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Marc T.
Marc T.

3.5 munchies: Filled to the brim with assorted ingredients including crayfish, mussels, tiger prawns, roast pork, and enoki mushrooms, we picked the home-made tom yum broth that came with a fiery kick! There was also a good balance of sour and sweet flavours, with fragrant spices and herbs used. I’d recommend you to add the mama instant noodles that had a bouncy texture. #Burpproved

The big pot featured here, which feeds 3-4 people, is priced at $68.80; regular pot feeds 2 at $38.80. This was a hosted meal by Soi Thai Soi Nice.


4 munchies: A good yentafo shabu dish is made of this – tasty broth that had a good mix of spicy, sweet, and savoury flavours served in a hotpot over an open flame. It came loaded with tiger prawns, fish and prawn balls, tau kee, egg tofu, fish cakes, prawn wantons, kang kong, fried fish skin, and onsen egg. I also enjoyed the QQ texture of the glass noodles and absorption of all the flavourful liquid in the pot. #Burpproved

The Yen Ta Fo Shabu is priced at $22.80 and recommended for two to share. This was a hosted meal by Soi Thai Soi Nice; many thanks to The PR Salon for the warm hospitality and Sherena for extending the invitation!


3 munchies: Handmade fresh daily using only premium-grade flour, Thai fresh milk, and eggs with no added preservatives, the fragrant charcoal cheese egglet was filled generously with mozzarella cheese. Do pick the smooth and creamy coconut ice cream to complement the savoury, slightly chewy egglet. I say lose the Pocky sticks and rainbow crunch that did nothing for me.

Follow Chatuchak Thai Tea on Instagram @chatuchaksg to enjoy $1 off any egglet + free upsize for your choice of Thai Milk Tea, Thai Green Tea, or Thai Coffee!

This was a hosted tasting by Chatuchak.


4 munchies: One of the must-order dishes at Basil Thai Kitchen, this plate of prawn omelette was so fluffy and aroi that I could finish it with a bowl of piping hot steamed white rice. Though there was hardly any taste of prawns, the omelette was deep-fried to golden brown and crisp perfection with added crunch and fragrance from the basil leaf toppings. Be sure to dip the egg in the mild Sriracha that comes with it. #Burpproved


4 munchies: The Isaan-style otak-otak is one of the must-order dishes at this HDB-based eatery that serves authentic Thai cuisine. Made with mackerel, squid, prawns, eggs, Thai red curry paste, and coconut milk, the full-bodied flavour of the fish paste was excellent. The pudding-like texture was creamy and so fluffy; spices were well-balanced. Aesthetics aside, serving it in a coconut husk with flesh also gave that extra sweetness to balance the richness of the dish! #Burpproved


2 munchies: Cha Thai might pride itself in using only the highest quality ingredients for its dishes, but the Thai Boat Noodles I had on my birthday last week was by far the most underwhelming I've ever eaten.

Priced at $18 a bowl, the dish features chewy rice noodles with a few slices of tender, sous vide lean pork and meatballs. However, the real letdown was the tad creamy and sweet broth that had an unusual, distinct coconut flavour. It tasted nothing like the savoury, strong-flavoured ones I had in Bangkok, or even at Golden Mile Tower.

Furthermore, the hefty price tag is really not justifiable for street food dishes like the one featured here. Mai pratabjai loey woei!

3.5 munchies: Essentially a bowl of Thai-style yong tau foo, the original tom yum yentafo packed a good punch of heat and piquant flavours. Silky strands of flat rice noodles are served in a spicy-citrusy broth as well as with a myriad of toppings including crispy fish skin, fishcakes, and beancurd. All ingredients are shipped in regularly from Bangkok, Thailand.

The popular noodle brand currently has 28 outlets in Thailand, 2 in Laos, and 3 in Singapore.


4 munchies: Deep-fried to crisp perfection, the skin of the sea bass remained crispy throughout even after being drenched by the special sauce that was sweet, spicy, sour, and slightly savoury (we suspect there was fermented bean paste added to it). The flesh of the fish was smooth and super meaty – best eaten with all the sauce and a bowl of piping hot steamed white rice! #Burpproved


3.5 munchies: Not your usual spicy and sour tom yum soup, the clear broth used in this bowl of chicken noodles was milder in taste with sweet-savoury flavours. Think of fish sauce with a squeeze of refreshing lime. Rice noodles were also cooked al dente just the way I like it!


4 munchies: Served with crispy roti, 13 ingredients – including star anise, thyme, and galangal – were painstakingly ground to make this Persian-style curry. After leaving them overnight for the flavour to improve, a whole chicken thigh is then added and simmered for 20 minutes. Though I'd have liked the massaman curry slightly spicier than sweet, it was lemak enough to go well with the flatbread (and white rice, too)! #Burpproved


4.5 munchies: Easily one of the best prawn cakes I've had, the ones here at Cha Thai are made from tiger prawns and filled with chunky, succulent meat. For ultimate satisfaction, eat them super crispy and piping hot with the plum dipping sauce when served. Aroi sud sud krrrrrrub!

This was a hosted meal by Cha Thai; many thanks to Christina for the warm hospitality and invitation!

Kudos to Deliveroo, I managed to enjoy top-notch Thai food delivered right to my office doorstep. What really impressed me was despite the wet weather, my order arrived within 40 mins from the time I hit the checkout button!

Packed with roast duck breast, tropical fruits and herbs, the creamy red curry with a tinge of sweetness and spiciness was super lemak. For Isan (Northeastern Thai) food lovers like myself, I added steamed sticky rice ($3.75) for its firm, QQ texture to go with the duck curry ($27.82).

Because you deserve the best (#BYDTB), participating merchants are offering Deliveroo value-for-money set meals at 2 pax for $25 and 4 pax for $45 during the Thai week from 18 to 24 July 2016! #BurppleROO


Marc T.

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