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Nichol Leong
Nichol Leong

This was quite shiokkkk although it’s on the pricey end 😜

I shall call it the santa claus drink, love the peachy vibes of the drink 😛 Atlas was a pretty nice place to chill~ We got to see the full view of the area from the seats on the second level 😊 Time flew by really quickly 🥳

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Visited Alley on 25 again and this time it’s for my dad’s birthday 🥳 Ordered a couple of dishes to share, starting from my favourite: (1) BBQ Pork Spare Ribs (super tender & goes super well with rice), (2) Pizza Salmon (the base is mascarpone! suits someone like me who dislikes tomato 😱),(3) Linguine Gamberetti & (4) Kor Moo Yang 🐷 The two drinks we got were Best G&T in the world and Gong Xi. 😝

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All you can eat meat buffet for $29.90++ on the weekends 👍🏼 The variety of meat was good and it was well marinated. Although we waited for super long, the wait was definitely worth it. Go for the pork options before the chicken ones 👻

Brunch @ Fennel for the 2nd time! The salmon is pretty good!! But I miss the duck confit 😝

If you could eat one Korean dish forever, what would that be?


Food was alright~ We were seated outside so we didn’t rly get to enjoy the ambience. Cashier was a little rude but oh wells guess I have no choice because I’m there for the hype HAHAH

Was a good 🍕 brunch with the bff!! Love the funghi pizza and would like to try the zucchini one!!! 😍

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Ultimate craving satisfaction!!!! ✅ There was still a long queue at 3pm, which goes to show how popular shiok maki is 🤪 Overordered because we were too greedy 😅 Shiok maki is still as awesome as how I remember it to be👍🏼

definitely comfort food but I miss eating in the restaurant 😍

I had 7 glasses of prosecco 🙊 nice ambience to hang out with your girlfriends and just talk about life and how our travel plans will be cancelled because of COVID 😢 PRAYING FOR WORLD PEACE 🙏🏼 (by the way i heard its $22 additional for the free flow prosecco now...when i went, i only had to pay for the brunch 🤑)


SUPER WORTH IT with the 30% discount!!! but its a tad too oilyyyy~ jio ur friend to get this and its totally worth it 🥢🍤🍥

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