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I've read about this stall for the longest time, & have always walked past it but never tried. My dad ordered a bowl of laksa ($4 small/$5 medium/$6 large - prices are nett) & wanted to share - I couldn't say no.

I was surprised to find the soup not viscous at all; in fact, I was afraid with such thin soup, I'd be disappointed.

My fears were alleviated as I slurped my first spoonful - the soup is on the lemak side, but overall good flavour. Without adding any extra chilli paste (i.e. this is the default), the spicyness really hits the back of your throat. Have a drink prepared if you, just like me, don't eat spicy food much!

The thick bee hoon 粗米粉 noodles were a bit too soft for my liking, but absorbed the soup well. In terms of ingredients, they were alright in terms of variety, & fairly fresh. Plenty of shredded chicken, a dismal single prawn, several taupok pieces, cockles & beansprouts.

In all, this was a delicious bowl of laksa. I'm not head over heels in love with it, but I'd eat it again. Just not too often as it isn't the most healthy dish!

The ba ku teh 肉骨茶 (pork rib soup) here is of the herbal variant, & is served in a claypot with 2 options for sizes - $6 or $10 (prices are nett). The stall owner recommended the larger one for 2 pax, but I personally felt this wasn't enough. Then again, I'm a fairly big eater 😳

So.. Herbal ba ku teh is my favourite kind, & this soup is definitely at the top of my list. I like how it's not too soy saucey, & you can taste the herbs in it without them being overpoweringly bitter. A little sad that when I asked uncle for a refill (with compliment in tow), I was only given a scoop of soup without a smile... Oh well.

The meat was fall-off-the-bone, tender & flavourful. It is on the fatty side, but the fatty layers can be easily picked by to you & your l337 chopsticks skills.

I ordered a bowl of preserved vegetables 梅菜 ($2 nett) to share, & a bowl of white rice ($0.50 nett). They were okay, nothing outstanding nor terrible. The real star, rightfully, is the soup with the pork ribs. I can see why this stall is popular.. Definitely coming back.

Tip: This stall is right next to the famous avocado milkshake stall at the corner of Alexandra Village, which is also a wildly popular stall!

💵 Cash only (no electronic payments)


ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre has a plethora of food choices, but I decided on Dong Ji La Mian Xiao Long Bao 东记拉面小笼包 (#01-19) because I had to buy some frozen dumplings home today.

Ordered their Dumplings 水饺 ($5.00 for 10) & Xiao Long Baos 小笼包 ($4.50 for 6, $6.00 for 10). The skin is on the thick side, which I'm not so used to.. Especially for the XLBs where I prefer the skin thinner.

But this made for a decent meal. The chives in the dumplings added good flavour, & the soup in the XLBs was delicious. I would eat these again.

Plus points for self service ginger & vinegar - I always load up on the ginger, with minimal vinegar. & yet another one: This stall accepts GrabPay, so yay for cashless transactions & earning Grab points!

Made my way home with frozen goodies in tow: Xiao Long Baos 小笼包 go for $10 a bag of 20 pieces, Dumplings 水饺 at $12 for a bag of 30 pieces.

I took a gamble on Yong Zhen Lor Mee Prawn Mee 永珍卤面虾面 (#01-40), not because there isn't anything famous/worthy at ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre (just Google), but because I came here for a late lunch & several lunch stalls had closed, & dinner stalls hadn't opened.

My eyes lit up as I tasted the soup of the Prawn Mee ($3 nett). It was umami, slightly herbal, & very tasty. I slurped it again just to confirm - yep, it's good.

The noodles they use for the prawn mee is the lor mee noodles - the thick & flat yellow ones. I don't actually like lor mee; I've never tried this combination before.... But I really like it! The silky smooth kuay teow mixed in upon auntie's recommendation adds a nice texture variant, too.

Can't complain about the ingredients in this dish. This bowl is priced affordably, & the prawns (only 2 pieces, wish there were more!), fishcake & pork slides were of decent quality. I finished everything in the bowl... Except the prawn tails. Mmmm yes I will be back for more.

Not gonna lie - this isn't the best plate of wanton mee ($3.50 nett) I've ever had. However, a few notable points: I love how sizeable these wanton are, the charsiew ain't half bad (I am curious to see how their roast duck/meat noodles/rice fair), & the sauce is somewhat special.

I am not a fan of the noodles, being slightly clumpy & on the soft side. But nothing that a little chewing can't handle.

Not worth a special journey down but as it is a convenient lunch location for me on weekdays, I'd come back again. The uncle is quite friendly too, although he tried to speak to me in Cantonese & I could only smile back. Nice chirpy chap.

Smoking is permitted in this coffeeshop - only at the designated smoking "zone" of a single row of tables facing the main road. But we all know how smell travels.... 🚭

💷 Cash only
☀ Al fresco seats only
🚬 Smoking is permitted
📶 No free WiFi
📍 BHS Coffee shop: Bpk 34 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee, Singapore 160034

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上海拉面小笼包 Shanghai La Mian Xiao Long Bao at Alexandra Village Food Centre (#01-56) sells lovely Dumplings 水饺 ($5.00 for 10) & Xiao Long Baos 小笼包 ($5.00 for 7). Was very satisfied with these steamed freshly on the spot. Had to wait 5 mins for these to be ready, but it was worth it.

