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What I like about this bowl of Signature Noodles 招牌面 ($5 nett) is how it's an elevated version of regular Bak Chor Mee 肉脞面. You select your noodles of choice & whether you want it dry or soupy - that's the normal SOP to begin with. When you tuck in, you will have a hard time deciding which ingredient to eat first.

The mountain of unique ingredients includes: Handmade fishball, meatball, pork slices, pork liver, quail egg, pork liver, fish maw, prawn & mock abalone. Of course there is a very delicious bed of mushroom minced pork at the bottom, too.

The chilli is on the spicier side; nothing too overwhelming, but it broke me out in a sweat 😂 Noodles were done well, & had good texture... But I did find this on the salty side, so perhaps I will try the soup version next.

Overall, I find this dish more value for money than the other offerings they have. Perhaps because I value variety i.e. the spice of life 😉


Every dish at China Square Hainan Famous Beef Noodles Rice 中国城海南牛肉面 (#01-45) costs $5 nett. They serve a couple of delicious soupy options, with white rice 白饭 (50¢) costing additional:
[1] Raw Beef Soup 生牛肉汤 / Beef Soup 熟牛肉汤
[2] Beef Ball Soup 牛肉圆汤
[3] Combo Soup 牛什汤

If you are a noodley kind of person like I am, you can opt for either the dry 干 or soup 汤 variant of these:
[4] Raw Beef Noodles 生牛肉面
[5] Beef Noodles 熟牛肉面

I ordered the Dry Raw Beef Noodles 生牛肉面; the generous amount of thick sauce was pretty good, mixed in with the thick bee hoon 粗米粉 that thankfully wasn't overcooked.

I initially thought there weren't enough beef slices, but I ate my words when I made it to the end of my dish with a food ratio of noodles & beef in every spoonful I had. I liked how the beef slices were sliced to a good thickness & weren't over nor undercooked

While I didn't find this a mind-blowing bowl of noodles, I did enjoy it & I also really liked the soup that came with it - definitely want to try the soup version next time!


Was tempted to try the Jumbo Prawn Noodles 珍宝虾面 (option 2; $8.80/$10.80), but at almost double the price & it being my first time here, I opted for the simpler "normal" Prawn Noodles 虾面 (option 7; $4.80/5.80) bowl-- large sized, of course.

The ratio of prawns to noodles are pretty off. I had so much noodles remaining (#carbloading) but I guess it was okay because they were good non-soggy noodles. Soup was delicious too. After you place your order, your food gets delivered to you, so be sure to have your table number ready when you order at the counter.

They also serve options with pork ribs & /or pig tails, but that's not my kind of thing. Full on prawns for me! Will try the Jumbo Prawn Noodles next time.


Food King by NOC brought me here - & I'm quite sure the rest of the world is here because of them too. Seems like the good folks at Earth Jar Treasure were a bit overwhelmed by the swarming crowd - by 6:30PM, all the soup was sold out! In fact, when I reached at 5.40PM, their Herbal Chicken 药材鸡 had already sold out.

Had the Ginseng Chicken Soup 人参鸡腿汤 ($7.30 nett) & Salted Vegetable Duck Soup 咸菜鸭汤 ($6.00 nett). The salted vegetable taste is really overwhelming in the latter's soup & I wish it were more toned down.. But the duck meat was delicious. I loved the Ginseng Chicken Soup a lot, & would order it again. Also, the mushroom rice is a nice change from the usual plain white rice (50¢) you'd eat with soup.

This is quite out of the way for me, but I'd come here again.. Perhaps when the hype dies down, though.


I don't eat Indonesian food often, neither is it my favourite cuisine - so naturally I didnt do the ordering this time around. All I had to do was sit back, relax, & enjoy the food. Damn, it was good.

My favourites were the beef rendang, squid, & tahu telur. The fish was the only real disappointment as it was super hard & just a pain to eat. Everything else, we wiped cleanly off the plates.

First time here & definitely not the last. We paid $15 per pax for a table of 6. Not too shabby considering the quality of food here!

Pro-tip: There is a staircase round the corner that leads to the air-conditioned 2nd floor 😉 #dontsaybojio

💷 Cash/NETS only
🌬️ Air-conditioned seats available
☀ Al fresco seats available
📶 No WiFi available


The last time I was here, they weren't open (they are closed on Wednesdays), so I was a little bummed because their big advertisement banner piqued my curiosity. Today, I got that curiosity satisfied.

