If anyone knows of good vegetarian bee hoon in the East side of Singapore, please let me know.... 'Cos this wasn't it. Even though this is supposedly a famous stall. My all-time favourite spot is in Jurong West, & that's quite a journey.

I mean, I finished this plate of Zeh Bee Hoon 斋米粉 ($2.50 nett), so it wasn't terrible. It just lacked the finesse & oomph that I look for in vegetarian bee hoon... Call me a snob, but perhaps I've been spoilt by my favourite stall.

My preference is for saucey noodles - so I found the bee hoon in this too dry for my liking. Ingredients were also quite basic (passable). Chilli was pretty good though, so I'll give them that. & they open really early in the morning, so if you were up at 6AM like me hunting for food & with this specific craving... Maybe give this a shot.

But it's unlikely I'll be buying this again.

💵 Cash only; no electronic payments
📍 Located in Bedok 85 Market


Fei Chang Hao 妃肠好 serves ribbon-style Chee Cheong Fun, which I find quite unique in Singapore. I followed them to their new location at Food Haven Coffeeshop (5 Upper Boon Keng Rd, #01-22), from their original location in Boon Keng Market where I first fell in love with them.

Priced affordably & substantial in quantity, I went for the You Tiao Rice Roll 炸两肠粉 ($3.90 nett) today. I paid extra (+$0.50 nett) to add an egg just 'cos it compliments it well. This was a good portion for a tea-time snack, having had brunch in the late morning & I was feeling peckish before dinner time.

I really like the silky smooth texture of the CCF, which is consistent across their other options as well - as it should. The sauce was enough to dip each piece around without drowning the whole dish. Iirc, they used to be a Burpple Beyond merchant - but I'd willingly pay full price for this. & you know I'd return again... & again.

💵 Cash only; no electronic payments
📍 Located within Food Haven Coffeeshop (5 Upper Boon Keng Rd, #01-22)


Haven't had much luck with prawn noodles lately..... Read good reviews about Hup Heng Bedok 510 Prawn Noodle & it's also highly rated (4.8/5 stars) on Google Maps..... Was in the area so I decided to swing by over lunch to check it out.

Service was friendly & with a smile, but I was disappointed by how bland this soup tasted. There was no umaminess, nor was there a solid taste of seafood in the broth... It was just like, Idk, chicken stock? & to me, the broth has a huge part to play in a comforting bowl of prawn mee.

Ingredients-wise, they're not bad actually. The clams were plentiful & the prawns sizeable & fairly fresh. Topped with fragrant fried shallots, too. But the soup really lost me.

Did I come on a wrong day? Perhaps. I would hope so. Not that keen to return, too.... Unless it was super convenient again & I had no other options to consider.

📍 445 Tampines Street 42, Singapore 520445


Don Don Prawn Noodles is quite delicious & generous with ingredients & soup. So happy that there's lots of umami soup to slurp on & they're not stingy with that. I like the hint of sweetness at the end of each slurp.

I will return.. Which says a lot, because I super love prawn mee & there are several "highly-raved-about" ones that I disliked & hence wouldn't go back to.

Circuit Road Hawker Centre is quite quiet in the afternoon. I had my bowl of Prawn Mee (Large, $5.50 nett) at a very off-peak timing... Basically at 3pm lol. Despite this, while I ate, I saw several people coming to the stall to order. Seems like I'm not the only one who appreciates this bowl of goodness.

🎟 CDC vouchers can be used

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Hai Tong Noodle House's Laksa 叻沙 ($3.80 small, pictured / $4.80 nett large) was alright, quite a basic bowl.

I found the ingredients lacking in this - I'd love for some prawns & cockles. Soup is on the spicy side, with a hint of coconutty lemakness.

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Hai Tong Noodle House had a much shorter queue compared to the other bigwigs here at Get Together Coffeeshop. Their Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle 香菇肉脞面 ($3.80 small, pictured / $4.80 nett large) is not bad! Had the dry version - noodles were bouncy & chilli not too spicy.

Service is good too, the elderly uncle & auntie running the stall are so sweet & friendly. Even though it's self-service, uncle delivered our food to our table right in front of the stall. Little things like this make my day.

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The uncle that served us was so cheerful & lovely, though! & with each bowl purchased, you get a 30¢ off coupon for sugarcane from the drinks stall a few stalls down at #01-08, which I ended up using. So that mitigated the less-than-desirable experience here..

💵 Accepts cash
📱Accepts ePayments e.g. Singtel Dash, GrabPay

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The star of this, though, as everyone says, is the ingredients & soup. The liver needs no introduction - thiccccc AF, & lovingly cooked to soft perfection. Best of all, 'tis without a hint of gameyness or the powdery mouthfeel you get from overcooking.

The pork slices, balls, & minced meat were all satisfactory as well.

& as for the soup? You'll be lapping up all its umami goodness, leaving no drop behind.

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My honest verdict: Sibeh shiok. Especially in this cold weather.

This $5 Minced Meat Noodles gives you a good portion of noodles, tossed in a deliciously balanced ratio of vinegar & chilli. It is oily enough to lubricate the noodles without leaving an icky film all over your mouth.

Mui Siong’s Tampines franchise is situated in an air conditioned coffeeshop. Surprised to learn in the 8 Days article that this will be renovated soon. It looks pretty clean & well ventilated.. In fact, I’m quite cold here since it’s raining outside. But I’d imagine the aircon would be good respite from the usual sweltering heat outdoors, on other days.

For variety's sake, my family ordered a Special Mee Pok ($4.40 nett) just to try it out. Unfortunately, it was comparatively disappointing & fell quite flat. The sauce wasn't as tasty & there wasn't a lot of it so the dish was pretty dry. The only plus point was the prawn as an ingredient... Which I can do without.

Will stick to my usual favourite next time. To me, the star dish really is their Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles ($4.40 nett).


My all-time favourite bak chor mee (BCM) is the one served by Ah Li Mee Pok. A disclaimer: This isn't your regular BCM. It's an elevated, fusion type of BCM that still retains some local elements of traditional BCM.

I've been patronizing them for years; on weekdays, the lines get snakingly long by the time 12PM rolls around. I'm always here early to beat the crowd.

Anti-clockwise from top left:
1. Bombdiggity soup for 4 pax
2. Shoyu Mee Pok ($6.40 nett)
3. Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles ($4.40 nett)
4. Special Mee Pok ($4.40 nett)

I love their Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles because:
1. It's affordable!
2. It's flavourful & delicious. Texture of the noodle is good; vinegar, chilli & sauce live in umami harmony.
3. They are super generous with ingredients - sliced pork, pork balls, minced pork, abalone, & pork lard. I find that I finish my noodles way before I'm done with the ingredients. So rare!
4. Their soup is THE BOMB, actually has a delicious umami taste. There is a pleasant kind of sweetness that maybe is from clams or prawns or some kind of seafood?

During this #circuitbreaker period, they accept online orders for self-collection & delivery. By default, you pay for a packaging fee of $0.20 per bowl. To my surprise, I received a refund of my packaging fee ($0.80 total) with a kind note explaining why - it's because I brought my own clean containers. Very appreciated!

Ordering online is simple; & you can indicate your preferences before adding to cart:
• Noodles - Mee Pok/Mee Kia/Kuay Teow
• Style - Dry/Soup
• Chilli Level - Yes/Less/No (their chilli isn't very spicy)
• Vinegar Level - Yes/Less/No

If you're opting for the dry variant, do indicate that you'd like to takeaway the soup as well. You really can't miss out the soup, trust me on that.

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