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Shuld Try

Shuld Try

Featuring The Benjamins, Boufe Boutique Cafe, Concetto by Saveur, Mr Baguette (Golden Mile Food Centre), Jamie's Italian (VivoCity), Fat Lulu's, Les Amis, Chapter 55, Godiva Chocolatier (Takashimaya), PS.Cafe (Paragon)
Barkavi Purushothaman
Barkavi Purushothaman
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Apparently all the cafehoppers would know bout this cafe as their signature molten cake is pretty yummy and it is their signature. The Salted egg yolk molten cakes (RM17) is one of list that you should try in their cafe. All of the molten cakes are crafted by using the finest Belgian Chocolate Couvertures and baked to order. It paired with Vanilla Ice Cream on crumble, rice puffs and curry leaves. The moist cake did encasing to two separate layers of thick liquid, which are the inner core salted egg yolk custard and sweet liquid form (Belgian white chocolate). It tastes quite good when you shoved everything together into the mouth. Ps: the curry leaf is edible. They also introduce the molten cake sets, which is molten cake of your choice and hot or cold Viet drip/ cold brew Americano at RM21.90. I would suggest to share with others as you might feel cloying after eating the whole cake by your own.

White chocolate matcha lava with red bean puree, candied calamansi, sesame tuile and vanilla ice cream. Visually pleasing with lava oozing out. Matcha flavour wasn’t prominent, red bean puree was lumpy and tasteless, sesame tuille was hard but fragrant. Although each element could use some improvement, it was still an acceptable dessert.

In frame: Pablo Mini Cheese Tart (RM8.90)
The cheese is so soft and smooth but the cheese flavour isn't strong as I would have liked. The crust is thick and has a nice crunchy bite to it but a bit too sweet.
All ingredients used in Pablo are 100% imported from Japan to ensure authenticity.
There's no seating available but you can takeaway and have them at nearby restaurants if you order at their establishment.
Patiently waiting for mini matcha cheese tarts to be launched.

The chocolate rhapsody is crafted for chocolate lover and great for sharing.

Signature dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate ice cream on a bed of chocolate soil and decorated with chocolate meringue, tile and mousse to maximise the enjoyment.

Putting Mytown on the map for new places to eat is chocolate connoisseur The Dark Gallery. Sourcing single origin chocolate from all across the globe to serve a plethora of chocolatey treats, the swanky chocolate bar is choice, either for a dessert to go or a more elaborate dine-in experience. Shoppers who want a quick treat can stop here for their super smooth Chocolate Ice Cream (from RM10) — our favourite flavours are the smokey single origin 70% Dominican Republic Dark Chocolate and the Dulcey 32% White Chocolate. If possible, we highly recommend sticking around for the full experience of their Single Origin Platters (from RM15), a tasting flight of chocolates with varying flavours and intensities. This can be done with ice cream, hot chocolate shots, pastries or a medley of all three! If you can't do without some caffeine, the Chocolate Affogato presents a delectable twist on affogato with dark chocolate ice cream, caramelised almonds and an espresso shot.
Avg price per person: RM20
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Melanie Yu

I can see why they are so popular. Soft fluffy blueberry hotcake, topped with chrysanthemum syrup, grains and seeds, berries and pomegranate, this is one healthy and yummy indulgence and the ice cream just tops the cake, literally. I'm not a fan of desserts for breakfast but for this hottie, I will certainly make an exception. Loved it!

Been wanting to try out this plate of red velvet pancakes for weeks, and I finally did. Honestly? I was quite disappointed. I thought it was quite small for the price, and although it tasted good, it was just too small. I also tried the waffles, and I thought that was quite nice.

So Kawaii and colourful kan? More colourful than my dull life😑. Instead of having the traditional ‘turtle back’ shape , these are in shapes of roses and pumpkins. The texture of the skin is springy, thin, and soft like baby's 'Pi Gu'. They are light on the palate you can easily have 3 to 4 servings without being aware.These are so pretty they are suitable for celebrations, parties and events. I preordered these so I could collect them fresh on the day that I need them.

📍: No 101, block P/F, Lorong Kaskas, Taman Cheras, 56100 KL
💲: Rm 1+ per piece

One of the giants of French dessert salons has finally landed in our humble shores! Really excited to try out Paul's as I first got to know it through social media of it's opening.. this ever famous pastry salon is everywhere across France and you can even find it in a Gas station or an R&R place too.. They are really famous for their Giant macaroon which is a huge cookie.. This shop is located on the corner which connects you from the Pavilion Elite block to the Pavilion shopping mall block.. Its quite easy to spot with it's French interior that is so alluring.. The atmosphere is really homey yet it's still retains the allure of France and you can have a view of the working kitchen with its chef hustling and bustling making delicious pastries.. For this visit, we had the Red Berry Tart (RM18) which has a very attractive look and the generous portion of it makes it a great sharing dessert if you're after something light or you can have it alone if you're hungry.. The pastry of this tart is really flaky and brown.. The tart is really interesting with its combination of flavours from the tartness of the raspberries and blueberries alongside the hint of sweetness of its strawberry.. Their service is quite relax and not to say the most friendly.

Another must have ingredient in hot pots as it not only provides the carbs but the way it absorbs the flavour of the broth like a spongbob squarepants, you just got to say Yum!

Made with 100% fresh Musang King durian fruit, both the MSK Bar and Puree contain no added artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives. With strict quality controls and stringent processing methods, you can instantly taste its quality from the first bite. The MSK bar has a creamy and rich texture while the MSK Puree is a finely blended paste with a texture that is similar to the real fruit, and it can be eaten direct from the cup or used in desserts.
DurianBB Musang King Bar & Puree
Address: In all 37 Cold Storage outlets

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We fellow Malaysians are always in love with anything that is French or sweet! Well now we can welcome both of our loves into one in the form of Laduree! This opens quite recently in Pavilion KL and mind you that the interior are so posh that you may thought of shopping for new outfit to just match with the classy, fashionable and posh interior! It has quite limited number of seats but they do have savoury and sweet menus for you to choose from or if you made up your mind like myself; you can head on to the counter and order up your army of dessert creations or macaroon flavours! The prices vary for each macaroon flavour and there is also tea menu which specially curated by the Maison de Laduree.. Lovely place but service is still lacking