Italian 🍝

Italian 🍝

Featuring iO Italian Osteria (HillV2), Supply & Demand (Orchard Gateway), Pasta & Co., The Wicked Garlic (International Plaza), PizzaExpress (Scotts Square), Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria, Da Paolo Pizza Bar, Mondo Mio Restaurant & Wine Tavern, Roots Mediterranean, Strong Flour
Rachelle Ng
Rachelle Ng

A restaurant with cozy italian homely ambiance serving up hearty southern italian dishes.

Their hand stretched thin pizza baked in brick oven is so good. We had their Tartufata ($26), topped with mozzarella cheese, truffle spread, porcini mushroom, smoked cheese and shaved Parmesan cheese. We could smell the truffle from a distance away, the crust is so light, fluffy and chewy and the pizza slice is almost as thin as a piece of paper with generous amount of sauce base, cheese and mushrooms. This pizza is definitely a winning piece over their pasta.

For pasta, we had their Scialatielli di Capri ($26). It’s homemade pasta, shaped like a super thick version of a pappardelle, with seafood, white wine and tomato sauce. It’s abit hard to scoop up the pasta because of the thickness, but somehow the sauce is rather good, it has a tart flavor that cuts through the tomato base.

Roots Mediterranean feels like a italian-mediterranean restaurant. They have options of cheese and hams, handmade pasta and pizza and delectable options of mains too. Not forgetting a couple of quirky concoctions of cocktails.

We went for their 4 Raviolis option as we are kind of spoilt for choice so having an option where we can try out multiple flavor of ravioli is pretty good! The Ravolis is well cooked to bite and the feelings were well seasoned. We went for the raviolis with Crab & Lobster, Smoked Salmon, Truffle & Cheese and Mushroom. Different raviolis comes with different sauce base pairing, but for this option, we could only choose one and decided to go for their Prawn bisque base. It’s very concentrated and umami tasting, because it’s heavy in taste, it complements well with the ravioli which is more natural tasting.

Pleasantly surprised, they have very affordable portion of ham options which ranges from $7-$13 for 50gram of parma, iberico ham etc. & their portion is rather decent. At least like 6-8 chunky slices for each different type of ham.

Not the most accessible place to go to, but it’s worth a try!

When someone mentions Fortune Center, usually the first thing that comes to your mind will be either Japanese Izakaya or vegetarian food. Least you’ll expect is a handmade pasta place there.

It is a pretty modernized and chic cafe. In contrast to the stalls there, price is also definitely on the higher end. What you’re paying for is definitely for the handmade and quality stuff.

Pasta are handmade, so there’s a nice al dente chewiness to it as opposed to hard texture. There’s also a variety of pasta flavors to choose from such as Roasted Capsicum spaghetti, beetroot fusilli, Pumpkin Rigatoni, Squid Ink Tagliatelle whereby flavors may changes from time to time.

I like how their flavors are bold and rich yet not gelard. If you like truffle and something creamy, go for their Truffle Cacio E Pepe. If you like something more hearty, tomato base, with a slight roasted kind of flavors and want to try something uncommon, can go for their Lamb Merguez.

Portions that you see here are tasting portions and it ranges from $14-$19.

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Have you tried a sourdough based pizza? It’s actually becoming my new favorite for pizza or perhaps it’s because of Plank Sourdough Pizza where they have done a good job on their sourdough pizza. Beside being healthier, I like how the texture is actually soft, chewy and tangy. Pizza hand stretched to super thin and with generous amount of toppings on it! They usually have a monthly special in addition to their usuals.

We went for their Chilli Crab Pizza (which was their monthly special) and their Pizza 4, pulled BBQ chicken, cranberry compote with Camembert and I added an additional topping of parma ham!

I like how distinct each pizza brings out the flavour. The chilli crab pizza, is tangy and has that kick of spiciness. Not only does it has a generous amount of crab meat, it also comes with crotons and a sunny side up! So loving it! In contrast to Pizza 4 which has a little sweetness, some creamy and cheesiness with a little savoriness cutting through it. Their 2 pizza is more than enough to fit 4-5 people!

Baked Pork Belly with Wild Fennel comes in 2 different sizes! The one in the picture is small at $9! Loved how thin layer and crackling the skin is. The meat is so juicy, savory and flavorful too. Complement really well with the herby flavor from the wild fennel! Overall, the food has a very nice homely touch to it.

Liked how each and every of their pasta and risotto is cooked to al dente and well flavored with fresh ingredients. Just like this Risotto Al Fungi Porcini which was creamy and well flavored with truffle, porcini mushroom sauce and slices of shiitake mushrooms. It’s kind of light yet flavorful and comforting to have on an evening! Items are reasonably priced too!

Pretty good handmade pasta from Strong Flour located at the entrance of Katong V. Being homemade, it retain the sort of freshness and chewiness which gives a good mouthfeel. The truffle was subtle with a blend of seems what like a black pepper flavor. The chicken slices was tender and well marinated which complement the bowl of pasta.


Another GEM find from Pizza Express! Originating from London, serving their handcrafted pizza, pasta (there's handmade version too) and salads! Almost like a 14" inch thin crafted pizza, was ingredients loaded with smoked chicken, jalapeΓ±os, bell peppers, mozzarella cheese, garlic and chili flakes. Crust wasn't too hard but instead on the crispy side. A bite into the pizza sinks your teeth into the wonders of flavors, a little spicy and a little cheesy! It's really a good slice of pizza to ask for! Plus it's meaty!


Craving for that thin crust pizza which was well smoked with the right flavors on every note? Crispy thin crust with tomato base and topped with salmon slices generously! There's a mixture of smoked and cooked salmon which creates a medley of savory flavors to it. A taste of it brings you round under the sea!


Escargot pasta in pesto cream sauce. Generous serving with chewy springy escargot in pesto cream sauce the aglio olio way. πŸ˜‹ Not ge-lard at all!

SG50 happy promo Laksa Pizza! Filled with cheesy bursts and traces of laksa taste! Twist to your local Asian flavors!

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Aglio Olio style with 5 succulent prawns filled with wicked garlicky aroma. The pasta may be a tad too oily. But still something comforting for a lunch after half day of work in the CBD area!


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