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Western Food

Western Food

Featuring Truly Test Kitchen, iSTEAKS Diner (The Star Vista), Carol Mel Cafe, WORD., Coastes, Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro (Millenia Walk), The East Bureau, Miss Molly's, Big Fish Small Fish (Bugis Junction), Swensen's (Plaza Singapura)
cptslow yeo
cptslow yeo

Though isteak doesn’t take reservations, the star vista outlet is much bigger than its former holland village outlet! I love their wide variety of sides, for $20 you get 200g steak with an option of 2 sides. I got cream broccoli which usually comes as a huge branch of broccoli and cream spinach which isn’t a commonly ordered side. The cream spinach was my healthier choice over Mac n cheese which was my regular choice. The spinach was sour and creamy! The steak was juicy and tender!

For sides, they taste like the same sides as Aston’s since they are Aston’s sister company. Def go for the sweet potato fries!

Seriously damn nice bread bowl! It’s not sourdough but the texture is closer to that of croissant.. but the fillings is a tad spicy for me. Loads of spices I believe along with chunks of chicken!

The seabass is so so good. It’s a lot smaller than dory but it’s a lot more crisp and you can taste the fish better !

This the serving of chips from
2 mains!! So much! Loved the salted egg and cheese sauces!

The new highlights prepared with key local ingredients from Chef’s native Bergamo include:
- Ravioli Alla Fornarina Con Tartufo Nero ($28) handcrafted ravioli with ricotta, black angus beef and egg yolk;
- Mare d Monti ($28) Mixed Seafood Linguine with basil oregano in tomato sauce;
- il Villaggio di Mamma ($22) Spaghetti with sautéed mushrooms and cherry tomato inpesto sauce;
- il Piatto della Nonna Fatta ($28) Homemade Angel Hair pasta in light parmesan cheese
sauce with black truffle; and
- Villaggio di Bergamo Pizza ($26) Wagyu Meatballs, Mozzarella, Basil and extra virgin olive oil.
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i preferiti della famiglia Pezzera – Pezzera’s Family Favourites “From Mama, with love” menu
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I'm not sure where the "crayfish" meat was but there was a couple of prawns. Loved the entertainer app that helped me get 2 mains for the price of 1. Do note the free kids meal doesn't apply when you are using the entertainer app.


Everyone enjoyed themselves along with the wide spread of cafe food. After ordering 18 mains, 5 desserts and about 14 drinks. I must say the service was extremely fast despite the staff fore warning us that the food and drinks might take awhile to be served! 👏👏👏👏 good job guys!
My favourite dishes were the eggs Benny which I rushed to order as they are only served till 7pm. The chicken and waffle is so delightfully delicious and yet not too sinful. The lightly battered fried chicken was well seasoned, extremely crispy on the Edges and the waffle was fragrant and light!


The toasted bread itself was also fresh and crunchy. I thoroughly enjoyed this and I've had skagen in both the sandwich ($21.90++) as well as the crepe ($19.90++)
One thing you cannot dismiss is how vibrantly red the fish roe is, set atop of the skagen. I would definitely get the skagen again in either the sandwich or crepe, on my future visits to FIKA.

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