Cosy Cafés

Cosy Cafés

A list of cafés I've yet to go to and also been to - both the popular and the sekretive
Jermaine Lim
Jermaine Lim

Can you believe that my first ever visit to "The Populus Coffee & Food Co." only took place earlier this week? Unlike how it is on weekends, the cafe was not crowded at all when I strolled in at 10am on a Tuesday.
Deciding what to have was tough as I was tempted by quite a number of items on their menu. Eventually, it was "The Populus Scramble" that won.
I have to say, this signature dish deserves its popularity and must-try status. The scrambled eggs, executed to slightly runny creaminess, was chockfull of marinated feta cheese, fresh herbs and even a few small slices of red chilli. It's served attractively piled on a large, very crispy, buttery croissant and topped with a few slices of bacon.
In terms of portion, "hearty" would be the word I'd use. The fact is, I struggled to finish all of it.

There's just something about their fries..... It's really really really nice. I was swaying between ordering this or their truffle fries but I've been having truffle fries at practically every cafe so time for something new! A super sinful dish but worth the calories!


I've been wanting to try Lola's Cafe for such a long time but because of its purple-line location.....I hesitated. Last Saturday, I finally visited this place and settled my Saturday brunch with my mum. We didn't have to wait for too long considering how it was a Saturday.. I just found it a bit strange that they had two separate units side by side and the service staff have to walk and pass through doors just to serve coffee. I've heard a lot about the pasta dishes but I was so disappointed when I realized that was a dinner item :( Nevertheless, we ordered Lola's specialities like the Honey Paprika Wings, Breakfast Croissant, Nacho Cheese Fries and a cup of iced cappuccino. I overestimated myself when I ordered the Breakfast Croissant because I expected it to be a standard croissant size (which wasn't going to be enough because I was soooo hungry). It turned out to be sooooooooo huge and filling I felt like I was stuffing myself and forcing myself to finish. It looked really good and the scrambled eggs were fluffy yet creamy and not too salty. The croissant was still crispy and when I sank my mouth in, the only thing that bothered me was this sweet sauce from the croissant. I'm not really a fan of sweet things and I realized it came from the honey mayo and honey bacon inside. It would have been perfect if there wasn't honey mayo, so it's something I'll opt out for the next time I return :)


By the same people behind Assembly Coffee comes Atlas Coffeehouse, an expansive, lofty Bukit Timah cafe decked out in marbled tiles and deep sea blue walls. Great for both quick coffee runs and long, lazy brunches, sail by for a Flat White ($4.50) and start the day with a relaxing read by the window bar. For brunch, get the ATLAS Super-Bowl ($17), a healthy yet tasty grain bowl filled with toasted quinoa, roasted squash and zucchini and tender peanut sesame pulled chicken. For more classic brunch flavours, go for the Creamy Mushrooms on Sourdough ($12) — a generous heap of mushrooms cooked with a splash of white wine and sundried tomatoes, which you must pair with the silky smooth Scrambled Eggs ($3 for add on). For dessert, we favour the Mixed Berries Compote Waffles ($12.50) over the pancakes — they are similar in taste but the former is lighter and more affordable. Pro-tip: It gets a little crowded at lunch time, so it's best to pop by around 11am.

Avg price: $25 per person
Photo by Burppler Xinyi Fu

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Ok I think the price is insane for berries, toast and ice cream but when I tasted it.....just take my money. So darn good even though it's so simple. After all that's what you want from a French toast right? Suuuuper egg soaked bread and nice tart berries with good quality ice cream. Must order to end your meal!

It sounded like everything under the sun was thrown onto these pancakes but they all melded together into a glorious mess. The pancakes were fluffy and light. And very surprisingly, despite the numerous elements, it wasn't too sweet. Score.

Slices of pillowy brioches that's oozing peanut butter and raspberry jelly, drizzled with maple syrup. Spread some sourish berries compote and vanilla ice cream for the unforgettable combination.

This was pretty good - fluffy croissant filled with cheese, scrambled eggs and bacon. However, while well seasoned, the scramble eggs weren't fluffy enough. In general, it wasn't particularly special considering the price, I ordered it because I saw that many others ordered it too but I probably wouldn't get it again!

😍😍 S$20++ with 10% off with the SMRT citibank card! think i've found my favourite cafe woooooo but there goes the week worth of gymming!

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Loved everything in this bowl. The Hokkaido scallops are huge and fleshy. My favorite part was actually the the ninja rice mixed with the lemon butter sauce. Enjoy eating here without the guilt!

I brought my family of 11 to Cafe Melba for a Sunday Brunch and man, it was sooooooo crowded. We arrived slightly earlier than the lunch crowd so we managed to get a long table indoors. My favourite favourite favourite absolute favourite gotta be the mozzarella stuffed Rosti. Marrying both potatoes and cheese was such a brilliant idea! It was crispy with a slightly chewy cheese center. Perfect 😊👍🏻 The Parma ham pizza and cheese chicken chop was also great! Prices are slightly high but I think for the portion and the ambience, it was completely worth it. Everyone enjoyed their main courses so much but if there was something else we all agreed on, the customer service certainly has room for improvement. The male waiter was passing all the dishes over the ledge instead of making the effort to walk around the corner. With over 10 plates passed every now and then, I felt like I was disturbed from my meal and couldn't eat in peace. 😐


Loving Carpenter & Cook's new cafe, which offers a compact menu of savoury items, including sandwiches, pastas and pizzas; their best-selling tarts, cakes and pastries, displayed at the counter, are also available.

The crabmeat fettucine comes in a big heap, a thick, robust pink sauce – that's more tomato-ish than cream – clinging to every ribbon of pasta. It's not mindblowing, but it's rich and hearty and hits the spot nevertheless.

My croissant comes piled with arugula, smoked salmon and oh-so-moist, creamy, scrambled eggs – there's even a dollop of caviar to add a pop of saltiness. It's a weekend brunch special that you should certainly not miss, especially when it's priced so affordably at a mere $12.

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