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Ice Blossom
Ice Blossom

Gimbap ($10), essentially rice rolled in seaweed with selected ingredients, is one of my favourite Korean signature foods and my must-order if the Korean restaurant I visit serves it. Woorinara Korean Restaurant (@woorinara.sg) serves the traditional gimbap rolled with vegetables and spam, as well as another version rolled with cheese.

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Bukit Timah area is a strong battleground for Korean restaurants in Singapore. For a meat lover like me, the Beef Bulgogi ($15 with rice) from Woorinara Korean Restaurant (@woorinara.sg) has won me over with its robust sweet and savoury marinated beef. 😍 Thick and big slices of beef served on a piping hot plate, every piece was so tender and flavourful, we finished them in no time. If only I could have this everyday without a care of my waistline πŸ˜†.

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Cheese Seafood & Kimchi Pancake ($23) from Woorinara Korean Restaurant (@woorinara.sg) was totally on point with the satisfying cheese pull, 🀀 it was crispy around the edges and moist in the center.

For the price point, I was expecting at least a few chunks of squid and succulent prawns (like what we had in Korea). Well, it was still comforting to find a few emaciated shrimps πŸ˜….

Cool and rainy weather this morning is a good excuse to start my day with Ginseng Chicken ($19.90) from Ajumma's Korean Restaurant (@ajummasg). Served literally boiling hot, the hot stone bowl was stuffed with 1/2 chicken, ginseng, jujube and glutinous rice. It must have been cooked for hours, see how the soup has turned milky white! No wonder the tender meat comes off so easily. πŸ˜‹


The only time I'm on diet is when I'm waiting for my bbq steak to be ready! With a natural and nutritious diet, this grass-fed Argentinian Beef ($58) is super tender and juicy with no gamey tastes. πŸ˜‹

Indulge in #1for1 deal at 8 Korean BBQ (@eightkoreanbbq) with #BurppleBeyond membership.

The Signature Beef Kalbi ($14.90) certainly looks different from the menu but the tastiness was true to its description. Very well-marinated meat with caramelized sauce coated on every thick slices of beef. 😍


No worries about sweating over this spicy and piping hot Beef Bibimbap ($11.90) in this cool weather! Stir and mix in all that gochujang (chilli paste), the plentiful and colourful veggies and mushrooms, and your choice of meat (beef/pork/chicken). One of the best bibimbap in town at a wallet-friendly price. 😘 I find myself making return visits just for the bibimbap! The portion is rather huge though, this sizzling hot rice stone bowl actually fed 2 hungry girls. πŸ˜‰


If you wanna avoid the overwhelming crowd at Vivocity, can try this affordable Hot Stone Bibimbap ($5.90) at the food court located at Harbourfront Centre. It was surprisingly tastier & spicier than I thought. 😊 The warm and friendly staff is also more than happy to refill the sides which is uncommon in a food court setting. Well, that explains the queue. πŸ˜€


Be awed by the big plate of pretty marbled beef. 😍 Japanese style shabu shabu is pretty straightforward but for the Korean style shabu shabu, there are many sides to eat with the meat, and we get to savour with or without the spicy and sourish elements of kimchi. See how we enjoy the hot pot the way we want to. πŸ˜„

We started off by pouring in all the vegetables to add sweetness to the savoury broth. Then we enjoyed the first 1/3 of the beef by dipping them in ponzu and/or sesame sauce. We spiced things up by throwing in the "young" kimchi and juice from the "aged" kimchi then savour the next 1/3 of the beef with the slightly crunchy "aged" kimchi. Finally, it was time to put in the homemade noodles and devour the last 1/3 of the beef, creating our own kimchi beef noodles soup. The flour from the noodles thickened the broth, making it extra delicious. πŸ€—


The sides were as good as the menu items. We finished them in a flash and the friendly Korean staff refilled them with extra kimchi. 😘 The food is not mind-blowing but certainly tasty and authentic enough for the restaurant to be always packed with customers especially Koreans. I'm definitely coming back for more! πŸ˜‹


The weekend is coming and it's time to venture new eateries! Daejon House has just quietly opened at Havelock II Mall, serving warm and comfort food we all want in this cooling weather.

We had army stew and it comes in 2 sizes, medium ($24.90) and large ($34.90). The portion was slightly smaller than expected. The medium army stew comes with HALF portion of the ramyeon (instant noodles), some beef slices, tofu, spam, sausages, baked beans, kimchi, dumplings and Korean rice cakes. It is fair to say that this portion is enough to feed only two not-very-hungry ladies or a very hungry man. 😁 Like many Korean restaurants, the side dishes (kimchi and pickled radish) here are refillable.

We really enjoyed the intense spicy beef broth that became starchy and thick after boiling the rice cakes! πŸ˜‹ The soup is REFILLABLE and it is so good because they boiled the beef bone broth over 6 hours. If you are one who can't really take spicy food, remove the green and red chilli before the stew comes to boil. But that would take away the spicy kick and enjoyment 😜!


In celebration of Singapore's 51st birthday, Seoul Jjimdak is currently running a promotion. You can get 51% discount for Seoul Jjimdak (bone/boneless braised chicken with potatoes, carrots and glass potato noodles) and Army Stew (kimchi stew with luncheon meat, pork belly strips, veggies, baked beans and tofu). We chose the former because it seems healthier without processed meat. 😁

Fear not if you are big eaters like us, additional toppings (= additional costs) are available such as ramyeon, white rice, tteokbokki and potato noodles. Or make it tastier by adding mozzarella cheese! πŸ˜™

In our opinions, the original portion could feed 2 hungry girls or 3 people with small appetite. πŸ˜† Drop by soon cos' the 51% discount promotion is until 31 Aug 2016 (11.30am to 3pm) only!


πŸ˜‹ If eating is what I do for living, I love my job. ❀

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