Asian Cuisines

Asian Cuisines

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Camille Ng
Camille Ng

Interesting ramen broth, and decadent gyoza dish with sauce that tastes exactly like lasagna

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If you love spicy food you have to try ayam penyet! It's an Indonesian dish, almost like nasi lemak. The sambal is super super spicy, and it's perfect with the raw cabbage. The chicken they give is quite a big piece, and really tender too. I've had bad experience with tempeh cooked differently, but this tempeh is really so good! Definitely give this a try!

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Dodo Korea is located within a food court in Intermark. They have set bento boxes for RM15, which I think is super worth it. We got the bulgogi beef set and it came with a whole bunch of other stuff. It wasn't great Korean food but for the price and the amount, it's a filling meal. Although it's just a small stall in a food court, the ladies working there were very friendly and helpful! You can even order for takeaway or pack up leftovers, they provide containers and cutleries.

I absolutely love Indian food and this place will probably be my new go-to place! The restaurant is so nicely decorated since its inside Starhill Gallery, service is great, and most importantly the food is so good! We ordered the Lamb Biryani, and the portion was definitely enough for 2. They serve papadum with mango chutney and mint sauce as a complementary appetizer, which I absolutely love. The lamb curry fills the bottom half of the pot, topped with the biryani rice. It looks small but it definitely fills a lot. No doubt I'll come back again for more!

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We ordered the set lunch Korean Gogi Set (RM17.50 after tax). It comes with purple rice, 3 side dishes, a small bowl of seaweed soup, and a drink. The stir fried meat with kimchi was served on a stone plate sprinkled with lots of sesame seeds (which was great). Personally I felt like the meat was a little too sweet, and also the kimchi wasn't really kimchi -- basically raw cabbage with some spices, not the softer well-marinated kind. The sides were mediocre, and the soup tasted a little strange. Not my favorite place to get Korean food, but it's definitely a very affordable and filling meal.

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I can't believe this restaurant is so big, on the main road, and I've never noticed it before! I've never had Bangladeshi food before either so this was interesting. It is pretty much chap fan style, you scoop what/how much meats and veges you want and they'll charge you for whatever you have on your plate.
We couldn't decide, as usual, so we tried a little bit of everything: beef and chicken (top plate, RM10), pumpkin, green beans and okra (middle plate, RM6), mutton and duck (bottom plate, RM10), and on the right is what the guy said is called 'sambal'. The 'sambal' (RM2 each) is basically fish paste + lots of chili + lots of spices, it was really goodddd although super spicy. It's not like a fishball where it's springy, it very soft and crumbly, nothing like I've had before.
The meats were pretty good, my favorite would be the chicken even though I usually love mutton curry. All the curries are more spicy than regular Malaysian curries and I really liked it! The mutton had a very buttery taste to it. We also chose the butter rice (RM 4) instead of regular white rice, it's almost like nasi briyani.
We also had gulab jamun (a sweet treat that's not in the picture, RM3 each). I've always loved it very much but if it's your first time trying it you might not like it very much, it may be a little too sweet. Best way to describe it is a small fried donut soaked in syrup, but the ingredients are definitely different from your typical donut.

The entire meal this time was RM37, and the amount of food we had was probably enough to feed 3-4 people. Pretty good deal I would say!

Overall I really liked this place! Good food, excellent service, very spacious, very very clean, and very brightly lit up. Definitely will come back again!

Daebak Dakgalbi serves mostly food for sharing. We decided to go for one of their daebak specials instead of their dakgalbi. We had the Dak Banmari (half chicken soup with Korean Chopped noodles), recommended for 1-2 person for RM45 (before tax) but it was quite a decent portion for 3 regular-appetite people. If half a chicken isn't enough, they also have the full chicken for RM88.
They bring the pot of partially cooked, uncut chicken to the table's stove, then cut it into smaller pieces for you at the table.
The soup base is very clear, probably just hot water when they bring it to the table, but the essence from the chicken and the sweetness of the mushrooms, onions, chives and leek just makes the soup so pure. The plate of noodles that come with the pot is TO DIE FOR. It looked like freshly made noodles, and you cook it whenever you feel like it. The texture of it is so great. It's almost like ban mee noodles but more QQ. It's slightly thick and slightly chewy but all in a good way, really shines through the clear broth! If you love the noodles as much as I did, you can add another portion for RM6.
Never had anything like this before and I'm definitely coming back again for this dish, super hearty comfort food!

*important note: their kimchi was not bad at all, quite spicy πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Pak Loh Chiu Chow is a high-end Chinese restaurant serving Teochew food. We tried the Flat Rice Noodle Soup with Tiger Prawns and Minced Pork (RM38 tax inclusive). It has a very unique taste, I've never tasted soup like theirs before. It's milky, very savory, this may sound weird but it has a slight kuih kapit taste 😳 The cilantro in there really cuts the richness of the soup. You'll find some mushrooms, carrots, minced pork, and luffa (δΈη“œ). The prawn tasted really fresh! The texture was really crisp, not mushy like defrosted prawns would. I especially love how incredibly smooth and silky the flat noodles are. I really would go back just for the noodles πŸ€” Because of the richness of the soup, I don't think I would be able to finish the entire bowl myself, so definitely bring a friend with you to try some of their dishes!


First time trying the food in this chain and I LOVE IT. Can't believe my mum hasn't tried the food in this chain either!
When you first sit down, they give you a complementary plate of sliced guava with orange peel, which I love oh so very much. We ordered the 'Dried Scallop and Petite Abalone Mixed Rice'. It was so surprisingly good! The mixed rice itself comes in a hot stone pot, and it also comes with a small bowl of soup.
The mixed rice was kind of like in between porridge and rice, in the sense that the rice was soft but not mush, drenched in some soup-gravy thing. It wasn't too thick at all, just perfect! There was probably like 10 mini abalones in there, along with scallops and chopped up mushrooms. I mean come on, all this for RM19.90?? (RM23.20 after taxes and all that ish) The side soup was light and sweet, all from the ε°η™½θœ, straw mushrooms, gooseberries and shiitake mushroom. I honestly don't think they use MSG, it was all very light and very very hearty. I don't quite know how to explain, you just have to try it for yourself, especially if you're not feeling very well. An instant perk-me-up! Definitely coming back for more!

Loved this hearty bowl of noodles! This vegetarian pot comes sizzling hot, and it comes with pumpkin noodles, sweet potato, cabbage, enoki mushroom, corn, fuchok and carrots. The broth is refillable. There's also a seafood option with this. This large pot was around RM13.50-14 if I remember correctly. The restaurant supposedly serves healthier foods and this was definitely a tasty one.

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First time at this little restaurant, looks nice considering it was amongst some pretty old flats. The rice was pretty good, but I wish it had a bit more of a kick to it. Wasn't very spicy at all, however the chili padi was super fiery! The restaurant had really attractive set lunches starting from RM6.90. I believe this set I ordered was around RM8.90, it came with a glass of pandan water. Honestly didn't like the pandan water cuz it was sweet, I prefer just pandan infused, no sugar. Pretty nice place overall, set lunch is super cheap, but a la cartes might be a bit on the pricey side

Taking my natural Malaysian foodie instincts to NYC ✌🏼️

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