!
Definitely a delicious and healthy breakfast to start your day. I was basically full from all the fruits and delicious yogurt (farmers union). Their granola is baked with cold pressed coconut oil. Never really tried anything with coconut oil but I really love the granola! There was indeed quite little granola and an abundance of fruits mixed with yogurt.

Food: 8/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 17.90 - price is alright for this delicious mix and quality)

PS. Never leaving without having their delicious almond croissant!! I had two and took away one.

But the previous two was not as expected not to my liking. It's quite hard to impress a fussy sweet breakfast lover like me. Or maybe pancakes just don't turn me on as much as waffles. 😏 Simple is the key. If you really want to know how good is something, gotta try the basics. The minimalist is just of pancakes, maple syrup, butter, and a dust of icing sugar. Can't believe this was the best among the three I had. Fluffy, delicious, not too sweet. Just perfect. Pancake cravings? Go for this! Reminds me of the one I had at Grumpy Cyclist.
I guess the toppings on the other two I tried was just overwhelming and could be better if the flavour party is toned down.
On a side note, my friend who ordered this wanted an ice cream to go with the pancakes. Didn't know it would cost a bomb because the restaurant actually gave us the additional ice cream on the "dessert" menu for RM 10, the one with cornflakes, nuts and what not.
Kind suggestion @yellowbrickroadcafe: it would be great to give your customers an add on option to their pancakes with a cheaper price like "add on ice cream (Vanilla/Choc/etc) for RM 5++" or something.
Food: 7/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 14 - cheapest pancake on the pancake menu +RM 10 vanilla ice cream single scoop)

Hello Malaysians and coconut lovers! Now you can find your famous night market/pasar malam snack at the Wicked Pancake Parlour, all glammed up and gourmet-ed.
However, it wasn't as nice as I expected.
The simple one ringgit snack here is topped with a lot of coconut shavings, sweet corn, and nuts, instead of the usual wrapped up apom with corn and coconut filling, this is an upside down, "fancy" version. Also a side of maple syrup and coconut candy ice cream for a sweeter note.
The batter is really basically the usual "apom" coconut pancake batter. But I still prefer my pasar malam version! There was very little hint of coconut; but I do like the fluffy pancakes! Coconut shavings and all other toppings were just too much. Picture explains it. If it wasn't for the maple syrup, the whole pancake would be too dry and boring after few bites.
Coconut ice cream? Sangkaya still wins.
Food: 6/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 22 - not my favourite. I prefer getting my own night market apom then buy a scoop of sangkaya, it will add up to less than RM 22)

Made alcoholic by your a choice of either a Guinness or Nutella sauce. It wouldn't be "chocoholic" if not for the Guinness sauce. Not to worry parents or guardians. Nutella sauce is kid friendly. However, there was no significant alcoholic or Guinness Stout taste with or without the pancakes.
There's a lot, and for me, too many things going on this plate. Truly a decadent treat but too much of syrup, decor, and unnecessary things at times.
Focusing on the pancakes, they are chocolate pancakes layered with sauce of choice, pistachios, nuts, topped with candied bacon and chocolate ice cream. Not very sure what are the crusty things on top of the ice cream and all over but it tasted and seems to be crushed caramel/wafer biscuits.

Chocolate pancakes were less fluffy than the other choices of pancakes on the menu. Much thinner but it is really chocolatey and nice.
Didn't like the candied bacon at all. Tasted a bit weird and too sweet to my liking. And as I said, too many things going on. Here you have berry sauce swirled and honey zig-zagged all over the plate. Chocolate shavings on the side. Sectors of edible/non-edible flowers on the side with few cuts of strawberry.

Definitely chocolate coma for me. Chocolate cravings fixed for the whole month probably.
Food: 7/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 26 - possibly the highest priced one among all the other sweet pancake choices)

Look at the cheese!
The RBB company has done it again with their delicious baked eggs. Triple C is their fancy name of minced beef and beef bratwurst "Chili Corn Carne", beneath the eggy, cheesy goodness.
Served with two slices of sundried tomato focaccia bread; really delicious ones in fact. They were crusty and toasted on the outside, fluffy and delicious on the inside. Great for dipping with the chili baked eggs.
Not as meaty or overwhelming as the signature baked eggs at RBB, but a very nice and warming comfort food, especially for beef lovers. The heat was subtle and the whole chili with baked eggs over melted cheese was just right. I definitely enjoyed it.
I did share it among three people, me included as we were in fact, at YBR for their newly launched affiliation, the Wicked Pancake Parlour.
Food: 8/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 24 - be prepared for hefty price tags at YBR with the known "second most expensive" big breakfast in town, runner up to VCR)

I was taken aback at first when I found out the price of this breakfast. I still decided to give this a try because of the sweet potatoes in the center! Yup! That mainly attracted me.
When I got here and ordered the bash, I was surprised by the huge portion. I got a legit BIG breakfast. Served in a 16-inch frying pan. Lol