I lunched here during an off-peak hour, so there was only 1 person in front of me in the queue. Normally, during peak hour there is a long line at this stall!

The XLBs had very umami soup inside, & the skin is of the thickness & softness that it should be. It doesn't break easily either, so there's little to no soup wastage due to accidents.

The dumplings were filled with lots of meat, which delights me. Very value for money. The same can be said about the skin here too.

I also like how you help yourself to the ginger & vinegar at the stall, because I generally eat a mountain of ginger & less vinegar than the average person. So I can #optimize, here.

I immediately bought some frozen ones to bring home & steam when I need a quick fix for a meal. They come in bags of 10 each - $6.50 per bag of XLB, $4.50 per bag of dumplings. Pretty competitive pricing for such excellent quality!

This stall also accepts GrabPay, so you can earn Grab points here 👍🏻

At Bukit Merah Central Food Centre (block 163), you have the option of getting a tray or not - I personally think a tray is a good idea for soupy meals. Just remember to return your tray at the designated points to get your deposit back!

📶 Interesting to note that, surprisingly, there is WiFi here, thanks to [email protected]

In all honesty, not the best Mee Hoon Kueh 麵粉粿 ($3.50 nett) I've had; might be personal preference, but it's too thick & starchy for me. However, the soup is really quite impressive & I lapped up every last drop.

I would be keen to return here to try their Ban Mian, actually - in hopes of being able to pass fair judgement based on their different noodle options.

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Don't be intimated by the long queue here at Lan Xiang Noodles 兰香麵粉粿板麵; the 10 people in front of me were served pretty quickly, & I got my food in 13 minutes (yes I counted!).

I was dead set on trying their Ban Mian 板麵 ($3.50 nett), but when the lady running the stall swiftly waltzed through the queue in front of me & took everyone's orders at lightning speed, I was influenced by the guy in front of me & ended up ordering what he did - Mee Hoon Kueh 麵粉粿 ($3.50 nett).

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What I like about this bowl of Signature Noodles 招牌面 ($5 nett) is how it's an elevated version of regular Bak Chor Mee 肉脞面. You select your noodles of choice & whether you want it dry or soupy - that's the normal SOP to begin with. When you tuck in, you will have a hard time deciding which ingredient to eat first.

The mountain of unique ingredients includes: Handmade fishball, meatball, pork slices, pork liver, quail egg, pork liver, fish maw, prawn & mock abalone. Of course there is a very delicious bed of mushroom minced pork at the bottom, too.

The chilli is on the spicier side; nothing too overwhelming, but it broke me out in a sweat 😂 Noodles were done well, & had good texture... But I did find this on the salty side, so perhaps I will try the soup version next.

Overall, I find this dish more value for money than the other offerings they have. Perhaps because I value variety i.e. the spice of life 😉


Every dish at China Square Hainan Famous Beef Noodles Rice 中国城海南牛肉面 (#01-45) costs $5 nett. They serve a couple of delicious soupy options, with white rice 白饭 (50¢) costing additional:
[1] Raw Beef Soup 生牛肉汤 / Beef Soup 熟牛肉汤
[2] Beef Ball Soup 牛肉圆汤
[3] Combo Soup 牛什汤

If you are a noodley kind of person like I am, you can opt for either the dry 干 or soup 汤 variant of these:
[4] Raw Beef Noodles 生牛肉面
[5] Beef Noodles 熟牛肉面

I ordered the Dry Raw Beef Noodles 生牛肉面; the generous amount of thick sauce was pretty good, mixed in with the thick bee hoon 粗米粉 that thankfully wasn't overcooked.

I initially thought there weren't enough beef slices, but I ate my words when I made it to the end of my dish with a food ratio of noodles & beef in every spoonful I had. I liked how the beef slices were sliced to a good thickness & weren't over nor undercooked

While I didn't find this a mind-blowing bowl of noodles, I did enjoy it & I also really liked the soup that came with it - definitely want to try the soup version next time!


Was tempted to try the Jumbo Prawn Noodles 珍宝虾面 (option 2; $8.80/$10.80), but at almost double the price & it being my first time here, I opted for the simpler "normal" Prawn Noodles 虾面 (option 7; $4.80/5.80) bowl-- large sized, of course.

The ratio of prawns to noodles are pretty off. I had so much noodles remaining (#carbloading) but I guess it was okay because they were good non-soggy noodles. Soup was delicious too. After you place your order, your food gets delivered to you, so be sure to have your table number ready when you order at the counter.

They also serve options with pork ribs & /or pig tails, but that's not my kind of thing. Full on prawns for me! Will try the Jumbo Prawn Noodles next time.


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