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It's The Restaurant Style

It's The Restaurant Style

Featuring Roots Kitchen Bar, High Society, Lighthouse Bistro & Bar, Medzs Bistro & Bar (Clifford Centre), Shallots
Rachelle Ng
Rachelle Ng
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Nagano Pork Rack

With a touch of fusion. Braised cabbage, mustard seed and grape compote, a little light and sweet with the pork done perfectly, not too tough yet firm, with a little crisp added to the edges. It's a truly hidden gem!

Beef Linguine

Dimly lit with a touch of classy and romance in the interior. A medley of exquisite food were served on their menu. These beef linguine were almost receiving the thumbs up from me if not for their uneven cooking of beef chunks, some were so tender and juicy while just a bit of it were a little tough and chewy. Pasta was close to the al dente texture that I was looking for. It will be a great gem reasonably priced if care were taken in cooking the beef!

Duck Leg Confit!

One of the best duck leg confit I ever had! The skin is crackling crispy though with quite a fair bit of fats too and the meat was so moist, tender juicy, easily detached from the bones. There were minimum brown sauce but the meat was so flavorful on its own. In addition were the roasted potatoes there were a little crisp and warm; broccoli were green and crunchy. A fulfilling lunch find in the bustling raffles place!

Mussels In White Wine

Loving how the mussels are so well cooked, retaining its springiness and sweetness. Accompanied by a slice of well toast garlic bread that absorb the remaining essence from the white wine broth. Be sure not to miss this dish!

Seafood Laksa Spaghetti

One of the seafood laksa I've tried so far that exudes the local traditional laksa flavor. Al dente pasta paired with a rich and creamy base with the pasta in the right proportion hence not feeling too ge-lard or overwhelming. A dish that hits the right notes of color and taste!


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