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Work Hard + Eat More

Work Hard + Eat More

Places to work and enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee…
Eleanor Tay
Eleanor Tay

Like Dapper Coffee (which isn't open on the weekends).
Formula to get work done:
⋅ good coffee
⋅ R&B/Hip-Hop music (the old school stuff)
⋅ coffee
⋅ dim lighting
⋅ coffee
⋅ fast wifi
⋅ coffee
⋅ power plugs
⋅ coffee
⋅ optional pokemon stop
⋅ coffee
#WorkHardAnywhere #CoffeeAddict #DapperCoffee


Was choosing my cake when I saw this and had to try it. Slightly tangy with chocolate bits for decoration… this us worth trying once for the Pokemon hype.
#PokemonGo #WorkHardAnywhere #PatisserieG #Dessert #Cake #SGcafe *


I think this cafe is getting a bit too popular. 😩 My little work space is not so quiet any more. 😞 Luckily the nice loud 90's R&B + hip-hop music makes up for the human intrusions.
#WorkHardAnywhere #DapperCoffee #EarlGreyYuanYang


Spent most of it fixing my website, breaking it, fixing it again and repeat…
Finally gave up and upgraded to another host just for WordPress 🙄—It's a love/hate thing. Now I wanna work on my site… but the week has started…
Wouldn't mind more of that cupcake tho!
#InGoodCompany #WorkHardAnywhere


Grilled chicken in Portuguese marinade, lettuce, tomato, red onion, sweet chilli sauce and aioli.
A filling evening snack and a nice place to chill.
Thanks @ksherena for extending the invite and @bergsgourmetburgers for feeding us.
#BergsGourmetBurger #WorkHardAnywhere *


Surprised this place wasn't more packed.
#WorkHardAnywhere #TheArtSpace *


This isn't a great place for working considering the crowd and echoes. They do have free WiFi, although it's as slow as a snail. Coffee is more on the acidic side, so it's not my favourite. But the cafe is pretty for photo-taking if you're closer to the windows.
#AtlasCoffeehouse #WorkHardAnywhere


Still one of the best places for WiFi & plugs. Plus coffee of course.
#ARCcoffee #WorkHardAnywhere


Chillin' with yet another glass of Earl Grey Yuan-Yang. The cafe only opens on weekdays, so check it out if you get to work offsite.
#DapperCoffee *


Coffee & Cravings meetup organiser, snap happy social media enthusiast, marketing person. 😊🍰😍

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