We get baked beans, hash browns, sweet potatoes, garden tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, a slice of sourdough a choice of two eggs any style, chicken/beef sausage, and turkey/beef bacon. All given in generous portions. It's even enough to serve two. Although I would prefer another slice of bread, I changed my mind when I was halfway through sharing because I was almost full already.
Everything was delicious and the main plus point was the extra sweet potatoes. Only AMPM and YBR has sweet potatoes in their big breakfast that I've tried so far. The mushrooms were a little weird and too heavily herbed though. I didn't like them.
Food: 7/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 30 - I'll give credits to the portion but honestly it's nothing to shout about. Yes it is delicious, creative, and satisfying but it's hard to have it often as it would burn a hole in your wallet - I'm speaking from an average income earner perspective. You can easily make these at home with quality ingredients 😊)


This was one of my favorite that day because it's really a nice comfort food! Mash potatoes, delicious sautéed onion brown sauce, peas and their chewy chicken sausage.
Something easy for a light lunch or brunch. Peas were cooked to perfection. They call the peas petit pois, which I googled is called peas as well. Fancy smancy.
Although the sausage wasn't as crunchy, the whole dish compliments one another. Delicious at every bite.
Food: 8/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 25.90 (I think) - Not sure if Huckleberry's cost is very high, but I would appreciates other sausages for bigger portion instead of just ONE cut into half.)

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As the menu proudly describes, thick sliced brioche soaked in vanilla custard creams scented with nutmeg and cinnamon, cooked in butter. Topped with bananas, toasted walnuts, choice of huge made apple syrup or raw honey.
I was not asked whether I'd like apple syrup or raw honey but I think I was given honey. As amazing as French toasts can get, it's always a sweet tooth pleaser.
One of the better French toast that I've tasted. Never overly sweet, loved the hint of vanilla I tasted. Luckily the cinnamon taste or nutmeg wasn't overpowering. Duh, because it's "scented". By I have trust issues with cinnamon on French toast. People get too generous with that amazing spice.
Food: 8/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 24.90 - why must pan fried butter bread soaked in egg and covered in sugar be so expensive? Sigh.)

It was very busy when I visited and the crowd was definitely hustling and bustling into and out. Spoilt by many choices, we decided to try the people's favourite: Almond Croissant and based on a nice lady recommendation at the pastry counter, the Kouign Amann.
I remember not liking the Kouign Amann I tried at The Bread Shop. They were rather hard and thin. But at Huckleberry, they were fluffy, nicely coated in sweet, and a nice flaky texture.
The almond croissant definitely earned its name at Huckleberry because the delicate pastry, made with quality ingredients tasted so delicious! Flaky and fluffy, not too sweet almond jam inside. Would have loved to buy one home but my friends and I was able to grab the last piece on that Saturday!

Coffee wasn't too great in my opinion. Although I do appreciate the fine lines in the coffee art.
Love the baked products at Huckleberry and I definitely recommend them for tea time, lunch, and days when you'd love some simple chat with your friends over coffee.
Food: 9/10 Price: 8/10 (RM 7.90 for croissant; RM 4.90 for Kouign Amann; RM 8.90 for cappuccino. The prices for the pastry is quite reasonable for such quality product and deliciousness! Although coffee wasn't very satisfying, I'm quite surprised how cheap it is compared to the usual 10-11 ringgit price for cappuccinos.)


A mix of crisps romaine, baby spinach, rocket, broccoli, peas, beetroot, quinoa, mango, pomegranate, and avocado, topped with walnuts and seeds. Dressed with Huckleberry's organic honey mustard homemade dressing.
It was also freshened up from all the greens with the great Cs; cucumbers, carrots and cherry tomatoes.
I had the dressings on the side to avoid the salad being soaked and drenched in them. I do appreciate the freshness of the vegetables and nicely steamed then chilled broccoli. The mangoes fooled us for cheese as they were semi-hard in texture and cut into cubes, just like fresh cut Parmesan.
Love the dressing and also because I was in control of the dressings, it was just right at every bite.
Nothing much to say about a salad really. Everybody can make this at home with quality ingredients. And well, salads basically taste green, healthy, and fresh! 😅 Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 25.90 - I was never really a fan of salad prices in restaurants but there's always the difference of crisps and freshness in the lettuces when somebody prepares it for you)

NOT a generous amount of chicken. Very disappointed as the food I had was totally the opposite of what the menu claimed.
Good pasta and flavor, yes. But not generous nor something to shout about or 'H' recommended. I did order everything that's recommended by the kitchen that day (indicated by 'H' next to the dish on the menu) but I was disappointed by some, like this for example.
More room for improvement!
Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 28.90 - food does cost a bomb and rather overpriced here because of the "organic" ingredients maybe?) P.S. A lady (long hair) at the pastry counter as well, speaks rather bluntly and loud until it comes out as rude. Very shocked and disappointed when she switched tone and attitude when she faced a foreign customer. Please be fair and respect your customers of every age, gender, and race. Thank you @myhuckleberrykl

Breakfast brunch lover and coffee art lover! Instagram: @foodroll_

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