Say Kimchi!

Say Kimchi!

Featuring Joo Bar, O'ma Spoon ([email protected]), Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe (Orchard Central), Nipong Naepong ([email protected]), Kimchi Korean Restaurant, Banana Tree, Cafe Insadong, Ice Lab Cafe (Orchard), Nanta BBQ, Hansik Korean Family Restaurant (Heartland Mall)
Rachelle Ng
Rachelle Ng

Unlike the usual clean tasting spicy seafood broth, theirs version is rich and umammi flavored with strong prawn-y taste. Spotted the use of star anise in their broth too, no wonder the broth is kind of subtly spiced. Their seafood were kind of grilled before adding it into the broth giving it a sweet smokey aroma.

If you’re someone who like strong seafood flavors, this is definitely for you. Especially on these rainy days.

Nipong Naepong is like a Korean-Italian fusion jjamppong restaurant dishing out varieties of jjampong. The noodles and ingredients are all the same just the base is different. Some of their famous varieties includes Ro Ppong which is their tomato cheese cream base and this Cha Ppong which resembles the Korean style jjampong.

Noodles were springy and seafood were plump and fresh just that the squid were a little over cooked and on the chewy side. The soup was piquantly spicy, a little tangy and has a subtle seafood kimchi flavor. Pretty like this dish a lot!

Beside jjamppong, they do have other items like risotto (soi chicken risotto) and pizza (garlic pizza but with a surprising sweet twist to it) which are pretty amazing too! Not forgetting their refreshingly cool lychee yoghurt slushie!

Finally get to lay my hands on this korea-imported brand budaejjigae. It's a fully customizable budaejjigae. You get to choose your toppings and what goes into the stew. They have the basic ones for you to choose from which include cheese, chicken sausage, beef, mushroom and mussels and you can add on mandu, maggie mee etc. I guess what makes this unique was the cheese, which beautifully thicken the stew and have itself coated around the surrounding ingredients! Delicious good stuff do not just end here. Order a set of fried rice and fry it with the remaining stew. Texture of rice was really superb, with flavors from the stew and lingering with seaweed bits and sweet crunchy corns. What a perfect way to end the meal. Oh, did i mention, the restaurant has got themselves halal certified!

Well we are pretty greedy people! We ordered an army stew for 3 when there's only 2 of us! It comes with 1 jjigae + 2 sides (kimchi pancake and chicken wings)! The jjigae was loaded with abundance of ingredients like toppoki, kimchi, luncheon meat, sausages, cabbage, meat, beans, tofu, mushrooms etc and not forgetting the MAGGIE MEE! The soup base started off light but as it boils, the soup thickens and brought out the flavors of the soup. A little spicy a little sour, tingling around your tastebuds. Thumbs up for that! We paid about $40 because there's 2 of us, otherwise, if there's 3 pax, it's only about $25! Which is pretty worth it!

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Like how thin and crispy the pancake is with generous chunks of succulent squids and prawns; and lingering flavors of kimchi!

Not forgetting the free flow side dishes. Not just 3 or 4 but a whooping 7 varieties! Dishes are decently priced too and sharing portions are generous!


9 tier of variety fresh and plump seafood including clams, prawns, squid, crabs, scallop, oyster, crayfish and a steamboat style kind soup base filled with seafood jus. Remember to add your favorite maggie mee, white cabbage and golden mushroom to savor the essence of seafood the second time, the second way! Seafood are steamed retaining their original sweet flavors and well cooked, not too hard and chewy. Be awe by this 9 tier of choice!


Delish fusion of east meet west. Traditional red hot pepper sauce used as the base of risotto, not too piquant but with the right spicy note to the palette. The seafood used were fresh, plump and succulent. Good ratio of seafood to rice. The texture of the risotto was done to perfection too, not too wet, not too dry but just a lil tiny winny of creaminess. A flavorsome plate of risotto!


One of the latest addition to the bingsu scene in Singapore! Sat in a brightly crystal lit 2 storey store facing a 'snowing' Christmas tree enjoying a bowl of yoghurt bingsu. Flakes of bingsu brings about a subtle yoghurt milky flavor topped with a scoop of berries ice cream that really complements well with the yoghurt flakes with its sweet and a hint of sour berries taste. To make it seems like a healthier choice, it comes with strawberries and cornflakes! Overall bowl is rather light in flavor but sad to say it does not really keep me in awe or craving for more. There's really too much alternatives for bingsu right now!

Is this the new trend now! Sweet spicy short ribs coated with a layer of golden melting cheese goodness. The ribs were well marinated to the core and detaches easily from the bone. Meat were tenderly soft. Accompanying were steam egg, chips with salsa, salad and minced meat that goes really well with a jug of watermelon soju cocktail. The cheese ribs were the star for the night, simply daebak!

Next Matcha Bingsu find from Cafe Insadong. Green tea flavored shaved ice that was a little subtle in taste. It will be good if it's richer in matcha flavor and more accompanying ingredients. It gets kind of boring halfway through as you feel as though you're only left chewing on ice and nothing else. Sadly, it's not a you'll regret if you don't try.

Do you experience the feeling of you thought you have tried the best food around but yet times and again you stumble onto better ones? That's the case for Mango Cheesecake Bingsu from O'ma Spoon! First thumbs up for their use of MILK shaved ice instead of just plain shaved ice which have given the bingsu extra taste and flavor! Second thumbs up is for the generosity of the sweet mango cubes that filled up our bowl. Third thumbs up is for the additional cheesecake that was smooth, dense brimming with cheesy flavor. Forth thumbs up is a scoop of ice cream! Though it will be much preferred of its a mango-flavor ice cream. Fifth thumbs up is, you're left wanting to try more of their flavors like Chocolate Bingu & Matcha Bingsu!


Good things come in trio! But the thrill is not lasting and addictive. Too much of plain finely shaved ice and cream spoils the taste and makes it a little dull :/ But luckily for the fresh fruits, toppings and ice cream did help to improve the overall taste a little!


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