River Valley / Robertson Quay

River Valley / Robertson Quay

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Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee

Too peculiar for my tastebuds.

Visited the new Hototogisu Ramen (that gained Michelin fame in Tokyo) outlet at Great World City where it offers two signature oyster paste ramen dishes. I tried the Oyster Paitan Ramen ($15.90++) which the restaurant boasted it had “a bold soup” with “distinct” flavours. No doubt that the broth was rich and bold as well as distinct, but it was because it had potent elements that didn’t mix well.

The dish had so many ingredients with intense flavours such as pungent chopped onions, roasted sweet corn, dried tomato, bitter arugula, oyster paste, oyster oil and a sour aburi lemon slice together with miso. I couldn’t imagine how such a combination would sit well.
The noodles were well-cooked and I liked the texture of the cha shu but the broth is difficult to take in. I’d recommend trying their more traditional offerings.


My favourite fries.

In my opinion, my favourite fries are @pscafe’s truffle shoestring fries ($8 for half, $15 for whole). For $15, one can get a whole mountain of golden crisp shoestring fries capped with a generous amount of parmesan shavings. The whole portion was good enough for 3-4 people. Warning: they’re dangerously addictive.


Pleasantly surprised with the pizzas af PS.Cafe!

Don’t get me wrong, PS.Cafe churns out good food at its various aesthetically pleasing locations but I didn’t expect its pizzas to be matching in quality with those Italian pizzerias!

I had the PS.Bolognese which had a combination of minced beef and pork over a tomato base and littered with basil leaves. The dough was crafted using Caputo “OO” flour and hand stretched to order. It’s baked at 315°C leaving a thin, crisp and charred crust. The resulting dish was so good that a friend and I finished the 8 slices in less than 5 minutes. It goes great with the house crispy chili oil that gives the pizza a fiery kick!


When will I stop eating beef udon? NEVER!

Ventured for the first time into Marusaya at Robertson Quay for lunch. A good sign was that all the staff and all the patrons were Japanese! The restaurant offered a number of value-for-money lunch sets which a few of them caught my eye. It specialises in shabu shabu but I decided to go for an inexpensive option of the sukiyaki beef udon set.

The set included the sukiyaki beef udon and a poached egg, with the option to have it hot or cold, as well as to have a free upsize portion of udon or not. The set also included ohitashi (Japanese spinach salad), a vegetable appetiser, pickles, mini chawanmushi and dessert.

The beef slices were definitely superior to other udon establishments but the broth was too light even after the addition of bonito flakes. The udon was too al dente for me as I prefer it softer and chewier.

Overall, it was still a good bowl of udon but when I come back, I’ll definitely try the other sets. The restaurant was full but not overpacked for a Sunday lunch which made it a good option to bring the family.


Beautiful fluffy pancakes!

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much trying the pancakes at Three Buns. After all, I just came back from Australia, the land of amazing brunches. However, I couldn’t be more wrong.

The blueberry basics (had the fluffiest buttermilk pancakes. The pancake batter tasted a tad tangy and sour that goes perfectly with the premium scoop of vanilla ice cream sitting on top. It’s served with a pulpy wild blueberry compote and an indulgent maple syrup which makes finishing these flat cakes, a piece of cake.

The blueberry basics is a part of Three Buns’ brunch menu which is only available on Sat & Sun from 10am - 4pm.


Who needs a nasi lemak burger when you can have this over-the-top rendang burger?

Numerous people have recommended me to try the “Redman” burger. The burgers at Three Buns are named after musicians so Redman is most probably named after the iconic rapper from the 90’s. I’m not sure why though. Probably it’s because his most famous hit was Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty”, which would be how I’d describe your hands and mouth after eating this scrumptious burger.

The Redman does bear a heavy price tag of $28++ but a lot of tender loving care had gone into this burger. It had an authentic rendang base made with chilis, spices, toasted coconut, turmeric leaves and even gula malaka, which was cooked and simmered down for six hours. That aromatic base was then smothered over a soft and tender beef cheek which has been marinated and sous vide for 24 hours. Coconut mayo, pickled mooli (a type of radish), cucumbers, chilis and scallions were slapped on the beef to enhance both the flavour and texture of the burger. The rendang goodness was encased in a beautiful toasted coconut demi-brioche bun.


