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I Love HK

I Love HK

Featuring Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳, Mido Cafe 美都餐室, Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine, Sang Kee Congee Shop 生記粥品專家, N1 Coffee & Co., DimDimSum Dim Sum Specialty Store (Jordon) 點點心點心專門店 (佐敦店), Passion by Gerard Dubois (Tsim Sha Tsui), Kung Wo Dou Bun Chong 公和荳品廠
Rachel King
Rachel King

You might not be able to see the raspberry but it is indeed there! One of the best Mille Feuille I've tasted. Every layer is crispy! Price: HK$67 (it's inclusive of the double espresso).

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It's a very old school shop which you can rarely find in Singapore. Please don't expect a lot of the shop but they serve simple and sincere food. Bean curd is really smooth and of course soft. Price: HK$14.

White sauce ham baked rice. The portion is huge! The white sauce is creamy, and the pineapple just helped to balance the creamy, cheesy feel.

Was craving badly for it and hence just order it instead of waiting to go kam wah. It's soft but chewy. If you like the chewy version, this might enjoy this!

Interesting prawn chee Cheong fun. They just add a twist in it by deep frying the prawn and make it into a prawn fritter. The rice roll is smooth but thicker than usual, I suspect it is because they would have to roll it with a irregular, rough prawn fritter. Worth a try.

Hello kitty styled ha kau. Self-explanatory. The skin of the ha kau is decent, the contain is basic. You will be wow-ed by the appearance otherwise nothing else. Would prefer the dim sum to the main dish, which is the rice. Price: refer to website. Again you are paying for the ambience.

It's the first of its own. Looks cute but not exactly worth the price. It's a tomato, apple-infused chicken rice. The rice is a little too dry, and not much taste despite of its yellow coloring. You can taste the apple but more tomato in the sauce, the chicken is tender but no Apple taste. Price: go to their website, you are paying for the ambience which is indeed full of kitty.

One of the congee shop I will always visit when I'm in HK. You can do away with the fried fritters because it's soggy unless you want to have something more solid. This is a pork, century egg and handmade fishball congee. Pork is your pulled pork unlike the sliced pork we are used to in sg, and the fishball is dark in color unless the white ones we are see. Price: HK$53. A little ex but it worth it!

Smooth and yet no bitter aftertaste. I only manage to try their coffee as its a small pitstop rest before I head back home. Will return to try other food next visit! Price: HK$35 as of Aug 2015

One of the best pineapple bun in HK. Don't be deceived by its name, there is just no pineapple inside. Order the pineapple bun with butter. It's a great combination of crispy sweet crust of the bun and the savory, smooth taste of the butter. Sinful but worth the calories! Price: HK$9 as of July 2015

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