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Places Of White Cafe

Places Of White Cafe

Featuring The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen, Softsrve (Damansara Uptown), Wild Sheep Chase, Neighbour's Coffee Bar, Softcore Molten Cake Co., Nara Kitchen & Co., Miru Dessert Cafe (Damansara Uptown), Cream by The Roast Things, Hail's Soft Serve & Dessert Cafe, Mollydooker's Coffee Bar
Christal Foo
Christal Foo

A glass house with lots of white and serve coffee, it's a small cafe that only serve sandwiches such as croissant with chicken ham and egg or with tuna or by its own. Beside only sandwich they also serve cakes.


A new cafe just pop up in the area of Seri petaling with an interior which is fully white ! They serve various types of food such as egg Benedict, big breakfast , sandwiches and also desserts such as churros ! Coffee here are great too ! With an ambiance which if quiet and cozy it's a best place for some quiet reading time or a place for you to get some work done here :). Please note their food is a bit on the higher price range


First time that catches my eye about this cafe is their cuteness !! Omg it's pink everywhere from their wall to their pillows and their desserts! They serve very good macaroons and desserts for the time being no real food yet, beside coffee they also have other pretty drinks with flowers on top and tea ! They only open from 1pm-11pm and closes on Monday. As my opinion avoid ordering coffee, you can go for their pretty drinks with flower on top :).


Another shade of white cafe have just arrived in the neighborhood of Aman Suria ... They currently only serve coffee tea and cakes... Their price range around rm10-20 per cup of coffee... And parking may be a problem so avoid going on the weekdays.

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A new cafe located in Pandan indah have gave the people in Cheras a nearer option to go cafe whenever they like! This white and clean theme cafe are serving breakfast, spaghetti and more fusion cuisines . Their cost for a place range around RM 9.90 -20+ ... Which is quite reasonable for a cafe, not forgetting to mention ... Their carbonara is awesome ! And egg Benedict selling at Rm16.90 taste good too 😋 is a great place to hang! Not to mention car park isn't a problem here too

A new soft serve ice cream in town which serve only two flavors now... The pink peppercorn and the black sesame ice cream ... Various toppings to choose from however price isn't stated in the menu for the soft serve ... So aspecting a range of ice cream from rm15-20 as was stated by the cashier... They also serve coffee and tea too.... Their interior is so pretty which white tiles and baby blue chairs it makes you feel so calm and comfy.... This is located in uptown same row with buskin Robbins so parking is a bit hard to find...

If you love dessert from the Japanese, then you would love this shibuya toast look a like 😋. This soft and fluffy and crunchy at the same time. The buttery taste of the bread is very not too overwhelming which make it taste so good. You won't get bored eating them and keep wanting more. They serve other few types of toasts including with cheese and also fruits. Prices are not more than RM 20. They also serve drinks like coffee , tea and yogurt milkshake. Their operating time is between 2pm-11pm so take note of that. This is included in my list of white cafe because the whole cafe is really white and bright. Well decorated :)


Attention to molten cake lovers out there !!! There is a cafe newly open around sunway neighborhood just to fix your molten cake cravings! If you love molten cake like I do,do drop by and say hi to them as the staff there are really friendly and they will recommend what their specialties... They serve various type of flavor molten cakes from dark chocolate - white chocolate , matcha , peanut butter and also salted caramel !! 😋😋 so far I have only tried their salted caramel and it's love ! Although portion might be a bit small ... And not forgetting their white clean interior ! Also a plus for decorating it with fresh flowers 💐


A cafe which suits your crave for kinfolk style !! Another white cafe that can fulfilled my list. Although parking is a huge problem there but is a must to visit. Will not regret it :) coffee and churros was good ! Also tried their homemade juices really love their "yellow bricks". A bit disappointed with their eggs Ben because it's not runny. But overly is 3/4 satisfying !

Another white cafe jus pop up in Klang Valley which is overly welcomed by everyone !! The white theme cafe is also serving good desserts such as lava cakes , sweet soufflés , and also waffles ! Their drinks also include coffee and earl grey milk tea... So far there are not much choices in their menu because they are still a newbie , but they also cover savory ! Lik sandwiches. You could drop by for some sweets cravings and the earl grey milk tea is a must ! Parking is easy to find, could be a bit Crowded during peak hours !

White theme cafe !! Another one to add to my white list ! The staffs here are really friendly and helpful ! Really love the cozy and calm environment here ! Hey it looks a bit lol kinfolk ! Anyways the food here i think it's awesome ! I tried their big belly salad and chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream ! I must say its good ! And coffee - latte is great too ! They are currently opening till 6pm on weekends and weekdays till 4pm ! I would definitely come back for more salad ! Looks pretty and also taste great !

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The ambiance here is of cos white ! Love the interior here because is white !!! And filled with natural lighting which is photography friendly ! Every corner you see will be photogenic ! Not to mention they serve cheap pancakes which is delicious and sandwich which may fulfilled your carvings needs. Not to mention they also serve good coffee ! However parking here will be a problem. Only illegal parking is available on the weekdays, however if you r lucky you may find one 😉 . But worth it !


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