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Brian Xavier
Brian Xavier
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Not sure of the present availability of this Strawberry Watermelon Cake ($8.90) but the fact that I enjoyed it says a lot because I don't enjoy eating watermelons. πŸ˜‚ The thick slice of watermelon is rosewater-infused comes off as rather refreshing, while the cream is really light that I enjoyed every bit of it! The delicate and airy cake is topped with fruits consisting of strawberries and grapes that appear to be layered with sugar syrup, providing a lovely tinge of sweetness to the overall dessert. πŸ˜‹

This definitely is a cake that tastes as delicious as it looks gorgeous, and the place is definitely somewhere I'm bound to return to time and again. ❀️


Really glad one of my last meals before I flew from Singapore was this Char Siew Siew Yoke Platter (medium, $17++) because it was the friggin' bomb! I often prefer roast pork over char siew but this time the tables turned in favour for the latter with its glistening texture and caramelized flavour with a pronounced fat-to-meat ratio. Definitely one of the best char siews I've had in Singapore! The roast pork is pretty good as well - tender with a crisp skin and also nicely balanced with fat and meat - but alas gets outshined by its other meaty counterpart. Don't forget to dip into that beautiful secret sauce that's served along with the platter. ❀️


Pictured is the Matcha by Riz Labo ($17) which uses gluten-free plain rice flour to make the fluffy and melty-soft pancakes. The pancakes are generously dusted with Kyoto matcha powder for a beautiful green coating, and topped with Riz Labo's deliciously light cream and adzuki red bean paste. It also comes with maple syrup which I ocassionally would forget to dip my pancake slices into because they are already pretty flavourful together with the cream. Matcha flavour could be stronger to get matchaholics raving about this, but this is otherwise an enjoyable stack of pancakes. You can always go for their OG Poofy Pancakes ($14) which surely did not disappoint and saves a bit of cash too - note that this item is not gluten free, but still really delish! πŸ˜‹

This is part of an eatup session hosted by @burpple and @habitat_sg @honestbeesg. πŸ™πŸ»

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No relevant CNY dishes to share today but this should be tantalizing enough: Kiwami Wagyu Sukiyaki Don ($29.90++). Thirty bucks is definitely an indulgent amount, but a little indulgence every once in a while never hurts! In all honesty, I believe that this is really worth the money considering the quality you get from the entirety of the dish, from the rice (yes the rice!!) to the melty A4 wagyu beef, as well as the mad generous portion! The bowl also comes with shimeji shrooms, shirataki noodles, braised tofu, cabbage and that familiar maple leaf-shaped mochi-like thing which I love so much! πŸ˜‹

If you are on a stricter budget, the standard Premium Beef Sukiyaki Don ($13.90++) is extremely value for money too, and definitely tastes good enough to safisfy! Note that I tried both, and oh boy the difference of the wagyu and premium beef is super obvious; if you say you don't taste any difference, then I might just assume you're not a beef lover of sorts. πŸ˜‚

Either don selection comes with sesame tofu with dashi ankake sauce, as well as an onsen egg and miso soup. There's complimentary pickled veggies and a range of sauces to add to your dish as well.

On a whole, my experience at Beef Sukiyaki Don Keisuke was really, really great, from watching your DEDICATED chef prepare your meal and down to the meal itself! It goes without saying that I'll be back. 😌

Pun intended.

Creatively shaped to be the head of a bear - comprised of biscuit ears, chocolate eyes and nose, and a vanilla ice-cream mouth, I really enjoyed this despite feeling like the size of the shaved ice could have done with more sauce; then again that could be my issue of not having poured the sauce evenly throughout the dessert. The heavenly Hokkaido jersey milk syrup is a luscious, less sweetened take on condensed milk, with its sweetness additionally contributed but balanced off with a series of mixed fruits: orange, mango, white peach and strawberry. Note that the ice is not fine like bingsu, but rather coarser (yet easygoing on the spoon) as you'd typically expect from kakigori or ice kachang.

The vibes of the spacious interior and promising desserts - with which this proved to be more than just a gimmick - are factors that are bound to keep me coming back when I am along Tras Street (Tanjong Pagar), and I can't wait to try their mains and choux puff when I am back in Singapore! 😁

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While I do love my Taiwanese triple XL meats, this stole the show (and my heart ❀️) simply because of how it succeeds as a unique signature item, with a gloriously gold and crispy batter that encases the silky, soft and tofu-like chawanmushi! πŸ˜‹ It's pretty tasty on its own, but dip into some soy sauce (the kind you'd use for traditional chawanmushi) for extra taste.

This is part of a tasting hosted at and by

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Pancakes did not disappoint with their thick and fluffy stacks, while maple butter is still mad ace. πŸ‘ŒπŸ» This all-day breakfast dish might sound bank breaking but it is surely sharable with 2~3 pax!

Protip: use @eatigo_sg to save a little from the indulgence! 😁

Maybe I'll have this again when I return to New York in June - what say you, @mfeofficial? πŸ€”

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How their chicken meatballs are so perfectly juicy is like a magical mystery to me, and the light cream base that never stops impressing with every mouthful of spaghetti. 🀀

It should be a crime that I miss this more than local food at the moment (and I had it before I left!); it ain't your typical plate of pasta, that's for sure!

Ordered the Pork Jowl ($24++) which was absolutely divine with its melt-in-your-mouth tenderness and exquisite taste that pairs splendidly with a tangy sauce that surrounds the meat. Accompanied by carrots, pickled raisins and pork crackling on the side for added textures and flavours, this dish is one I would more than gladly return for again! 😍

The food here may generally be priced on the higher end for a regular day, but thanks to @hungryin.singapore, I managed to enjoy two mains for the price of one (higher price is billed) with their E-book which features a range of F&B deals you surely do not want to miss out on! For $67, you can purchase their Premium Print which grants you exclusive dining privileges, from 1-for-1 deals to complimentary drinks or dessert, at 40 of the best venues in Singapore! To find out more about Hungry in Singapore, visit

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Pictured is the Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen with All Toppings ($15.90); I wasn't particularly impressed by the ramen at their previous outlet, but the experience this time was definitely different and I was especially blown away by the super tender Special Chashu which clearly outshines any other meat in the bowl. Granted the garlic taste was a little lacking in the broth, but that meat was more than enough to keep me wanting more. πŸ˜‹ I also particularly liked the springy noodles this time round and could not stop slurping! Overall a very hearty and delicious bowl of ramen; go for the Special Chashu Ramen ($14.90~15.90) if you just want to try the special chashu!

Thank you @ramenhitoyoshi @foodinsing for hosting the lunch tasting! πŸ™πŸ»

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That sure sounds different and appealing on first impression. Essentially milk ice-cream topped with brown sugar crystals that are torched on order, I really enjoyed the initial part of the ice-cream which did somewhat remind me of creme brulee with its slight burnt sweetness. The rest of it was plain ol' milk - no complaints from me though, because I love milk ice-cream. 😍 That said 8 bucks for the shortlived creme brulee component does sound a tad questionable, but I suppose it is definitely worth a try anyway. πŸ€”

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Each piece is not overly brittle but rather has just enough crunch on the exterior to accompany the succulent meat, thus pairing nicely with a staple for a meal or as a nice snack.


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