There wasn't a queue as I went during an off-peak time on a weekday post-regular-lunch. The chef was friendly & patient as I internally debated between the options they had. Opted for "B" which is the regular prawn noodles ($5.00) - both the dry & soup version. I noticed that they have a smaller version as well - good for those who are watching their portion size? They also have options like pork ribs, pig tail, etc - which not all prawn noodle stalls have.

To me, this was a slightly above average bowl of prawn noodles. The chilli in dry version had a super spicy shiok kick to it (so be warned if you don't eat spicy food much), but what I personally value in prawn noodles is the soup. The soup was okay; I finished it, but it didn't blow my mind.

What I did like were how plump & juicy the prawns were. Very easy to eat, & there were 5 of them in a bowl! I probably wouldn't crave this or go out of my way to come here for this... But I might eat it again if I were in the area. ☺

The Fried fish roe was interesting, but not something I'd get again. Deep fried items are not my kind of thing... But I will say, the way they do this is good - doesn't feel greasy & gross.

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First time trying Blanco Court Fish Soup - the Mixed Fish Soup with Yee Mee ($6) was good. The fried fish didn't get soggy even after soaking in the soup the entire meal. Unfortunately, there were fewer non-fried fish slices than I would've liked to have, but that's my only gripe about it, really.

The soup was very tasty & I lapped up every single drop. However, I was very thirsty for the rest of the day.. But I'm so conflicted, because I'm not sure if this was because I'd been thirsty since the morning to begin with & I didn't have any water with me. I guess I'll have to have a bowl here again to have a final verdict.

Be prepared to brave a queue of at least 10 people if you come here during weekday lunch time!

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First time trying Chai Chee Noodle Village's Bak Chor Mee at Tiong Bahru Hawker Centre (#02-79) & I'm impressed by the ingredients inside. I had the $4 portion & there were prawns, a little bit of 三层肉, chunky pieces of lard (which I don't appreciate, but I know some do), plenty of minced meat, & my absolute favourite - meatballs filled with meat & soup!

There was a newspaper article display which I only read the title of - something about the soup being amazing with 18 ingredients... But the soup was pretty generic tasting. I didn't drink more than a few spoonfuls, & that's only because I wanted to neutralize how spicy the chilli is. It packs a punch! Still bearable IMHO & in fact, this level of heat is great for me.

The noodles themselves were cooked al dente & only ever so slightly vinegary. On the whole, this was an enjoyable dish & I would order this again. I feel I'm betraying my original favourite BCM stall that is only 2 stalls down, though. 😂

This plate of Roasted Duck & Char Siew Noodles 烧鸭烧肉面 ($4.60) from J.W. 496 Roasted Meat & Wanton Noodle 烧腊卤鸭饭 · 云吞面 is something I enjoyed & was glad I ordered. Super bouncy QQ noodles that aren't too oily, with juicy slices of duck. The char siew is flavourful - though it doesn't have much char, it is fairly soft & on the sweet side. Not a mind-blowing kind of amazing that you need to travel halfway around the world to Jurong West to eat it.. But I would order this again.


Pig Organ Soup!!!!11 So unhealthy but so good. The soup was very kiam because of the preserved vegetables - something that not everyone would appreciate, but I did. I slurped up the entire bowl of soup. & yes, I ordered the $5 portion (you have two options: $4 or $5).

The organs & meat slices were cooked perfectly, & didn't have any funky smell or taste to it. The apparently-handmade meatballs are also pretty good.

I would definitely order this again 👍 As a side note - was delighted to get 50¢ off my meal (with a min spend of $1.50) because I paid by DBS PayLah. #gocashlesswithNETS valid till 31 May 2018

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Stall 33's 永利香港油雞飯·面 has excellent Wanton Mee - probably the only kind I'll eat. I rarely eat wantons because I feel like there's not enough meat inside to make me happy. But look, just LOOK at the wantons here! They are so substantial, with an actual juicy prawn in the middle. The noodles are super QQ as well - I prefer the dry version over the soup one, because the soup isn't that special.


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