Scoops Of Happiness

Scoops Of Happiness

All those cold creamy scoops ranging from ice cream to gelato to frozen yoghurt or anything alike
Irene Arieputri
Irene Arieputri

Crispy outside airy inside, the waffle goes well with the ice cream. I personally found the waffle a tiny bit dry but can easily be overlooked with the ice cream. Artisanal chocolate is okay, but the lychee ice cream definitely steals the spotlight here. Even though it’s a tad sweet for my liking, the lychee ice cream is refreshing (as its name suggests!) and bold in flavour. The lychee ice cream may be leaning towards the icy side but that’s expected when making ice cream from some fruits like lychee.


Was expecting a super sweet note from the cookie dough ice cream but was pleasantly surprised by the aromatic hazelnut flavour. Also enjoy the “soggy” cookie dough bits in the ice cream more than I thought I would. Their black sesame is my favourite- strong flavour with a bit of grainy sesame texture. Don’t think they make the best combo in terms of flavours but definitely recommend ordering them separately!


So glad to have walked past them on a PH (Monday) and saw them open! Got my hands on their new flavour: Spiced Pear. This is easily my new favourite now, besides the white chrysanthemum flavour. The spices are evident yet smooth. The Lychee Raspberry is a safe choice, which le bf finds kinda boring compared to the spiced pear. Guess we know which flavour to stick with next!

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Leaning towards the milkier side, the mixed houjicha and matcha softserve was rather muted in intensity. My friend complained about how little the portion is, but I thought it was alright. Overall, it's not bad— only wish the flavour could be stronger.


The subtle numbing aftertaste was pretty enjoyable, and I can understand why some people hoped for stronger flavour or more oil. There are various flavours for the ice cream, but I suggest going with vanilla to avoid overpowering the peppercorn oil.

Was so so so disappointed when I received my ice cream- where is the swirl? Pretty sure the staff also realised it cos she kept looking into the cup and her colleague as if asking for help. My friend's taro soft serve got the nice swirl and pearls sitting nicely around it, so maybe it's the staff's skill? Ice cream was consistently icy, but on the bright side it had strong tea flavour with fragrant and soft boba. My friend's matcha cheezo was diluted with barely any matcha taste (she said it was much better the last time she had it). Caught them on a bad day? Not sure, but won't return anytime soon.

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Hailing from the Philippines, Maxi Mango offers two types of desserts: softserve and smoothies. Mangoes were imported from the PH too and they were really sweet. My favourite from the lot was the mango keso as the shredded cheese helped to cut through the sweetness. Rather filling even for the small cup so do consider sharing with your friends!

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My n-th time here and by now I have tried almost all the flavours 😂 I like how smooth the ice cream here, although some can be a tad sweet for my liking. Their mixed berry is my usual option after meal, but this time round I was pleasantly surprised with the Persian Prince flavour. Subtly fragrant and leaning more on the sweet side, it was made of saffron and almond. A lovely combi!

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The froyo base here was light and a lil bit icy but I still enjoyed it. My choice of the mixed berry sauce was really nice with tangy kicks and some berry bits. Pineapple cuts might have been out in the room temp for too long but not a big issue. Suggest you share it as it can get quite filling


Hopefully not my last visit to Creamier Toa Payoh! Was impressed with the root beer ice cream that came with popping candy to give the fizzy aftertaste. The chocolate banana was a let down though with barely a hint of banana. Waffle was great as usual- crispy outside and fluffy inside.


Quite surprised with the distinct flavours of both scoops of ice cream. The salty notes might overpower the hojicha at times, but I still enjoyed it. Pleased with the super smooth and creamy texture.


The 6-month old cafe served a pretty wide range of gelato (for such a small shop). Pretty happy with my scoop of salted caramel - smooth and creamy (it started dripping within seconds). Quite surprised with the strong savoury kick upon the first lick, but eventually the sweet caramel balanced it off. The rosemary cone was rather subtle in flavour, and could have been sliiiiightly thicker so that it wont get soggy too fast.


In a never-ending quest of culinary delight || @riinns

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