One of my favourites at Mondo Mio is the Gnocchetti in Salsa di Scampi. Besides the perfectly grilled prawns, the sauce which soaks the pasta is a beautiful rich seafood stock flavoured with scampi. You'll eat every single morsel from the plate (well, except the prawn shells!)


Don't let the pizza's peculiar look fool you.

This pizza looks extremely intriguing but yet inviting. The Pizza con Rucola Pesto is reminiscent of mealtimes I once had in Italy. Not so much of the flavour but the way it's cooked - the beautiful thin baked crust.

As for flavour, it's really bang on. The sweetness of the ricotta balances the saltiness of the mozzarella and salami. Though the green may appear overpowering but the rocket spread and pine nut pesto actually add some earthy savouriness to the pizza. What comes out is a totally addictive dish that doesn't make one "gelat". I mean, I had four slices myself. 😋 #burpproved

A trip to @wearesuperloco is never complete unless you have one of its popular Açaí Super Bowls!

The Açaí Super Bowl (S$15+) can be a breakfast course or even a dessert. What sorcery is this? The bowl is packed with nutritious and fresh ingredients such as ripe mango, sweet blueberries, coconuts, quinoa, chia and granola. It's so satisfying yet it doesn't make you feel too stuffed.
The açaí, which come from north of Brazil is brought in by the great folks of @selvafoods.

It's on the weekend brunch menu which is only available on weekends, 10am - 3:30pm.

Hello, my lovely.

This Breakfast Burrito is the ultimate hangover cure. It's absolute goodness in every bite.

Imagine generous shreds of rare roasted Angus rump, fluffy scrambled eggs, quinoa (yay, healthy eating), black beans and chipotle mayo all wrapped up in a toasted tortilla. Yum. I'd recommend you add a chunk of salsa rojo and a dash of Tabasco sauce with each bite. Result? Hangover, gone.

It's on the weekend brunch menu which is only available on weekends, 10am - 3:30pm.


Another big draw to @altpizza is the option to DIY your own pizza!

You can choose a sauce for your base ($10), then cheese ($3 each), followed by some standard or premium surf & turf ($3 or 5 each) and lastly some veggies and toppings ($3 each). They have ingredients such as blue crab, skirt steak, chorizo, country ham, chipotle chicken and many more!

So with a disclaimer that after we had a few drinks, my team came up with our creation, "Wagyu ❤️My Balls on Fire". It consisted of a spicy buffalo sauce, creamy and buttery manchego cheese, earthy artichoke hearts, tantalising shaved prosciutto and two portions of delicious wagyu short rib meatballs.

I would have to say our balanced flavoured pizza was a serious contender for the winning title but our name was too controversial. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Join in the fun by making your own pizza by hashtagging #myALTpizza for your chance to win a pizza party for 10 with Head Chef Matthew White or other weekly prizes!

Thank you @altpizza and @burpple for having us at the pizza party! We had so much fun!


Can't go wrong with going Old School ($15++)! I love having a pizza with the classic flavour of tomato sauce, generous shower of mozzarella cheese and it doesn't hurt to drizzle some roasted garlic chilli oil. (Well, it could hurt some of you.)
What I loved was how fresh the ingredients were. I had a taste of their three different 11" signature pizzas and I could tell that @altpizza takes much pride in their ingredients. From the greens to the cured meats, all I could taste was good quality.
In addition, I had a glass or two (who's counting?) of the specialty craft beers from @thedrinkerysg. The beer flavours vary between the three #ALTpizza outlets. I especially love the @moderntimesbeer Black House stout which has a very unique strong coffee roast taste with ever gulp.
Overall, I love the contemporary and fun feel of the restaurant and I'll definitely be back again with friends for food and drinks!
This meal was kindly hosted by the mega friendly people of @altpizza and @Burpple. Thanks for having me!


I look at the number of posts, then I look at my stomach and I realise my body is a machine.

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