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strong meat game

strong meat game

of swines, cows, goats and ducks
Fabian Poon
Fabian Poon

400g usda prime rib eye ($99) more - served naked with nothing but just garlic confit. beneath the charred exterior was an exemplary medium rare revealing the lucious porn pink inside. and you have to order a portion of kale salad ($27) - some crazy roasted peanut dressing indeed!

dry-aged beef has a remarkable depth of flavor, or so they say. this juicy-silly 250g grass-fed ribeye ($42.90) with a secret rub here at @pastajsg is also remarkable depth of flavor. it is HOWEVER not dry-aged. at all. .

when you dine at @pastajsg, self-taught chef john promises you dishes that are painstakingly organically prepared and an experience of partaking deep concentrated flavors (that my friend, is a brand that sets you different from competition). and is not just the mains only, the complimentary sides are equally laboriously prepared. think hours cooked sides of mushrooms and carrots that taste so earthly deep and garden sweet in flavors they are almost philosophical.
a @burpple invite and hosted by @pastajsg.


always something good at a #burpplehqhangout. the order of the evening: a fresh cut, 42 days dry aged, then a fresh cut again, ending with another slab of 42 days dry aged. cause @an_ox_box (instagram handle), a purveyor of dry aged beef meant to show you the world of difference of dry aging. i dunno bout the rest but i went for the fresh, then dry aged, dry aged again, and dry aged all the way. ha. for an unique beef tasting session, do check an ox box out!


i need beef tonight and this medium rare pink on my striploin alone is well worth my $20. side of vegetable ratatouille is just full of awesomeness. am a fan here.


seoul the men meat yesterday and drank hite-ly.
$49.90++ charcoal fired dinner buffet at regent hotel. with a choice of 11 standard meats + 20 ala carte items, damn i say is really worthy! hits and misses with the meats (e.g. the bone-in galbi were tough yesterday) but if you stuff yourself silly like the 4 men did yesterday, you get your money back for sure! banchan variety is limited if not sad (was actually planning to whack silly on mung bean sprouts but there was none), thankfully what's there make up with good korean homey quality. the stews are comforting and you really wanna save some space for their fantastic korean pajeon! then wash and cool down your body korean style with a bowl of cold noodle! .

not inclusive in the buffet price is this 160g slab of beef striploin at additional $19 - beautiful marbling but was expecting more flavors, so a dash of salt helps
fair value, charcoal fired korean bbq sans the smell after leaving the restaurant? defo warrant another visit to better digest the menu again! thank you @lucaslzm for the recommendation!


cos premium beef so this little sample platter really defines what less is more all about. simple wagyu loin and we were already startled by its quality coupled with the perfect dab of sweet dressing that still modestly let the flavors of the proteins shone through. then came the beautifully marbled "kagoshima zabuton" at bottom left, which well totally moo us away. platter also include my first tongue licking with another thick tongue (cooked and wagyu quality btw) and it didn't feel thick at all. enjoyed it like any other good quality beef cuts with a springy bite.


knowing how the koreans love their beefs, figured fat cow is THE most befitting place to continue talk shop over dinner at one of our island's best beef game. innocent namesake enough but fat cow is definitely upscale and dine to impress. my 180g medium rare wagyu flatiron ($58) from down under, while a tad shy of other premium japanese A4 or A5 cuts the restaurant has to offer, was already insanely orgasmic good. first mouth and i was blown away - that alluring pink hue and that perfectly executed grilled smokiness that made the already very flavorful cut even more pronounced. dont belittle that diced tomato by the side, is equally charmingly marinated sweet and resets my whole palette in anticipation for the next heavenly slice. that ponzu ginger sesame dip? o fat cow, you really don't have to.


weekend meat game strong.. a stop at @8koreanbbq - 4 flavors mangalica pork set ($58) and a slab of argentinian beef rib eye ($58). the mangalica pork of hungarian origin, touted as the kobe beef of pork was thick, lean and with melting fats without feeling sinfully heavy. suggest to go with one light flavor to enjoy the prized pork almost on its own and the rest with heavier flavors just for pure indulgence. awesome service but gwadd why issit so dark in there!


proteins game strong at dallas - half a rotisserie chicken, grilled lamb cutlets, pork ribs and prime rib steak on bed of beef fat cut potatoes buried underneath. chicken seems tough that day at tasting but get your freak on, i mean steaks on cause steaks are free flow at only $35++ on weekends.

a @burpple and @sixthsensepr invite and a big thank you @dallasingapore for hosting us.


permitted mess of nothing but swine mass. behold, the greatest pork hash dish philippines is proud to own - sisig. have your sin at lucky plaza food court


here for the amazeballs molten black gold again. asked if sauce was too heavy-handed today when i saw bro took the char siew and cut into two servings on his plate. to which he flatly reply me with a stare, "because you never order enough". hahaahaha.


i present you the entirety of a deep fried pig trotter. behemoth whole pig leg to a deep good fry guarantee a good crisp outisde but moist tender interior to enjoy


happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to have coffee.

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